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March 27, 2015

Southpaw will be released in the US at the end of July

It's here. The trailer all of us Jake Gyllenhaal fans have been waiting for.

The star of Brokeback Mountain is the feature player in the upcoming summer film Southpaw.

Directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day), the movie tells the story of Junior Middleweight Champion Billy 'The Great' Hope.

March 26, 2015

'Glee, Looking and now Zayn? It's a tough day to be gay'

What did you do when you first heard the news that Zayn had left One Direction?

Did you sob, knowing that it will never be the same again?

Did you say something shady?

Or did you shrug, go, 'You know what, I wasn't a big fan of the band but plenty of people liked the music, that sucks for them.'

Others took to Twitter to share their opinions, and we've collected some of the best.

Some felt like the gay agenda was not working:

March 24, 2015

Material Girl joins talk show host for Bathroom Concert Series

Madonna guested all last week on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the Material Girl and funny lady had all kinds of fun together. They even sang together in the bathroom wearing white robes - with monograms.

Ellen brought back her Bathroom Concert Series in honor of her special guest with a reworked version of the Madonna classic Dress You Up.

The series had previously featured the host singing duets with the likes of Katy Perry and Pink.

March 23, 2015

'My hopes, dreams and aspirations have been placed on to your ballot paper. Please treat them with the utmost care'

A 60-year-old gay man has written a powerful letter about his dreams for a better Ireland.

He shared his story from going from a 22-year-old in the city, damaged by a society that 'abused' him, to growing up and volunteering for important causes.

The letter-writer says the upcoming marriage referendum has allowed him to entertain the idea of happiness, and he hopes that people will vote to keep his dreams alive.

March 21, 2015

'Putin just legalized gay marriages? That's wonderful! Finally! But don't enter my room.'

Everyone who ever lived in a shared flat knows the issues coming with it – dirty dishes, late-night visitors and the importance of personal space.

So when this guy’s mate did not meet his demands for personal space, he decided to take the classic way of communicating with a rogue housemate: a passive-aggressive note.

Using a heavy dose of sarcasm he drew up a list of situations with recommendations on what to do.

‘If I’m sleeping, don’t enter my room’ is the most harmless, rather standard situation on the list.

March 20, 2015

So adorable. Bonus points for the awesome Frozen dress

An adorable five-year-old has schooled the world on same-sex marriage, saying 'love is love!'

Ruby Gorry, from Ireland, twirls in her Frozen dress as she explains that she wants same-sex couples to get married.

It was released prior to the the gay marriage referendum in Ireland on 22 May.

'Two boys can get married, two girls can get married: love is love,' she says, thinking of a message to put on a placard.

'Love is love, and perfect makes perfect!'

March 19, 2015

'When my rigid, churchy friends say something bad about gay people, I tell them what I think'

A grandma of eight, 74, has written a song to call for an end of shaming LGBTI people who want to feel comfortable with their partners in public.

Sherri Gray, from Nashville, Tennessee, took to a piano and poured her heart out. She was inspired by going to a church service for LGBTI people and realising that this place, apart from bars, was one of the only places they could feel safe to hold their partner's hand in public.

March 19, 2015

'I would stand under the water in the shower crying'

At only 13, articulate Tom Sosnik has all the makings of a future TED speaker.

After reading the suicide note of Leelah Alcorn in December, the Californian teen decided to 'embrace his truth.'

And Sosnik came out as transgender in a powerful speech at his school.

'I am no longer Mia. I never really was,' he said.

'And now I finally stand before you in my true and authentic gender identity as Tom. I stand before you as a 13-year-old boy.'

Sosnik recalled how he struggled with his gender identity throughout sixth grade.

March 18, 2015

See what happens when he encounters newly out fan at CD signing

The first season of the stupendously popular Empire comes to an end with a two-hour finale on Wednesday and includes a touching moment between a newly out singer and a fan.

Jamal Lyons, who recently came out to the world as gay by putting his own spin on his father's hit You're So Beautiful (see video below), is holding a CD signing when he encounters someone whose life he has changed.

Jamal is told by one of the attendees: 'I wanted to tell you that you coming out gave me the courage to come out to my brother.'

March 18, 2015

This is the most adorable video you'll watch all day

When Ryan Gosling turned up at South by Southwest (SXSW) this weekend, he thought he was going to be talking the entire time about his new film Lost River.

But the Q&A got interrupted by an audience member who had a very important question, and it wasn't for him.

'I know you film is amazing,...' Heather McKay says in the audience.

'But I'm going to kind of take away from it for a second if I can ask my girlfriend of 11 years if she'll marry me.'

March 16, 2015

See more photos inside

A medical student has become an internet sensation in China after photos of him selling sanitary napkins in drag went viral.

Liu Dengjun, 20, a third-year sudent at Luzhou Medical College in Sichuan province, said dressing as a woman allowed him to get closer to his customers and experience the many inconveniences in a girl's life.

He wears a dress, simple make-up and high-heel shoes to promote his online sanitary napkins delivery service, which he said makes RMB10,000 to 20,000 a month.

March 15, 2015

'…Here’s a guy that’s responsible for the coarsening of civil discussion and conversation being celebrated…'

We at GSN get why some conservatives don't like Dan Savage.

The columnist ruthlessly mocks public figures who go out of their way to utter anti-gay bigotry.

For example: he recently asked famed neurosurgeon Ben Carson to 'suck his dick' to prove the doctor's theory homosexuality is 'absolutely' a choice.

It's not strange those against LGBTI rights, and visibility, are not Savage groupies.

March 14, 2015

'I'm on parole, so I haven't been gay for a few months. But I could end up gay again if I slip up'

Be honest. Making fun of Dr Ben Carson never goes out of style.

The famed neurosurgeon, and potential 2016 US presidential candidate, opined earlier this month that prison life proved being gay is 'absolutely' a choice.

While he apologized, it was just another example of how the good doctor always sounds clueless when the topic is close to being LGBTI.

March 14, 2015

The US students, who are actually both straight and cousins, posed for the photo to show LGBT solidarity. After parents complained, fellow students started a campaign to support them

Two school students sparked an LGBT solidarity campaign when they won the yearbook photo competition for ‘Cutest Couple.’

Lance and Jair, who attend McKinleyville Middle School in California, US, posed for the photo for their yearbook and were voted by their fellow students as the cutest couple in the school.

Although the photo looks romantic, they aren’t gay. They’re actually both straight and cousins.

The two cousins wanted to show everyone relationship is valid: gay or straight.

March 13, 2015

'When he touched me, I literally got chills down my spine. I loved it.'

A curious once-straight guy has realised he's gay after watching an episode of How To Get Away With Murder.

Posting on Reddit, the 24-year-old straight thought all of his life he was straight.

'I liked girls. I dated girls. The whole shabang. I had been in a relationship with a girl for a little over two and a half years until we broke up around September of 2014,' he said.

March 11, 2015

The boy her son kissed now has a girlfriend and the mom is confused about everything

Dear Abby, the advice columnist already known for giving straight-talking advice and her support of LGBTI people, had some words of wisdom for a mom whose teenage son kissed another guy.

The mom seemed to not be so upset that her son might be gay but confused by the experimenting with both sexes being done by him and his peers.

The son, now 17, had earlier been rejected by a girl because she had a girlfriend then later dated a girl who he felt only friendship for.

Now the boy her son kissed has a girlfriend.

March 10, 2015

Documentary calls to Vatican to embrace LGBTI people

A heartwarming film released today (10 March) aims to achieve full acceptance of LGBTI persons in the Catholic Church.

It has already reached thousands of people and aims to be seen by Pope Francis and the Vatican clergy.

The 15 minute documentary includes touching personal accounts from Catholic LGBTI people and their family's acceptance of them.

March 10, 2015

The Divine Miss M uses her famous pipes to croon about flat shoes and falling asleep with make-up on

Kim Kardashian a songwriter?

Who knew?

The most famous of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians cast is prolific on Twitter and some of her tweets - all pretty silly - were turned into brief, melodramatic ballads by Bette Midler when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week.

Among the material the Grammy winner had to work with were tweets about the gold and white dress, the tragedy of falling asleep with your make-up on, and the fact that high heel loving Kimberly Noel Kardashian Thomas Humphries West actually spent an entire day wearing flats.

March 10, 2015

Figures in support of marriage equality have almost doubled since 2004

Three in five Americans now support same-sex marriage, a new survey has revealed.

The Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows figures have almost doubled to 59% since 2004, when only 30% of Americans were in favor of gay people getting married.

Conducted by Republican Bill McInturff and top Democratic consultant Fred Yang, the survey reveals a changing attitude towards supporting gay marriage in America.

The biggest change in opinion was that of Republicans whose support has risen to 40%, from 27% only two years ago.

March 9, 2015

This is according to new Tina Fey comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

How can you pass as straight? While Russell Tovey might not have that 'issue', some gay men do think they do need to learn to 'act' a certain way.

Poking fun at that idea, Tina Fey's new comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt features the lead character's gay roommate and aspiring Broadway star Titus going to a very unconventional acting class in the tenth episode.

Hoping to land a part on 'Entourage 2', he learns how to watch a movie, drink and listen like a straight guy. Hashbrown Bye Felicia.

March 9, 2015

Lads get kit off to save LGBTI domestic abuse charity Broken Rainbow, and we've got exclusive pics

King’s College London’s Men’s rugby team have released a naked calendar in an effort to help Broken Rainbow UK, a leading LGBTI and domestic violence charity.

The lads get their kits off and bear the cold in and around the famous campus on The Strand. Endorsed by King’s College London, all proceeds raised from the calendar go to Broken Rainbow UK.

A spokesperson from Broken Rainbow UK said: 'Domestic violence and abuse within LGBT communities is often overlooked and made hidden even within the LGBT community itself.

March 8, 2015

'Kind of like how in that last sentence, Carson went in as a neurosurgeon and came out as a complete idiot'

Public figures, who make dubious claims about sexuality and prison, should not be surprised when mocked on Saturday Night Live.

Dr Ben Carson was gleefully teased in last night's, 7 March, Weekend Update segment of the NBC show.

Early last week, the potential 2016 candidate for the White House insisted, in a CNN interview, that homosexuality is 'absolutely' a choice and prison sex is the proof of the theory.

March 7, 2015

With a rise in legislation in several US states proposing a crackdown on anti-gay discrimination, this handy video shows you how to spot the beast of homophobia when it rears its ugly head

Matt Baume doesn’t want us to rest after the success of marriage equality in some states of the US.

His handy video warns us about new laws which target the LGBT community and may be tricky to recognize as homophobic. He outlines four main points in his video Your Guide to Spotting Homophobic Laws.

Government-required discrimination means that some county clerks who serve LGBT couples could lose their job and pension and religious lawbreaking means business owners can readily discriminate against LGBT people by citing ‘religious reasons.’

March 7, 2015

Parents of transgender children speak about how social media can have both a positive and negative effect when used to ‘come out’ about their child’s gender identity 

Renée Fabish was the proud Australian mom who didn’t want her son to become a ‘statistic’, and her video calling for greater acceptance of transgender children quickly went viral.

Through this video, which has now amassed over seven million views on Facebook, more parents of transgender children have decided to share their experiences.