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May 25, 2015

'Please give a speech to tell everyone they can marry who they want'

A five-year-old gay marriage advocate didn't feel like doing homework one day and insisted on writing a letter to US President Barack Obama – and he wrote back!

Yasmeen Faruqui will participate in a family member’s gay wedding in fall and was bothered when her playmates said 'boys can’t marry boys.'

'Please stop war for our world, instead have a meeting,' read her handwritten note, which her aunt tweeted to the president.

'Please give a speech to tell everyone they can marry who they want.'

May 24, 2015

Developers behind Japanese RPG want to see more LGBTI involvement in digital media

A Japanese game development studio is looking to bring their gay-themed game to a wider global audience.

Gaming start-up Lifewonders describe themselves as a company aiming to provide entertainment, starting with mobile games, for LGBTI people.

‘It is also one of our major goals to see more LGBT and ally developers in digital media,’ they explained on their Indiegogo page.

May 23, 2015

'If that's not Jesus giving the "Yes" vote then I don't know what is!’

Ireland today (23 May) once more proved that marriage equality does not cause floods or earthquakes of biblical proportions.

Rainbows shone in the sky, hours after the No-campaign admitted defeat and congratulated the Yes-campaign on what looks to be a landslide victory, prompting one user to call it ‘gayest day’ Ireland ever

A popular tweet claiming a double rainbow was sitting in the Dublin sky turned out to be originally posted while people were going to the polls on Friday by user @karltims.

May 21, 2015

Litchfield ladies pick their codenames for Red Nose Day

The stars of Orange Is The New Black are planning their own mastermind heist in a killer new Reservoir Dogs parody.

The sketch for NBC's Red Nose Day telethon brings the Netflix series together, including lesbian actress Lea DeLaria, for a reworking of the Quentin Tarantino film.

Reservoir Bitches sees the Litchfield inmates planning the crime, but they're a little bit annoyed about their code names.

This is one of several comedy sketches produced by Funny or Die for the three-hour primetime fundraiser.

May 19, 2015

'We wanted it to be like a pride parade gone rogue'

Gaymers, rejoice! The world's first LGBTI fighting game has come out more than a year after it was first announced.

The beat 'em up is like Street Fighter but with cast of RuPaul's Drag Race and is now available on iTunes, Windows and Google Play.

May 17, 2015

Brett Lee says that he has no doubt that there are professional level cricketers who are gay but he fears they feel they still need to hide their sexuality

Australian cricket legend Brett Lee has used the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) to express his concern that no top level cricketer in Australia has felt comfortable to come out as gay yet.

May 15, 2015


A crowd of Londoners have just created a human rainbow along the Thames to celebrate and push for equality.

Dozens of eager volunteers put on their T-shirts and tops in varying colors in order to raise awareness of the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia  and Transphobia (IDAHOT, or IDAHOBiT) on 17 May.

Organized by Stonewall, it was intended to kick off the pro-LGBTI events that will be held around the world from Kenya to Kyrgyzstan.

May 15, 2015

Running from the 3rd to 14 June, the 2015 Sydney Film Festival boasts much on offer for the LGBTI cinema-goer, with ten films in this year’s program exploring themes around sexual and gender diversity

Cinema-goers attending this year’s Sydney Film Festival will be treated to the long awaited director’s cut of ‘54’ which restores 40 minutes of the film that was cut to downplay Ryan Philippe’s character’s same-sex love interest.

Miramax Films felt the boy-boy-girl love triangle at the heart of the film was too much for audiences in 1998 – however director Mark Christopher has spend the last 17 years reassembling the film to his original vision and the Sydney Film Festival screening will be one of the few opportunities for people to see the updated version.

May 15, 2015

Also takes viewers on behind-the-scenes visit to set of Magic Mike XXL in which he has small role

It seems doubtful that Nick the gardener is actually still mowing Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s lawn but he's still dropping in on Ellen's daytime show.

On Thursday (14 May), the muscular green thumb showed up and shared with viewers some memories from his time on the set of Magic Mike XXL, the sequel to the 2012 nit about a group of male strippers.

Some of the film's stars, including Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello, chat with Nick and Tatum is impressed with his physique.

May 14, 2015

Konrad Eiring recalls telling his brother, teammates, best friends and coach before doing Facebook post

Konrad Eiring had reached the rank of Eagle in Boy Scouts, was leader of four clubs at Barrington High School in Illinois and a captain of the track team.

He was also secretly gay and worried that if anyone knew, they would only see him as gay and blinded to everything else he had achieved.

'This fear compelled me to fume with rage,' he writes in a first-person story posted on Outsports on Wednesday.

May 14, 2015

The transport company and a gay cab driver have united to create a ‘Ride with Pride’ black cab for the streets of London

Transport for London are commemorating International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) by wrapping up one of their iconic London black cab taxis with a rainbow wrapping.

The initiative follows the success of a rainbow-wrapped double decker bus unveiled earlier in the year by the company – which operates the UK capital’s tubes, buses, licensed taxis and wider transport infrastructure.

May 12, 2015

'Welcome to Sweden. Gay since 1944'

Sweden is using gay 'propaganda' to repel Russian submarines.

The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society (SPAS) installed the Singing Sailor defense system east of Stockholm on 27 April.

The subsurface sonar system sends out the Morse code: 'This way if you're gay.'

It also features a neon sign of a sailor waving a white flag above the text: 'Welcome to Sweden. Gay since 1944' – the year Sweden legalized gay sex.

May 12, 2015

'Thank your mom today for not being gay'

An anti-gay Mother’s Day protester got a slushie thrown at her while giving an interview to a local TV station.

Christine Weick stood at a busy intersection in Grandville, Michigan on Sunday (11 May), holding a sign that read: 'Thank your mom today for not being gay.'

While WOOD TV interviewed her, a woman named Jessica Prince dumped a slushie on her.

May 11, 2015

Mother's Day isn't over until Bey has spoken

Here in the US, Mother's Day (9 May) is about to end.

If you forgot your mom today, you're in trouble. Lots of it. However, take solace that Beyonce is thinking about you.

She's not going to call your mother, but she is sending all the ladies out there some love.

On Facebook, she posted a cropped photo. One the left is the Queen B, when she was young. Next to her is Queen B-1, Beyonce's mother.

On the right, the  singer is all grown up. Next to her is daughter Blue Ivy.

May 11, 2015

'Are you cut?' 'Yep! Into eight pieces' (NSFW language)

Who needs a boyfriend or a hookup when you've got cheesy goodness as a possibility?

A user on Reddit found that out when he got bored one night and created a Grindr profile for the one thing that will give you love guaranteed.

It turns out that pizza does well on the hookup site? Who knew?

Our personal favorites are the responses to 'Are you cut?' and the proposal of marriage.

Beware, NSFW language ahead:

May 10, 2015

'Being transgender is a hard thing, but you can be who you want to be. I’m proud of who I am because I’m transgender.'

A seven-year-old girl is teaching the internet an inspiring lesson in tolerance and what it means to be transgender.

In a video diary called Avery Chat, Avery Jackson – or AJ – says: ‘Being transgender is a hard thing, but you can be who you want to be. I’m proud of who I am because I’m transgender.’

She describes herself as ‘your average, everyday transgender girl’ who likes climbing trees, pretending to be a ninja or someone from a game and playing with her brother.

May 9, 2015

'We were discouraged from identifying as being gay. They’d rather you be ambiguous about it'

Meet John Tuite and Carlos Santolalla. Cute couple, right?

They should be easy on the eyes. They are models for Fusion Models Management. The pair are also the first gay couple to be signed by a model agency.

May 8, 2015

‘We don’t discriminate against anyone’s color, religion or beliefs, and we’re just the same as anyone wanting to live a happy life and love who we want to love.’

An Irish teenager has made a passionate plea for marriage equality in Ireland when she came face to face with the head of government.

Alison Kershaw’s emotional outburst - in front of Ireland’s prime minister Enda Kenny and surrounded by cameras and reporters - broke through the awkwardness’, according to

May 8, 2015

Italia's Got Talent airs country's first televised gay marriage proposal

In a first for Italian TV, a gay acrobat got engaged to his boyfriend live on air.

The proposal took place Thursday (7 May) night on Italia's Got Talent after acrobatic troupe Les Farfadais performed a routine to The Power of Love.

During the judge's critique, one of the dancers turned to his boyfriend and said in English: 'So we have performed tonight in a ring.

'And this ring has brought us together in our work, in our passion, in what we love. And I would love to know...'

May 7, 2015

She has been given just weeks to live

A crowdfunding campaign has granted a terminally ill lesbian's dying wish to get married.

Lee Bransden is battling lung disease, heart disease and arthritis and has been given just weeks to live.

Bransden lives with her partner, Sandra Yates, in Tasmania, Australia but cannot afford a trip to New Zealand, where gay marriage is legal.

The couple, who both worked as registered nurses, lost their life savings when a builder they employed went bankrupt and they recently sold their camper van to pre-pay for Lee's funeral.

May 7, 2015

ChadMichael Morrisette recalls being bullied so severely that 'I couldn’t even walk to classes without an adult escort or friends with me'

ChadMichael Morrisette remembers being bullied - a lot - during junior high and high school.

'I was bullied for being who I am,' he writes on his Facebook page. 'I was bullied for being gay. I was bullied for being little. I was bullied for every reason someone is bullied. It was awful. I couldn’t even walk to classes without an adult escort or friends with me.'

Morrisette, now a successful brand consultant and visual designer, was surprised recently when one of his tormenters reached out to him on Facebook.

May 5, 2015

Says daytime talk host:  'I know it’s really hard to reveal what you’ve been hiding'

You tell 'em Ellen!

Ellen DeGeneres has come to the defense of Bruce Jenner critics who are poking fun of the Olympic gold medalist because he is in the process of transitioning to female.

On her daytime talk show last week, DeGeneres took a few minutes to pay tribute to the reality show star and to put the naysayers in their place.

'It took a lot of courage to do that,' she said of Jenner's revelation. 'I know it's really hard to reveal what you've been hiding.'

May 5, 2015

'Let's play them a song on our equality flute!'

An Irish girl group have voiced their support for marriage equality by releasing a song asking people to vote in favor of marriage equality.

The Nualas, known for their comedy elements and sharp wit, released the video to their catchy new track Yes 2 Love.

Produced by Emmy-nominated Be-Active Media, the video shows the group celebrating love in all forms – while also having to brave a storm of protesters crashing the party.

May 5, 2015

'I loved that everyone cheered!'

Two baseball fans locked lips Saturday (2 May) in what fans are calling the first gay kiss on the Los Angeles Dodgers kiss cam.

In the middle of the fourth inning, the kiss cam scanned the crowd for 30 seconds before settling on two guys in Dodger jerseys.

The unidentified men, who seem to be a genuine couple, share a kiss, then give the stadium a thumbs-up.

The crowd of more than 43,000 people can then be heard erupting in cheers!