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April 18, 2014

'We did not fight for this Zimbabwe so it can be a homosexual territory. We will never have that here'

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's live televised independence speech was filled with anti-gay rhetoric and threatened unspecified action on LGBTI rights groups and their allies.

'Some years ago, l was warned that there was some secret organization ... which was addressing young men in universities sand schools to join them as homosexuals,' he said. 'This nonsense from Europe, keep their homosexual nonsense there and not cross over with it.'

April 17, 2014

Romania priest, with a fortune of over $2 million, had help from the Orthodox Church to get the 100,000 necessary signatures needed to become a Member of European Parliament candidate

A priest is becoming a politician in order to ‘destroy’ gay culture in Europe.

Iulian Capsali, a Romanian Orthodox priest, has gathered over 120,000 signatures to be registered as an independent candidate for the European elections.

A former lawyer in the US, he wishes to become a Member of European Parliament (MEP) to represent ‘traditional family values’.

The ‘homosexual ideology’ is leading to the destruction of the family at global level, Capsali told local Romanian press.

April 16, 2014

Several people are outraged and choosing to leave the Church of Norway over their 'lack of understanding' on religious same-sex marriage

Erna Solberg, the Prime Minister of Norway, said she was disappointed by the Church of Norway’s decision to not marry gay couples today (16 April).

Last week (8 April), the Church of Norway voted against carrying out same-sex ceremonies in their religious buildings to the great dismay of its members.

Solberg told NRK: ‘I respect the Church of Norway's decision [to not marry gay couples].

'I’m a member of the church myself and of course I have my personal opinions.’

April 15, 2014

Don your lederhosen for a boat cruise, ride a bull on the beach in your bikini or wear your Sunday best for an Austrian day tour during Pink Lake Festival 28 to 31 August

Austria’s Pink Lake Festival on the beautiful Lake Wörthersee can only mean one thing: Start packing your outfits.

The 7th annual party for LGBTI travelers and allies returns from 28 to 31 August 2014.

If previous years’ festivities are anything to go by, you can get away with as little as a bikini, but you may want to bring along your disco-ball tiara and high-heeled flippers for the weekend.

As organizer Jeff Wahl tells us: ‘There is something for everyone.’

April 15, 2014

Malta parliament also voted to give same-sex couples civil unions and adoption

Malta has become the first country in Europe to protect trans people in the constitution.

On 14 April, as the Maltese parliament voted to give same-sex couples civil unions and adoption.

The entirety of the Labour party, 39 members of parliament, voted in favor of legalizing same-sex unions. The opposition, the 30 members of the Nationalist party, abstained.

April 14, 2014

This is the first time LGBTI people in the peninsula have been forced to live under Russian homophobic rules since the beginning of the Crimea crisis

Crimea has banned a planned Pride march on the basis of Russia’s gay propaganda law.

Sevastopol authorities banned today (14 April) the parade scheduled for 22-23 April.

This is the first time LGBTI people in the peninsula have been forced to live under Russian homophobic rules since the beginning of the Crimea crisis.

LGBTI people were largely split on the referendum that saw 97% vote in favor of seceding from Ukraine and join Russia.

April 14, 2014

Gay campaigners ‘jubilant’. Civil unions could be signed into law as early as tomorrow

The island nation of Malta is set to finally legalize civil unions for gay couples this evening (14 April).

Traditionally conservative, the small European Catholic nation is one vote away from giving gay couples the right to have their unions recognized.

If the bill passes, as is widely expected, it will be signed into law as early as tomorrow.

The bill will give gay couples exactly the same legal rights as straight couples have with marriage.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has described the change as a very important moment for Malta.

April 11, 2014

Denmark will celebrate its third time hosting the Eurovision Song Contest by marrying three Russian gay couples as it also marks 25 years since it legalized same-sex civil unions

The City of Copenhagen will celebrate the Eurovision song contest being held in Denmark by marrying three gay Russian couples in what organizers say is an act to ‘strike a blow for diversity.’

This is the third time that Denmark will host the contest and this year is also the 25th anniversary of Denmark becoming the first country in the world to formally recognize same-sex couples with civil partnerships.

April 9, 2014

How well do you know this Northern European country sandwiched between Germany, Sweden and Norway? Home to the world’s best restaurant and cycling paths, we discuss why Denmark is topping the travel charts

Vibrant Denmark has everything your heart could desire for a Scandinavian city break.

Gastronomy? Denmark has some of the region’s most mouth-watering eateries.

Adventure? From countryside horseback rides to city tours on bicycles, Denmark has coast to coast covered. And we didn’t even get started on the amusement parks.

2014 is definitely the year of Denmark. Copenhagen has been named the European Green Capital, and the green capital city will also be in the global spotlight as the host of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest from 6 to 10 May.

April 9, 2014

The Rainbow Nation’s sands go beyond tans and turf. From surfing to sunning we dive deep into the best South Africa’s coasts offer

Fun at the beach doesn’t have to stop at a killer tan.

South Africa’s beaches are world-renowned as epicenters for sport, nature and of course, socializing at the local restaurants and bars teeming with locals and travelers.

South Africa claims more than 40 Blue Flag beaches, a title given only to the world’s best beaches rated on water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, and safety and services.

April 8, 2014

A bipartisan parliamentary group in Estonia is working on a bill allowing gay and straight Estonian couples to formalize their relationship in response to growing rates of unmarried cohabitation in the Eastern European nation

Estonians may be able to enter into civil partnerships as soon as July if a coalition of Estonian lawmakers get their way.

A working group including MPs from all four parties in the Estonian Parliament is working on a bill to allow both straight and gay couples to enter into civil partnerships and three of the parties in the parliament support the idea.

April 3, 2014

The pound is strong making the euro cheap. It could be time to snap up a bargain home in the sun, but the wrong decision could cost you thousands

Fancy living in the sun? Or do you want a holiday home? Wondering where to look? Sunny Spain could be the place.

Spanish property prices took a pounding in the recession, falling by 50% in some places at the property market’s lowest point. This combined with the strong pound puts British buyers very much at an advantage.

Even now, with the economic outlook across Europe looking sunnier, you can still snap up a two bed apartment around the Costa del Sol for about €60,000. With the high pound (£1= €1.21) that’s £49,586.

April 2, 2014

European Parliament President Martin Schulz has given African countries the strongest warning yet – calling laws that criminalize homosexuality a ‘disgrace’ and warning they will lead to cuts to development aid

The President of the European Parliament has given African leaders the strongest warning to date over their criminalization of homosexuality – suggesting Europe is not prepared to back down when it comes to the rights of LGBTI people in Africa.

European Parliament President Martin Shulz told a told a joint summit with MPs from the Pan-African Parliament on Monday that such laws were a ‘disgrace’ in response to Ethiopia making homosexuality an unpardonable offense.

Shulz called such laws ‘an unacceptable violation of the basic rights of individuals.’

March 26, 2014

The 2014 World Congress of Families that was to see far-right anti-gay groups from around the world descend on Moscow has been cancelled due to tensions between the Russia and the Ukraine – with US and European sanctions cited as why it can’t go ahead

US and European sanctions against Russia over its annexation of Crimea may have had unintended consequences for some of the world’s most virulent anti-gay groups as the organizers of the 2014 World Congress of Families cancel their conference which was to be held in Moscow.

The group announced the cancellation of the conference yesterday in a press release, writing, ‘Planning on World Congress of Families VIII - the Moscow Congress … has been suspended for the time being.

March 25, 2014

Ukraine's Justice Minister Pavel Petrenko is claiming the European Commission has allowed it to exclude LGBTI people from new anti-discrimination legislation but the Commission says that is incorrect

A senior Ukrainian government minister is claiming that the European Commission has let it off the hook when it comes to protecting LGBTI people from discrimination but a spokesman for the commission claims otherwise.

‘We did find an understanding with the European Commission on the draft law on discrimination,’ Ukrainian Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko said, according to the Global Post.

March 25, 2014

Break up your holiday with an adventure down some rapids, or plan an entire vacation around the most fun river bends in the world from Arizona to Nepal

No prior experience necessary: White water rafting is as doable for parents with young kids as it is for daredevil adventure seekers, you just need to find the right tide.

Depending on your desired level of difficulty you can choose a multi-person raft to navigate some choppier waters, or opt for a cruising kayak ideal for taking in the scenery.

March 20, 2014

Chairman of one of Europe's largest mosques has said homosexuality is not a debate for television, but for 'zoologists and botanists'

The chairman of one of Europe’s largest mosques has compared gay people to serial killers, gamblers and pedophiles.

On BBC3’s panel show ‘Free Speech’, aired last week live from Birmingham Central Mosque, a question was asked by a Muslim drag queen when it would be accepted to be both Muslim and gay.

March 17, 2014

Inspirational advocates from across Asia share their stories at landmark awards ceremony in Singapore

Asia’s LGBTI heroes have been honored at the first Asian Pink Awards in Singapore.

Campaigners and company representatives flew in from all over the region and as far away as Europe for the event last night (16 March), organized by Asian gay men’s magazine Element.

Among those honored was A-Mei, the hit Taiwanese singer who held a free concert in 2013 to support same-sex marriage.

Another singer, Laure Shang, a past winner of the Chinese Supergirls contest and an LGBTI advocate was also given an award.

March 14, 2014

Boston Mayor Martin J Walsh will also refuse to march in the parade over the decision to ban any 'political' statements

It’s going to be a dry St Patrick’s Day in Boston as a brewery has pulled out over the decision to ban gay veterans from marching openly.

Boston Beer Company, maker of Sam Adams brew, says they have attempted to negotiate but in the ‘current state’ it is no longer possible.

The parade sponsor has said veterans are allowed to march but any mention of being LGBTI would be seen as ‘political’ – which is banned.

This is in despite of, as seen in the picture used, mayoral election signs can be seen in the 2009 parade.

March 7, 2014

Forest-spas, igloo hotels and hammocks in the bedroom are some of the creative features helping Austria dominate the hospitality industry with these cool accommodations

Austria (not to be confused with Australia, there are no kangaroos here) is a commonly underrated holiday destination, especially for the LGBTI traveller.

March 7, 2014

Forest-spas, igloo hotels and hammocks in the bedroom are some of the creative features helping Austria dominate the hospitality industry with these cool accommodations

Austria (not to be confused with Australia, there are no kangaroos here) is a commonly underrated holiday destination, especially for the LGBTI traveller.

March 6, 2014

You can help choose the 2014 European Diversity Awards as nominations open at a reception in Madrid

The search for Europe’s most deserving diversity champions is underway after the 2014 European Diversity Awards were launched in Madrid last night (6 March).

Business leaders, media professionals and representatives of cultural and charitable organizations joined a glitzy reception at Google’s Spanish HQ to mark the start of the nomination process.

March 5, 2014

The island of Madeira comes alive during carnival season, an annual event celebrating the last days before Lent with typical drinks and dances that last for days on end 

I'm back to the British coldness after heating up with dancers at the Madeiran 'Carnaval'. I'm still reeling from the colors and the perfumes of one of the best carnivals in Europe, held on the quasi-tropical island of Madeira.

Vibrant flowers, fragrant papayas, bananas and mangos from the tallest trees I have ever seen took me on a Caribbean trip in the Mediterranean. Madeira is a piece of Europe in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a gentle land with a friendly people.

March 5, 2014

While disagreeing with a colleague who believed Britain's floods should be blamed on gay marriage, a European Parliament hopeful thinks business owners should be able to turn away LGBTs and women

A UKIP politician believes business owners should be allowed to refuse to serve gay people.

Donna Edmunds, a Lewis district councillor and European Parliament hopeful, said all business owners should be allowed to refuse service to anyone they want for whatever reason they want.

Under UK law, the Equality Act 2010 protects people who access services from direct discrimination. This applies to disability, pregnancy, race, religion, or if they are LGBT.