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September 9, 2013

The Alternative Parenting Show returns to London this month at a time when gay families are booming and LGBT parents are earning new respect

The annual Alternative Parenting Show, which returns to London this month, exemplifies an explosion in the growth of gay parenting

New film Any Day Now has just hit UK cinemas and serves as a stark reminder of how far gay people have come in the past four decades in respect to equal rights – particularly in respect to parenting.

August 22, 2013

Soap star Charlie Condou got a shock when The Daily Star 'revealed' he had two 'secret love children' - something he has spoken about for years

A gay parenting columnist and soap star was ‘outed’ as a gay parent in a UK tabloid today (22 August).

Charlie Condou, known for his starring role in British soap Coronation Street, got a shock when he looked at the front page of the Daily Star.

On the cover, the headline reads ‘Corrie Star’s Shock Secret Love Children’ and ‘revealed’ how the actor had ‘secretly fathered two kids with a straight gal pal’.

Somewhat embarrassingly for the tabloid newspaper, Condou had a regular column about gay parenting for The Guardian from 2011 to 2012.

November 30, 2012

UK Independence Party would-be MP loses election but still rants over gay adoption saying it is like the fall of the Roman Empire

UK Independence Party politician Winston McKenzie has ranted against gay parenting on live TV after losing his bid to become an MP.

The UKIP culture spokesperson was standing to become a Member of Parliamment for Croydon North in London in a by-election yesterday (29 November) but lost to Labour’s Steve Reed.