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April 23, 2015

Boy-on-boy boat cruises, girl-on-girl tandem bike rides – the Netherlands capital boasts a plethora of out-of-the-box date ideas 

Amsterdam is known for a lot of things. Hedonism. Its unparalleled art scene. The moving Anne Frank House and the rousing Van Gogh Museum. For being a cyclist's paradise. For raining a lot.

But I for one never saw it as a particularly romantic destination.

However, a recent springtime visit (arriving on Valentine's Day no less) put paid to that...

April 23, 2015

Tivoli's newest restaurant offers a huge selection of gourmet Smørrebrød sandwiches

Smørrebrød is one of the traditional foods that the people of Denmark proudly claim as one of their own.

Essentially it is an open sandwich, a slice of dark rye bread – most often topped with herring but increasingly served with all sorts of meat and vegetable combinations.

April 22, 2015

Which guy's swimwear's the skimpiest?

With Maspalomas Pride around the corner (it kicks off on the 8 May), yesterday we took a peak at 10 red hot shots of gay girls holidaying in the Canary Islands – part of the destination's recently award-winning ad campaign.

April 4, 2015

Quality food and local produce in northern Norway

Tromsø is known as the capital of the Arctic – surrounded by spectacular fjords and mountains, throughout the years this has been the gateway for expeditions into the Arctic regions.

Built on the trapping and fishing industries, Tromsø has traditionally been a wealthy city – often described as 'the Paris of the north'.

Biffhuset is a primarily a steak restaurant. A solid, dependable choice for quality food from quality local produce.

April 4, 2015

Surprisingly good option with quality cooking

It was our last day in Tromsø. After a fairly hectic morning making the most of our short visit to northern Norway, there was just time for a quick lunch before heading out to the airport for the relatively short but slightly depressing journey back to London.

Egon is a mid-price restaurant chain in Norway and their Tromsø branch was in the right place at the right time for a group of hungry travellers.

April 4, 2015

A seafood restaurant serving up the finest local produce from northern Norway.

Tromsø is known as the capital of the Arctic – surrounded by spectacular fjords and mountains, throughout the years this has been the gateway for expeditions into the Arctic regions.

Built on the trapping and fishing industries, Tromsø has traditionally been a wealthy city – often described as 'the Paris of the north'.

April 4, 2015

Hearty local food in a restaurant that celebrates the region's history

Narvik is one of the key towns in northern Norway.

As a result of the Gulf Stream weather pattern, it is a major port that is ice-free during the winter months. 

It was for this reason that it was selected as the harbor from which Sweden would export the iron ore mined from nearby Kiruna.

April 4, 2015

Central location from a dependable brand

The Thon chain of hotels is a reliable brand of inexpensive hotels and their Tromsø property does not disappoint.

Perfectly located within walking distance of all the key attractions, the Thon Hotel is modern and stylish while keeping everything simple and compact.

The rooms are typically Nordic, not huge but comfortably fitted out. The wifi is easy to use, which always ensures bonus points.

April 3, 2015

The perfect place to begin your northern Norwegian adventure.

The snow lay thick on the mountains that surround the small city of Narvik as I emerged from the hotel, ready to take on the day.

My only previous experience of Norway had been a city break to Oslo a few years ago. This was a different trip altogether – heading to the north of the country to experience a Nordic winter.

April 3, 2015

Experience first hand why this harbor in northern Norway was a strategic World War II battleground.

The recent history of World War II can sometimes take you by surprise.

I had come to Narvik as part of my exploration of the north of Norway, experiencing a Nordic winter, chasing the northern lights.

I was staying at the Scandic Hotel, and across from the hotel was Narvik’s World War II museum.

While I’m not a huge military history buff, I like exploring museums so it was a bit of a no-brainer to check it out.

March 26, 2015

Region is home to blockbuster gay destination Gran Canaria

The Canary Islands Tourism Board has won two awards at the recent Travel Marketing Awards.

The organization was awarded bronze at the UK-based competition for its LGBTI photographic advertising campaign – an example of which you can see to the right – named 'Bring your holidays out of the closet.'

The award was in the category of 'Advertising in newspapers directed at the public.'

March 24, 2015

LGBTI festival has faced setbacks, but puts up a good fight

The organizers of EuroPride 2015 in Latvia have launched a crowdfunding campaign to 'help ensure a successful event.'

In a statement, the group said corporate support for EuroPride 2015 has been 'very limited'.

March 23, 2015

Modern, stylish Nordic design makes this the perfect base from which to explore northern Norway

Sometimes journeys just don’t go as planned.

I was heading to the north of Norway to try and spot the northern lights – a flight from London Gatwick to Evenes on Norwegian airlines, changing at Oslo.

Our departure was delayed due to a particularly heavy snowstorm in Oslo.

We eventually got to Oslo and it was clear that the airport was still trying to catch up after the unexpected disruption.

March 18, 2015

Chasing the Northern Lights in Norway.

Norway is a surprisingly big country. I'd been to Oslo before, on a city break a few years ago, but that seems a world away from the nothern city of Tromsø.

Tromsø is known as the capital of the Arctic – surrounded by spectacular fjords and mountains. Throughout the decades this has been the gateway for expeditions into the Arctic regions.

March 17, 2015

To celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, the Trinity College Dublin student shares her love of her buzzing hometown

I've lived here since… I was born – I'm a true 'Dub'!

March 6, 2015

We bring you the stories, the insights, the experiences, and adventures to help inspire your travels.

Once the travel bug bites it is hard to deny the irresistible urge to get out and explore the world.

Here is a round up of some of the travel stories and experiences that we have shared recently.

Travel Reports

We have been traveling the world as much as possible, trying to tick off the countries and destinations that are constantly being added to our ever-growing list. Here are a few of our favorite places:

March 4, 2015

LGBTI travel is booming

An array of tourist boards and travel organisations have converged on Berlin for the International Tourism Exchange (Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin, or ITB) – with a record number joining the event's Gay and Lesbian Travel Pavilion.

The 'Pink Pavilion', as it's known, now showcases the largest range of LGBTI tourism products at any trade fair in the world.

February 26, 2015

The banking group hosted an event at its Edinburgh headquarters to celebrate the top employers on Stonewall’s recent Workplace Equality Index

Banking group Lloyds has been acknowledged as the top employer of LGBT people in Scotland by the Scottish branch of campaigning charity, Scotland.

The acknowledgement follows the publication of Stonewall’s UK-wide Workplace Equality Index in January.

Stonewall Scotland held an event on Tuesday evening to recognize LGBT employers north of the border. It celebrated the results at a reception at Lloyds' Scottish headquarters on the Mound in Edinburgh on Tuesday evening.

The top five employers were as follows:

February 26, 2015

Over 30,000 of the signatures come from Northern Ireland residents

Almost 150,000 people have signed a petition against Northern Ireland's proposed 'Freedom of Conscience' bill. 

In December, DUP minister Paul Given introduced the bill to the Northern Ireland legislative assembly, which would allow people with strongly held religious views to deny access to goods, facilities and services on the grounds of sexual orientation. 

February 23, 2015

The annual event took place over the weekend

Lapland's LGBTI community took to the streets over the weekend for the region's annual Pride celebrations. 

Arctic Pride, which takes place in Lapland's commercial centre, Rovaniemi, was set up to provide a safe place for sexual and gender minorities to meet in one of Europe's most northern cities, which lies just six miles from the Arctic Circle. 

February 4, 2015

The Eurodance act from the 90s are still touring and still travelling

Formed in 1987 by Italian producer Gianfranco Bortolotti, Cappella were of the Eurodance wave that defined the 90s. Their biggest hit was 'U Got 2 Let the Music' (which reached number two on the UK charts in 1993); other hits included 'U Got 2 Know' and 'Move On Baby'.

After many line up changes, it's husband and wife team Lis Birks and Marcus Birks belting out Capella's tracks today, and we caught up with them recently to share some travel stories. 

January 29, 2015

Court deems the 'eccentric' kiss provacative

A gay couple who posted a picture of them kissing on Facebook is being told to not complain about death threats as they were asking for it.

A Lithuania court has dismissed a formal complaint after a series of online comments threatened two students who posted the same-sex kiss picture.

The District Court of Klaipėda City claims a person who posts a photo such as this 'has to anticipate that such an eccentric act would clearly discourage the common understanding and tolerance amongst people in our society who have different views and opinions.'

January 29, 2015

The momondo PR manager on his achingly cool hometown

I've lived here since... November 2005.

I've stayed because... Copenhagen is a capital city that feels like a town, so you get the perks of being in a big city but none of the traffic, noise and hassle – you can ride your bike literally everywhere, all year round. Copenhagen is by far one of the most liveable places that I know of in the world.

January 28, 2015

The Calvin's Head author on his beautiful hometown (plus gay bar 'Prik' and leather bar 'Argos'...)

Originally from New York City, author David Swatling moved to Amsterdam in 1985. We caught up with him recently for some insider tips on how to get the most out of a visit to Amsterdam.

What are some of the best things about living in Amsterdam?
Amsterdam is a beautiful city with a rich cultural history. The Dutch are committed to LGBT rights. Same-sex marriage has been legal since 2001.