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April 22, 2013

Complaints against Dr Paul Miller were made in early 2011, but medical establishments have so far failed to respond 

The hearing of a psychiatrist accused of using 'gay cures' to treat people in Northern Ireland was suspended on Friday (19 April). 

Doctor Paul Miller's case, which was to see whether he is fit to practise, was already going to be heard in private.

'The MPTS panel hearing the case of Dr Paul Miller has agreed to an application to adjourn the case,' the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service said.

'It will be re-listed and heard by a new panel at a future date.'

April 18, 2013

Dr Paul Miller’s trial will be held behind closed doors, but not much is know of the reasons why

The hearing of a ‘gay cure’ therapist scheduled later this month is to deviate from convention and be held in secret.

A number of complaints have been made to the General Medical Council (GMC) regarding the ‘gay conversion therapy’ techniques practiced by the Belfast-based Dr Paul Miller.

In May 2011, London-based journalist Patrick Strudwick complained to the GMC after receiving what he deemed to be ‘inappropriate’ treatment’ from Miller. 

March 25, 2013

Trans rights campaigner Helen Belcher collected dozens of complaints against GPs after conducting a survey with transgender people

General Practitioner doctors (GPs) in the UK are facing an investigation over their treatment of transgender patients from the healthcare regulation body the General Medical Council (GMC).

Campaigner Helen Belcher presented the GMC with a dossier of 39 complaints from transgender patients, GP trade magazine Pulse reports.

March 12, 2013

General Medical Council to look at 39 cases brought to them by trans campaigners against medical professionals. Claims include sexual abuse and damaging treatment

Britain’s General Medical Council (GMC) is to investigate 39 cases where doctors and other medical professionals are accused of misconduct or mistreatment of transgender patients.

Speaking at the Trans Health Matters Conference, hosted by LGBT Consortium, this afternoon, Helen Belcher, a member of the UK Parliamentary Forum on Gender Identity and GSN contributor, will provide significant new insight into how trans individuals experience healthcare.

January 11, 2013

Britain's General Medical Council admits it does not carry out equality assessments of patients who complain of mistreatment by doctors

Britain’s watchdog for doctors has admitted it does not carry out proper checks to determine whether lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender patients are the victims of medical malpractice.

The General Medical Council, which is this week under fire for failing to protect the trans community from mistreatment by doctors, revealed to Gay Star News yesterday (10 January) that it does not carry out Equality Impact Assessments in respect to the origin of complaints about medical practitioners.

January 10, 2013

British transgender community slams GMC investigation into Dr Richard Curtis, saying GP's London clinic is a 'lifeline' to patients seeking transition

Transgender campaigners are calling for an end to a 'witch hunt' against a British doctor accused of errors in treating gender reassignment patients.

The General Medical Council probe into the practice of Dr Richard Curtis was launched after allegations over his prescription of hormone therapy drugs and a serious complaint by one patient who had a double mastectomy but later regretted the decision.

January 7, 2013

Investigation into doctor who treats gender reassignment patients accused of being a 'witch hunt' by NHS

A doctor who treated trans men and women seeking gender reassignment is being investigated after several patients complained about his practices.

One of the most serious complaints which prompted Britain’s General Medical Council to investigate Dr Richard Curtis was filed by a patient who had a double mastectomy and hormone therapy but later regretted the decision.