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July 12, 2012

Harry van Dorenmalen, chairman of IBM Europe, tells GSN why his firm believes in sticking to their pro-LGBT values, wherever in the world they are

Right from the start of the LGBT movement, ‘straight allies’ have played a key part in pushing for liberation, equality and diversity.

Today the directors of the world’s most powerful firms are taking more of a leading role in this. They’ve already realized that being ‘gay friendly’ and supporting their gay and trans staff is good for business.

April 5, 2012

Save your embarrassment with Ministry of Sound's new headphone range

Ministry of Sound have teamed up with Exspect Media to put their two decades of experience in clubs and the music industry into creating a variety of stylish headphones that range from entry level to the kind that would have any serious muso drooling.

Famous for the sound systems at their clubs, Ministry of Sound have more experience than most when it comes to making music sound good. You can enjoy listening to Steps in public without fear of the sound seeping out, not that we’d know anything about that!