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February 10, 2015

Judge says allegations of conspiracy are 'unsubstantiated by any facts'

Malaysia's top court today (10 February) upheld opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim's conviction for sodomy, which is illegal in the Muslim-majority.

Federal Court judge Arifin Zakat said there was 'overwhelming evidence' that the former deputy prime minister had sodomized a male aide, and defense allegations that the case was a political conspiracy were 'unsubstantiated by any facts whatsoever.'

December 18, 2014

New legislation draft is of big concern to trans voters

The UK government has fixed the 'glitch' that forced trans people to provide a previous name in order to register to vote.

Following a report by Gay Star News, the Cabinet Office has responded swiftly, ensuring only those who changed names in the past 12 months must provide their 'dead name'.

While disclosure of previous names is not currently a legal requirement, legislation has been drafted to make it so.

November 10, 2014

Court found a state ban on cross-dressing unconstitutional

Malaysia's deputy prime minister has called for a review of last week's landmark ruling that scrapped a state Sharia enactment banning cross-dressing.

Muhyiddin Yassin said that while the government respected the Court of Appeal's decision, the Attorney-General's Chambers and Negeri Sembilan state religious department should appeal to the federal court because of its huge implications on society.

August 21, 2014

Xavier Bettel, the third openly gay leader of a country, has announced that his architect civil partner Gauthier Destenay has proposed to him and he said yes

Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel has announced he will soon take advantage of his country’s legalization of same-sex marriage after his civil partner Gauthier Destenay proposed to him.

Bettel and Destenay have been in a civil partnership since March of 2010 and same-sex marriage was legalized in Luxembourg in June of this year under his watch as leader of the government.

However it is only now that the couple are looking to make use of the law.

‘He asked me, and I said yes,’ the 41-year-old prime minister told a reporter from the LA Times.

July 23, 2014

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will tell the world that the UK will bring up gay rights in every meeting and press governments around the world to change their homophobic laws

The UK government will deliver a stark warning to homophobic nations in the Commonwealth, saying it will pressure countries to change their anti-gay laws.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will announce at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games the UK will fight for gay rights around the world.

Out of 53 countries in the Commonwealth, 42 of them criminalize homosexuality.

In his speech at Pride House, a space set up to promote diversity at the Games, the Liberal Democrat leader will say the Commonwealth core values are ‘clear’.

April 1, 2014

According to a new poll, the British leader of the 'fourth party' UK Independence Party who opposes same-sex marriage is seen as 'sleazy'

More men than women would like to go on a date with UKIP leader Nigel Farage, a new poll has revealed.

The survey put the right-wing leader to the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and head of the Liberal Democrats in opposition ahead of a TV debate on 2 April.

Farage has refused to support same-sex marriage in the UK, saying he prefers gay couples to only have access to civil partnerships.

Clegg, on the other hand, was one of the most vocal supporters for equal marriage.

March 25, 2014

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg says 29 March 2014 will go down in history as the first gay couples in England and Wales marry for the first time

The first gay weddings in the UK, to be held on 29 March, will be a day the ‘nation never forgets’, according to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

One of the biggest supporters of same-sex marriage, the Liberal Democrat leader made the remarks while answering a question today (25 March).

‘Will my Right Honourable Friend join with me in sending our best wishes and congratulations to those same-sex couples across our country who will get married this Saturday for the first time,’ Stephen Gilbert, the Liberal Democrat for St Austell and Newquay asked.

March 8, 2014

Human rights groups have called the campaign against the former deputy prime minister politically motivated

A Malaysian court on Friday overturned an earlier acquittal and sentenced opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to five years in jail on sodomy charges, ending his hopes of contesting a local by-election this month.

In 2008, Anwar was charged for having sex with a male aide. He was acquitted in 2012 by a High Court citing a lack of evidence. The government later appealed the court’s ruling.

March 7, 2014

Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs has said it will not cut aid to Uganda over its treatment of LGBTI people despite the country’s deputy leader saying it will affect relations between the two countries

Ireland will not be cutting any development aid to Uganda despite the country’s deputy leader’s comments in February that its passing of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill would affect relations between the two countries.

Tanaiste (deputy prime minister) Eamon Gilmore had said ‘the enactment of this draconian legislation would affect our valued relationship with Uganda,’ in reaction to the news that Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni would sign the bill which would see some LGBTI people jailed for life.

February 7, 2014

Read the amazing speech from the ‘gay Olympic opening ceremony’ condemning Russian hate and the IOC

An alternative Olympic ceremony has seen a Rainbow Flame lit in Berlin to be tended day and night throughout the games, as a symbol of hope for LGBTI rights in Russia.

Here is an exclusive translation of the speech made by Alfonso Pantisano at the lighting ceremony:

Dear friends, welcome to Potsdamer Platz in Berlin.

February 6, 2014

Dmitry Kozak claims Russia does not discriminate against LGBTI people as he implies gays are pedophiles

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak has said gay Olympians and fans will be safe at Sochi but added ‘Please do not touch kids.’

The homophobic outburst came this morning (6 February) as the country makes its final preparations for the Winter Olympics which start tomorrow.

He was referring to Russia’s legislation which bans gay ‘propaganda’ to minors and which has been used to crackdown on LGBTI people and dissent in general, leading to further violence against them.

January 10, 2014

Deputy Prime Minister Angelina Alfano threatens to pull party out of power if equal marriage is proposed

Italy's Deputy Prime Minister has threatened to pull his party out of coalition government is equal marriage is proposed.

Angelino Alfano, the Italian New Centre Right party leader, has said they would want to oppose any legislation at any cost.

He said: ‘If they propose gay marriage, we'll bolt for the door, denouncing the move before the public.’

Alfano’s party are currently debating policy for 2014 .

December 10, 2013

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, gay campaigning group Stonewall and many others have voiced their joy over the date being set seven months before they thought gay couples could marry

While English and Welsh gay couples may not be able to get married in the morning, they will be able to get married from 29 March next year.

From politicians to gay rights groups, they have shared their joy now we have an official date for marriages to start.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg described it as the news ‘many couples have been waiting for’.

He said: ‘After a long and important battle, this is a wonderful step forward for equality. Love is the same, gay or straight, so it’s only right that the civil institution should be the same.

December 5, 2013

As two openly gay men have been chosen to lead a country, they promise the small European nation will be one of the next to pass gay marriage

In a world first, two openly gay men have been sworn in to lead a country.

Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel was sworn in yesterday to head a coalition government with the Greens and Socialist parties.

Etienne Schneider, head of the Socialist party, was named as his deputy Prime Minister.

And with two gay men leading the small European nation, marriage equality should only be a few months away.

Gay weddings will be done forthly,’ Bettel has promised.

November 17, 2013

Luxembourg is set to become the world’s first country with both an openly gay leader and deputy leader after Prime Minister Xavier Bettel named Socialist leader Etienne Schneider as his Deputy Prime Minister

The constitutional monarchy of Luxembourg is set to become the first ever country to have both a gay leader and deputy leader.

Incoming Democratic Party Prime Minister Xavier Bettel has announced that openly gay Socialist Workers Party leader Etienne Schneider will be his Deputy Prime Minister.

Schneider was Minister for the Economy and Foreign Trade in the previous government in a previous coalition with Luxembourg’s Christian Social People’s Party.

October 28, 2013

Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore has promised Labour Youth members that he will push for a vote on marriage equality before 2015

Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister has promised the country will vote on same-sex marriage.

Eamon Gimore, the Tánaiste, said there will likely be a referendum on the issue after an overwhelming majority of the Constitutional Convention think-tank voted to recommend it.

But a spokesman for the Labour party politician has said he wants to push for legislation to allow gay couples to adopt children before Ireland votes on marriage equality.

‘Any referendum that takes place will have to be about marriage equality and not about other issues,’ he said.

October 26, 2013

Former minister accuses NGOs of pushing for permissiveness in the name of LGBT rights

More than a decade after Malaysia triggered a raging controversy by putting its then deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim in the dock for alleged sodomy, the Southeastern nation witnessed a fresh uproar this week with a government MP attacking homosexuality as an ‘evil concept’ and ‘security threat’ that could ‘spark inter-religious conflict’.

September 27, 2013

Bill Shorten, the leadership contender for the Australian Labor Party supported by his party’s right wing faction, has told his party’s LGBT caucus that he would support the creation of a specific ministerial portfolio for LGBT equality issues if made leader

Australian Labor Party LGBT caucus Rainbow Labor has released the results of a survey of the two candidates who are campaigning to lead the party from the Opposition benches - with both touting what they believe are strong credentials.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is the candidate most favored by the left of the party while former Minister for Education and Workplace Relations Bill Shorten is the candidate most favored by the right.

September 11, 2013

Clegg tells UK LGBT heroes and celebrities including film star Hugh Grant everyone should speak out ‘loud and clear’ against gay abuses in Russia

The British public wanted same-sex marriage equality and politicians followed their lead, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said.

The Liberal Democrat leader made the comments at a reception celebrating the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act for England and Wales which has now been signed by the Queen and will allow gays and lesbians to wed from next year.

He admitted it had been a ‘long and sometimes bumpy’ journey down the aisle, but argued the new law would help make Britain better.

September 6, 2013

Deputy PM of Ireland, Eamon Gilmore, speaks out against Russian 'gay propagnda' laws, and that they will 'explore what actions' they can take

The deputy prime minister of Ireland, Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore, has condemned Russia's anti-gay laws and pledged to take action.

A spokesperson stated the government ‘has been monitoring the situation in the Russian Federation very carefully, both through our Embassy in Moscow and in consultation with our EU partners'.

The statement added the government ‘strongly disagree with the recent Russian legislation’ and are exploring what ‘actions can most effectively be pursued, possibly together with our EU partners’.

August 26, 2013

Despite assurances from Russian government that gays will be punished, presidential candidate for the International Olympic Committee Ng Ser Miang has expressed his approval about the upcoming games

An International Olympic Committee (IOC) presidential candidate is confident the Sochi Winter Olympics next year will be ‘wonderful’.

Ng Ser Miang, who could replace current IOC president Jacques Rogge on 10 September, made a statement from his office in Singapore today.

He believes the rights of LGBT athletes and spectators will be protected at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, despite Russia’s anti-gay law banning ‘homosexual propaganda’ and conflicting reports from Russian government as to how the laws will apply during the Olympics.

August 9, 2013

'We don't understand all the details because of probably a difficulty in translation'

The International Olympic Committee today asked Russia for 'further clarification' on how its anti-gay propaganda law will be applied during the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

IOC President Jacques Rogge said at a news conference that they have received 'reassurances' from Deputy Prime minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak who is in charge of the organization of the Games in Sochi.

August 4, 2013

Opposition leader and ex-deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim’s acquittal in 2008 sodomy case to be challenged in Court of Appeal


The acquittal of Malaysian Opposition leader and former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim in a 2008 sodomy charge, one of Asia’s most talked-about cases heavily tinged with political colors, gets a sequel with the prosecution’s appeal against it fixed for hearing in September.

The hearing will be held on 17 and 18 September, Malaysian media reported.

July 15, 2013

As two nations of the United Kingdom celebrate and praise pours in, the deputy Prime Minister calls same-sex marriage passing an 'extraordinary step'

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has paid tribute to gay marriage passing its final vote in England and Wales.

In the last few minutes, the House of Lords passed the Marriage (Same Sex) Couples Bill in its third reading.

The leader of the Liberal Democrats, one of the lead backers of the bill in the House of Commons, spoke at an equal marriage vigil wearing a pink carnation. Several of the peers wore them as a symbol of their support.