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May 3, 2013

GSN celebrates Star Wars Day looking at moments in the franchise which might raise a few eyebrows if you look at them differently

It’s the time of year science fiction fans come together to share their love of all things Star Wars.

And to celebrate Star Wars Day (4 May) – Gay Star News is counting down the top five gay connotations you may not have noticed last time you watched the legendary movies.

1 The Lightsaber as a symbol of phallic strength

October 31, 2012

Announcement of new Star Wars sequels has GSN searching a galaxy far, far away for a glimmer of LGBT pride

So far the ‘force’ has not been with Star Wars fans after hearing the surprise news that Disney plans to make three new sequels to the iconic space saga.

George Lucas’s last prequel Revenge of the Sith seemed to kill off whatever enthusiasm was left for the much-loved franchise and the prospect of another tedious swish of the light saber makes you want to turn to the dark side.

However, it may not be all bad news. After all, with Lucas Arts now in the hands of Mickey Mouse and co, the big boss is highly unlikely to have much input into the new films.

May 4, 2012

We love celebrating Star Wars Day with Eddie Izzard and Lego

May the fourth be with you this Star Wars Day as fans all over the world celebrate these iconic films.

Gay Star News loves Star Wars and has dug out a hilarious video to honor the day which also features two of our other favourites – Lego and high-heeled comedian Eddie Izzard.

The zany Eddie Izzard sketch shows a frustrated Lego mini-figure Darth Vader in the Death Star canteen trying to order a penne arrabiata.