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March 25, 2014

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg says 29 March 2014 will go down in history as the first gay couples in England and Wales marry for the first time

The first gay weddings in the UK, to be held on 29 March, will be a day the ‘nation never forgets’, according to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

One of the biggest supporters of same-sex marriage, the Liberal Democrat leader made the remarks while answering a question today (25 March).

‘Will my Right Honourable Friend join with me in sending our best wishes and congratulations to those same-sex couples across our country who will get married this Saturday for the first time,’ Stephen Gilbert, the Liberal Democrat for St Austell and Newquay asked.

March 20, 2014

A homophobic mother of ten who punched her gay son in the face after he came out to her has been ordered to pay hundreds of pounds in fines and compensation by a Scottish court

A homophobic mother who verbally abused her oldest son and punched him in the face is being ordered to pay hundreds of pounds in compensation.

Scott Green, 21, had come out to his mother Emma Green and told her he had a boyfriend at a family gathering at her home in Kinross, Scotland.

Instead of sympathy, she responded with homophobic slurs calling him a 'poof', a 'gay bender' and telling him 'you take cock up the ass - you're nothing but a dirty queer.'

March 5, 2014

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has announced his support for same-sex marriage a year after signing civil unions for same-sex couples into law

Democratic Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has announced that he wants his state to join the growing list of US states that allow same-sex couples to legally marry – releasing a statement in support of the campaign for equal marriage in his state.

‘We have advocated for equal rights for all Coloradans and we will continue to advocate for equal rights for all Coloradans,’ Hickenlooper said in his statement for advocacy group Why Marriage Matters Colorado.

February 1, 2014

Catholic adoption agency found to discriminate against same-sex couples wins appeal to retain charity status after Scottish appeals panel overturns decision

A Glasgow-based adoption agency which was found to discriminate against same-sex couples looking to adopt has won an appeal to retain its charity status.

St Margaret’s Children and Family Care Society had been told it would lose its charity status, but that decision has now been rejected by the Scottish Charity Appeals Panel.

St Margaret’s is run by the Catholic Church, and was one of several adoption agencies that resisted new adoption equality laws.

January 3, 2014

A lesbian couple filing for divorce highlights the need for comprehensive changes in all states’ official proceedings once they legalize gay marriage

Two weeks after Hawaii legalized gay marriage, a lesbian couple filed for divorce.

Divorce attorney Gavin Doi told KHON 2 local news he received a call last month from a lesbian couple who wished to end their partnership.

The couple lives in Hawaii but married on the mainland in 2012.

December 11, 2013

Following the Health Minister Edwin Poots' attempts to keep the ban, the Supreme Court has said gay couples are now free to apply to adopt children

Gay and unmarried couples are now free to adoption children in Northern Ireland, following a ban being finally lifted today (11 December).

They can now apply in the same way as straight couples.

A Department of Health spokesperson said: 'Following the Court of Appeal judgement in June 2013, unmarried couples, including same-sex couples, and those in a civil partnership may apply to adopt.

'The final decision regarding the granting of an adoption order will lie with the court.'

November 4, 2013

Israel’s Yesh Atid party has torpedoed an attempt by the opposition Labor party to put forward a civil unions bill so that it can move forward with its own more inclusive civil unions bill

Ministers from Israeli Government coalition party Yesh Atid have torpedoed an attempt by the Labor Party to move a bill forward, which would have provided civil unions for same-sex couples, in favor of legislation they are developing themselves.

Labor Member of the Knessit (MK) Stav Shaffir’s bill was rejected by Israel’s Ministerial Committee for Legislation and would have allowed same-sex couples to wed via civil unions.

November 3, 2013

Alysha and Rebecca Sue Romero married in Massachusetts, where same-sex marriage is legal, but face difficulties separating as Kentucky refuses to recognize their marriage

A lesbian couple in Kentucky are attempting the state's first gay divorce.


Alysha and Rebecca Sue Romero married in Boston, Massachusetts in December 2009, but seperated in September this year. They filed for divorce on 25 October.


October 23, 2013

Hong Kong Equal Opportunities Commission chair York Chow says civil unions for gay and lesbian couples could be a ‘feasible' alternative for same-sex marriage

The head of Hong Kong’s leading human rights body has sad that Hong Kong should consider civil unions for same-sex couples as an achievable alternative to letting them marry because of conservative views in the Chinese territory.

October 16, 2013

A decision on whether to have another vote on same-sex marriage in the Tasmanian Upper House has been pushed back two weeks after opponents of the reform failed to provide their legal advice in advance of a briefing for Upper House members

A debate to decide whether to take another vote on same-sex marriage in the Australian state of Tasmania has been postponed for two weeks after opponents of the reform failed to provide their legal advice to members of the state Upper House in advance as they had been asked to do.

Former Liberal senator and spokesman for the Save Marriage Coalition instead merely attended a briefing for Upper House MPs where he told them that if they passed the law it would defeated in the High Court of Australia.

September 6, 2013

The Mexican state of Chihuahua has joined Mexico City, Quintana Roo and Oaxaca in allowing same-sex couples to marry following a 22 August court verdict

Same-sex couples may now seek to be married through the Civil Registry of the Mexican state of Chihuahua after a District Court Judge ruled in favor of a gay couple who had sought to be married but had instead been turned away.

The couple, named as Tony and Thomas by El Pueblo, had sought to marry on 30 April but were turned away by the Chihuahua State Civil Registry.

But on 22 August 10th District Court Judge José Juan Múzquiz Gomez ordered the registry to allow Tony and Thomas to marry.

September 4, 2013

Mexican Democratic Revolution Party lawmaker Rafael Mendoza has called for public gay nuptials to be banned, saying they will confuse children, but his own party has rebuked him

A state legislator has been rebuked by his own party after he called for a ban on same-sex couples holding public nuptials to formalize their relationships.

Rafael Mendoza has been called to retract his comments by his own Democratic Revolution Party after he said society was not ready for same-sex weddings to be held in public.

August 5, 2013

LGBT activists 1, Catholic Church 0, as religious extremists battle to get same-sex marriage banned in Croatia, LGBT people are celebrating the government pledging to give them civil unions

Croatia is drawing up plans to give gay couples civil unions.

The largely Catholic eastern European country’s government has said they wish to give gay people the same rights as marriage, but not the word.

Arsen Bauk, the public administration minister, said the unions will not be called ‘marriage’ but a ‘life partnerships’.

Despite saying same-sex couples will not be allowed to adopt children, they are considering to allow second-parent adoption.

May 20, 2013

Married transgender people will need their husband or wife’s permission before they can have their gender recognized

Imagine: you want to set up a new company but the law requires you to have the written consent of your wife; or you’ve just got pregnant, but you haven’t got a piece of paper with your husband’s signature on it stating he’s OK with that; or you’ve just been involved in a major car accident, sadly without your spouse’s written approval.

May 1, 2013

Civil unions between same-sex couples became legal in the American state of Colorado today

The first legally binding unions between same-sex couples began in the early hours of this morning (Wednesday 1 May) in Colorado.

Couples were lining-up since 2pm yesterday outside the municipal Webb Building Denver where civil union ceremonies were scheduled to be performed from 12.01 to 2am, The Denver Channel reports.

February 23, 2013

Republicans in the US House of Representatives fail to mention lesbians in their Violence Against Women Act renewal plan

Yesterday (February 22), Republicans in the US House of Representative presented their version of the Violence Against Women Act. Gay and lesbian victims of domestic violence are not explicitly mentioned.

February 13, 2013

Also include new assurances for immigrants and Native American women

In a bi-partisan vote, the US Senate on Tuesday (12 February) renewed the Violence Against Women Act which had expired in 2011.

But the renewal of the two-decade-old act was more inclusive this time around: it comes with assurances that gays and lesbians, Native American women and immigrants will have equal access to the act's anti-domestic violence programs.

Senators voted 78-22 to renew the act which has been credited with helping reduce the rates of domestic violence against women in the US.

February 10, 2013

Conservative news network Fox News mistakingly used a photo of two brides kissing in an anti-equality, anti-feminist opinion piece

Fox News accidentally used a picture of lesbian brides in an article about straight marriage.

The piece written by vocal anti-feminist Suzanne Venker suggests that in marriage, women and men are not equal.

In the context of the article, Fox News tried to highlight the importance of heterosexual marriage but mistakingly used an image of two lesbians kissing on their wedding day.

January 14, 2013

Ontario court judges that gay couple with a British civil partnership qualified as married

A Canadian judge has decided that a gay couple with a UK civil partnership can be treated as married – and therefore get divorced.

The judgement in Ontario follows legal objections from the Canadian federal Crown.

In 2009 Wayne Hincks and Gerardo Gallardo entered into a civil partnership in London. Both obtained Canadian citizenship after emigrating to Toronto in 2010.

Unlike Canada, British law does not currently allow same-sex couples to marry although civil partnerships allow for similar rights and responsibilities.

January 14, 2013

Protesters from Ukraine-based group FEMEN show Catholic head 'In Gay We Trust' message painted on naked torsos

Four women staged a topless demonstration in front of the Pope in St Peter's Square yesterday (13 January), protesting the Vatican's anti-gay views.

The protesters from Ukraine-based feminist group FEMEN took off their T-shirts to reveal the slogan 'In Gay We Trust' painted on their torsos and yelled 'Homophobe, shut up' as the Catholic leader gave a traditional prayer from his window.

January 9, 2013

Iran’s state-owned Press TV publishes online article claiming ‘Jewish Mafia’ is controlling US and pushing the gay agenda

Iran’s state-owned English-language news network has published an article claiming the US is being run by a ‘Jewish Mafia’ keen to promote homosexuality.

The op-ed in the ‘Viewpoints’ section of Press TV’s website, blames ‘Zionists’ for the state of America’s economy and says that won’t improve until they are removed from power.

January 8, 2013

Muslims join Catholics in fight against President François Hollande's 'Marriage for All' law

French Muslims have joined Catholics in protesting the country's plans to legalize gay marriage and adoption.

An open letter signed by 50 Muslim activists calls on religious followers to join a march against the law in France's capital Paris on Sunday (13 January).

'We will protest on 13 January by joining a pluralist campaign to preserve the traditional framework of marriage,' the letter reads.

'We invite all French Muslims to turn out in large numbers.'

December 14, 2012

Switzerland’s National Council backs rights for gay couples to adopt ­– but only their partners’ pre-existing children after parliamentarians argue it ‘goes against nature’

Switzerland’s National Council has voted to allow gay couples to adopt each other’s children.

However the motion passed in the lower house of the Swiss parliament yesterday (13 December) is much more limited than the original version approved by the Council of States, or senate.

The Council of States in the Federal Assembly, or parliament, had backed giving adoption rights based on the best interest of the child in question – regardless of marital status or sexual orientation.

November 28, 2012

Civitas, organizers of Paris's anti-gay marriage march, accuse Ukrainian activists of 'sexual exhibitionism' in front of children

A Catholic group is suing feminist activists who dressed as half-naked nuns in protest at an anti-gay marriage march in Paris.

Civitas, which helped organize the mass demonstration in France's capital on 18 November, is filing a lawsuit against Ukraine-based group FEMEN for 'sexual exhibitionism' in front of children.