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September 29, 2014

16 people were hospitalized after being gassed and police tried to force venues to shut the event down but that didn't stop them

Thugs stormed their events and released gas. Police and politicians tried to shut them down. But the LGBTI people of St Petersburg have shown they won't be silenced.

For 10 days, the LGBTI rights organization Coming Out St Petersburg has attempted - and succeeded - in holding an arts festival.

They faced repeat attacks from thugs, leaving 16 people hospitalized on opening night. They also allege the police pressured every single venue to cancel their events in an attempt to ruin the week.

September 19, 2014

16 people are in hospital after Vitaly Milonov, as well as some anti-gay thugs, ruined the opening day of a LGBTI event in St Petersburg

Sixteen people have been hospitalized after the opening of an LGBTI arts festival in St Petersburg yesterday (18 September).

Thugs are alleged to have sprayed 'green paint' and to have released gas which forced those who breathed it in to seek medical help.

Vitaly Milonov, the co-author of the 'gay propaganda' ban in the Russian city, stormed the art gallery with other homophobic activists to help shut down the event.

June 9, 2014

On Saturday around 400 people took part in an LGBTI pride march in Bucharest despite bad weather, calling for legal recognition of same-sex relationships

The 2014 Bucharest Pride festival closed with a march on Saturday, with around 400 people taking part despite bad weather.

Participants in the Romanian capital’s Diversity March marched down Kiselev Boulevard from the Arch of Triumph to Victory Square where they established a discrimination free zone with speeches and music.

The march passed the building that houses the Russian Embassy in Bucharest and some participants whistled and booed as they passed.

November 12, 2013

Celebrities and politicians joined thousands of parade-goers at the fifth annual LGBTI rights march

When Cyd Ho, a member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, went up onto the platform to show her support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community, the 2013 Hong Kong Pride Parade reached its climax with thousands of people’s cheers.

'The government’s support means a lot to us,’ said Abby Lee, one of the organizers of the 9 November event held at the Victoria Park.

‘I hope to have more people to push the government to be more active and supportive of LGBT community.’

October 4, 2013

Under pressure from the Council of Europe, President Tomislav Nikolić promises a secure gay pride, despite ban this year

Serbia’s president has promised Belgrade will have a pride next year – but LGBT organizers remain skeptical.

Speaking at the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe, Tomislav Nikolić claimed the event was banned this year because people might have been killed or injured.

But Nikolić also promised to allow Belgrade Pride to go ahead this year and failed to deliver.

And his comments come after Prime Minister Ivica Dačić, who is also Minister of Internal Affairs, said ‘homosexuality is not normal and natural’.

June 29, 2013

Thousands of anti-gay demonstrators are expected to protest Paris’s first gay pride parade since legalizing same-sex marriage one month ago

Today over 500,000 people are expected to attend the first gay pride parade since same-sex marriage was legalized 29 May.

Given the history of violence that has come with many Paris anti-gay demonstrations in recent months, Paris pride organizers are bracing for thousands of anti-gay protestors at today’s gay pride parade.

January 26, 2013

South Korean filmmaker and activist Sunghwan Kim talks to Gay Star News

Activist and film producer Sunghwan Kim (also known as Dave Kim) talks to Gay Star News about LGBT rights in socially conservative South Korea, and why he's getting married for money.

Why did you and your partner launch Rainbow Factory, a production company for LGBT-themed films?

The reason I started working in the film industry is through my boyfriend. He is the CEO of Generation Blue Film in Korea quite a big film company. He suggested, 'why don't you work with me?', because there was no gay film company in Korea.

October 5, 2012

Liverpool's Homotopia organizer compares Russian city's 'insidious' anti-gay laws to 1920s Berlin after forced to cancel human rights exhibition

A UK gay arts festival has been forced to cancel a two-year project in St Petersburg for fear of arrest under the Russian city's new homophobic laws.

Liverpool's Homotopia was due to show an exhibition chronicling the emergence of the gay rights movement in the UK and Europe, but organizers have pulled the program after being warned by British officials that they could be arrested or fined as a result.

October 1, 2012

Belgrade LGBT pride organizer says parade is still planned to go ahead despite ban fears

Serbian authorities are continuing to threaten to ban a gay pride festival in the capital Belgrade this weekend over fears of violence from right wing thugs.

Prime Minister Ivica Dacic says the event, which features a parade on Saturday (6 October), poses a security risk.

He said: 'So far we have received only partial security assessments and we may ban the parade if it proves a high-risk gathering.'

September 3, 2012

Brighton Pride organizers have responded to a headliner cancelling, and claims of kettling from Queers Against Cuts

Pop star and X Factor winner Alexandra Burke cancelled her performance at Brighton and Hove Pride on Saturday (1 September).

The ‘Bad Boys’ singer, who was a headline act for the gay festival held in the British seaside city, pulled out after her technical team said they were unsatisfied with the venue.

Director of Brighton and Hove Pride Trevor Edwards told Gay Star News negotiations had broken down in the late afternoon after her management’s new requirements could not be accommodated.

August 8, 2012

Michael Cashman, Co-President of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on LGBT Rights, speaks to GSN about the next European country to legalize gay marriage, gay rights in the European Union versus the United States and the economic benefits of LGBT rights

In theory, all European citizens and residents should be able to safely travel and live throughout the EU.

Several economic and political policies of the European Union, such as the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights, safeguard the free movement of people between the 27 member states.

In practice, however, regional laws and agreements sometimes fall short of ensuring for LGBT people the same rights enjoyed by all other European citizens and residents in the EU.

August 4, 2012

We speak to the openly gay Danish sports and culture minister on gay competitors in the games, encouraging LGBT sports, marriage and his informal style

Informal but informed Danish Minister of Culture and Sport, Uffe Elbæk is jeans-wearing, openly gay and utterly un-stuffy.

Right now he’s heading to the Olympics to enjoy a week of events, including, of course, cheering on his Danish competitors. And on Sunday he will be visiting Pride House in Limehouse, East London – a venue to highlight LGBT sports during the games.

August 4, 2012

Crowds brave the torrential rain for third annual LGBT pride festival in England's northern port city of Liverpool

The mother of murdered gay teen Michael Causer led Liverpool's third annual pride march today (4 August), kicking off a day of celebrations including live music and a street party.

Samba Reggae band Batala Liverpool roused the crowds swelling the streets outside the Walker Art Gallery with a foot-stomping performance, before the UK city's town cryer hailed the LGBT festival open and hundreds of marchers began making their way towards the historic Albert Dock.

August 1, 2012

Gay Star News speaks to the organizer of Vietnam’s first ever LGBT Pride, 25-year old Tam Nguyen

After moving back to her home country after six years studying and working in Singapore, 25-year-old Tam Nguyen is organizing the first ever LGBT Pride celebration in Vietnam.

Gay Star News talks to her about her Swedish inspiration and why Vietnam is the only country in Asia considering legalizing gay marriage.

How did you become involved in organizing Viet Pride?

July 30, 2012

Labour politician Angela Eagle to lead pride march through her home city in north of England

Angela Eagle, Britain’s first out lesbian Member of Parliament, has become the first ever patron of Liverpool pride.

She said she is 'proud' to be given the honor and to lead the LGBT parade through the center of the English city.

'Liverpool Pride does so much to celebrate the diversity in communities across Merseyside,' Eagle said.

'It also works to tear down barriers, stand up for rights and insist on equality for LGBT people.

July 17, 2012

Gay Star News invites everyone to a public meeting on how to create a world class pride in London

Pride London chairman Tony Hughes is now confirmed as a panelist at a public debate to decide the future of the LGBT festival in the UK capital.

Gay Star News editor Tris Reid-Smith will chair the meeting at Heaven nightclub on 25 July at 5.30pm, with representatives from leading gay organizations, stakeholders of all kinds, sponsors, LGBT businesses and the community joining together to talk about how we can create a world class pride in London.

June 28, 2012

Santiago's 12th gay pride march attracts a record of 80,000 participants including wide range of politicians and the British ambassador to Chile

On Saturday (23 June), the 12th pride parade called March for Equality took place in Santiago with over 80,000 people demanding further advancement of LGBT rights in Chile.

Marcha por la Igualidad or March for Equality took place on a sunny winter day in Santiago, with attendees demanding equality before the law.

The march was also attended by prominent politicians as well as by the British ambassador Jon Benjamin, who read a letter of support for pride and LGBT rights on behalf of the European Union.

June 13, 2012

British gay X Factor finalist to perform at one of UK's biggest free pride festivals

British X Factor finalist Marcus Collins will headline gay pride in his hometown of Liverpool.

The out and proud singer will perform a mixture of tracks from his self-titled album, including his new single Mercy, as well as songs he performed on the X-Factor at the event in the northern English city on 4 August.

Collins came second in the TV talent show in 2011 and reached the top 10 with his debut single Seven Nation Army earlier this year.

April 20, 2012

The only LGBT Pride festival in Thailand starts on Sunday, with a few changes from last year

Phuket Pride, the only LGBT Pride festival in Thailand this year, starts on Sunday and continues for a week of out and proud festivities.

This year the festival is coming out of the 'gay ghetto' area of Patong Beach, the Paradise Complex, and into a more mainstream public area of the Thai beach resort town. That meant securing the support of the local government, Patong municipality.