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December 7, 2012

Trans activists in Jakarta say the police did nothing to protect them from the Islamic extremists who broke-up their festival this week

Trans activists in Indonesia have spoken out about the lack of protection they get from police in the face of threats from Islamic extremists.

Earlier this week a transgender festival in Jakarta was stopped by FPI (Front Pembela Islam, the Islamic Defenders Front), one witness reported that the Islamic extremists wielded sticks to threaten the transgender women at the event.

December 5, 2012

FPI forces closure of Festival Waria Berbudaya (Cultural Transgender Festival) in Jakarta, but denies violence

Indonesian Islamic extremist group FPI (Front Pembela Islam, the Islamic Defenders Front) forced the closure of a festival for transgender rights in Jakarta on Monday.

A witness reported that the members of the FPI wore helmets and brought sticks to break-up the event.

Jakarta chief of FPI Salim Alatas denied this, telling Jakarta Globe:

April 27, 2012

We discover the best massages, meals and uncharted territories in the Island of the Gods - Bali

A few friends, all the travel books and what little I know about the book Eat. Pray. Love suggested that the best of Bali was to be found down the road less travelled. That road took me to a world I did not expect.

My boyfriend and I were confused for straight men pretty much everywhere we went in Bali.

'Massage, sir? You want happy massage?'

My boyfriend turns around to the Balinese woman offering 'regular' massages to passer-bys, but a 'special' one to him.

'No thanks,' he says. 'I'm gay'.