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January 20, 2015

'The guys on Modern Family are a stereotype but it works for that show – it doesn’t mean that every show has to have that'

John Barrowman finally felt like he was not alone.

As he sat on a stage last week with the casts of the superhero TV series Arrow and The Flash, he was one of several openly gay men in a group that also included Wentworth Miller, Victor Garber and creator-producer Greg Berlanti.

'What’s lovely is they blind cast – they don’t care,' Barrowman said during a chat with Gay Star News after the TV Critics Association panel.

August 11, 2014

Gay 'Stay With Me' singer could be following in the footsteps of Madonna, Adele and Tom Jones to record a new 007 song

Sam Smith will be recording the next James Bond theme, according to reports.

The gay British singer, who has recently burst onto the scene to critical and commercial acclaim, is believed to have been negotiating with bosses at MGM.

The next film, with the working title Bond 24, is set for release on 23 October 2015 in the UK and 6 November of the same year in the US.

The Sun has quoted a MGM source as saying Smith is their top choice after Adele rejected their offer to record a follow-up to the Oscar-winning theme Skyfall.

July 29, 2014

Compliments 'really cute' man filming his interview for his 'nice curly hair' and 'good guns'

After causing international waves for kissing a man during opening ceremonies for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, John Barrowman headed to the US to spread his charm at ComicCon International.

The one-time Torchwood star was at the annual fan convention in San Diego over the weekend to talk up Arrow, the hit series on The CW on which he has been made a regular.

May 16, 2014

Tells excited fans on Twitter: 'It's true!'

When Arrow returns to The CW for its third season this fall, John Barrowman will be aboard as a series regular.

His Malcolm/Dark Archer character had appeared on a recurring basis during the show's first two seasons.

'It's true!' Barrowman tweeted to his Twitter followers on Thursday (15 May).

Series star Stephen Amell teased the news by tweeting a photo of himself with Barrowman's hands around his neck asking: 'What could go wrong?'

July 3, 2013

Couple has been together for 20 years and had civil partnership in 2006

John Barrowman is now officially a married man.

Torchwood's Capt. Jack Harkness, currently starring in the US series Arrow, broke the news Tuesday evening via Twitter that he and Scott Gill had tied the knot.

Barrowman tweeted out a photo of the couple holding their marriage license with this message: 'We are now Legally Married. Thanks for all your great wishes. Jb and Scott.'

Barrowman and Gill have been together since 1993 after Gill saw the actor in a play called The Rope.

April 26, 2013

'They want to move forward, they want to try some different things'

When the BBC science fiction series Dr. Who was revived in 2005, John Barrowman began a recurring role as time traveler Captain Jack Harkness.

The 51st century character proved so popular that Barrowman was given his own spinoff series, Torchwood, which has run four seasons.

But Barrowman, currently co-starring of The CW series Arrow, will not be a part of an upcoming Dr. Who 50th anniversary television special.

It's a surprise to fans and to the actor himself.

April 19, 2013

GSN speaks to the stars of a new documentary about real life men that share their name with Hollywood’s most iconic womanizer

‘What's it like to come out when everyone knows you as James Bond?’ This is the question posed by Australian filmmaker Matthew Bowyer as he reflects on his new feature-length documentary, The Other Fellow. During filming he has delved into the lives of 10 different 007 namesakes, three of who are gay.

Bowyer is currently in the UK to meet and shoot his ‘Manchester Bond’ for the final leg of filming. From his other Bonds, he has heard a huge variety of stories.

December 11, 2012

Gay actor has mysterious new role with Amell in new hit show Arrow

John Barrowman has shared plenty of kissing scenes with other men in his role as Captain Jack Harkness on Torchwood

In the current issue of TV Guide, the openly gay star  admits he wouldn't mind if similar scenes were written into his new role on The CW’s new hit show Arrow - especially if they also involve series star Stephen Amell.

Barrowman plays Malcom who he describes as a ‘troubled hero’ whose methods in attempting to clean up the city clash with those of the show’s hero.

October 25, 2012

Strictly Come Dancing contestant Lisa Riley tweets showbiz reporter Arnold to ask Skyfall director Sam Mendes for role in next James Bond movie

As the James Bond publicity machine went into overdrive this week, gay Strictly Come Dancing star Richard Arnold was given a mission worthy of 007 himself.

Fellow contestant Lisa Riley was so excited about the release of the MI6 agent's latest adventure that she tweeted her showbiz reporter co-star to ask director Sam Mendes for a role as a Bond girl in the next film.

'Does he want a fat girl who’s light on her feet in his next movie?? ASK HIM!!!' she pleaded to Arnold at the Skyfall premiere in London on Tuesday (23 October).

October 17, 2012

Skyfall villain Silva flirting with Bond is only the tip of the iceberg

From his scorching debut two films where he emerged from the sea, a nod to the famous Honey Ryder beach scene from Dr No, to his recent flirtation with Javier Bardem's villain Silva, Daniel Craig may have cemented himself as the most gay friendly Bond.

But he's hardly the first. The legendary spy and his 50-year franchise has no shortage of LGBT fans or camp moments.

September 30, 2012

The second actor to portray James Bond has claimed that producers were so worried he might be gay that they had him sleep with a woman to prove otherwise

The only Australian to portray James Bond on screen has claimed in a new documentary that the producers of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service were so concerned that he might be gay that they had him sleep with a woman.

‘They sent a girl up to my apartment to make sure I wasn’t gay,’ George Lazenby told the makers of the new Bond documentary Everything or Nothing.

‘A little while later they had their answer. I sure as hell wasn’t.’

July 4, 2012

John Barrowman teams up with the Kaleidoscope Trust to launch a video campaign for global LGBT rights

Gay TV actor and presenter John Barrowman has launched a major new video campaign to win global support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

‘Imagine if it were illegal for you to be you? Well for millions of gay people it is. It should never be a crime to be gay,’ the 45 year old says.

The video shows footage of people being persecuted and attacked for having blue eyes or being short, parts of a person they can do nothing about. 

December 30, 2011

Scottish-American out gay actor John Barrowman goes from British sci-fi TV to do book on kids with special powers

Actor John Barrowman has branched out into writing with a children’s book coming out in 2012.

The fantasy novel is co-written with his sister Carole and is about a brother and sister team with special powers.

Barrowman said he was confident that both children and sci-fi fans would love the story.