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April 30, 2015

It is unknown whether he has ever heard of the Streisand effect

A former Irish political candidate is calling on Google to take down any published item that apparently wrongly branded him as a homophobe.

Mark Savage, of Lios Cian, Swords, said he is seeking judicial orders in the Circuit Civil Court against the Data Protection Commissioner and Google Ireland.

He claims that any time anyone searches for him on Google, he is labeled 'Mark Savage, North County Dublin's Homophobic Candidate'.

This may be to do with his 2014 local election manifesto, where Savage described himself as an 'advocate for family values'.

March 17, 2015

To celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, the Trinity College Dublin student shares her love of her buzzing hometown

I've lived here since… I was born – I'm a true 'Dub'!

November 13, 2014

Make like Rihanna and reside at the jewel in Ireland's hotel crown

An oasis of light, calm and five-star style – The Merrion Hotel is undoubtedly Dublin's leading blockbuster stopover.

This 142-room colossus (which, from the outside, resembles an unassuming townhouse) is a favourite of Diamonds singer Rihanna when she's touring the Green Isle.

It's also played host to the likes of US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, who stayed here during their visit to the country in 2011. Rock god Bruce Springsteen is also known to drop by.

December 6, 2013

National University of Ireland Galways has been attacked for not protecting the 'religious liberty' of students who wanted to cure their gay classmates

A Catholic group has been suspended from an Irish university over posters saying ‘I’m a child of God. Don’t call me gay.’

The National University of Ireland, in Galway (NUI Galway) suspended the Legion of Mary as a college society after they allegedly distributed the homophobic posters.

Up to 70 complaints were made against The Courage Community, a Legion of Mary linked group responsible for the posters pasted up in the university’s library.

October 1, 2013

Irish leader has written to the Gay Games organizers saying potential host city Limerick is a testament to the country's greenery and song

Prime Minister Enda Kenny has backed Ireland’s bid to host the Gay Games in 2018.

The Irish leader has written a letter to the Federation of Gay Games.

While Limerick is competing against Paris and London to host the athletic events, Kenny guaranteed a traditional welcome.

‘The beauty of Ireland’s lush green landscape has been immortalized in paint and in song and Limerick City and its surrounds are testament to that legacy,’ he said.

July 15, 2013

The UK’s deputy prime minister is backing London2018, but the race to hold the tenth Gay Games event remains too close to call.

2018 may seem a long way away, but the competition to host the Gay Games event in that year is now into its final stages.

The Gay Games were founded in 1982, and 2018 will see the tenth edition of this quadrennial event that brings together around 10,000 athletes, artists and activists from around the world to participate in over 30 sports and culture events.

February 15, 2013

Councilor Gillian Wharton-Slattery will ask Kerry County Council in Ireland to back a motion supporting marriage equality

A county in Ireland will vote on same-sex marriage next week on 18 February.

January 15, 2013

GSN checks in on Ireland’s preparations for the 2013 IGLFA European Championship

In terms of total number of participants, football is one of the biggest and most popular sports going for gay men and lesbians.

In 2013 the International Gay and Lesbian Football Association (IGLFA) is holding its European Championship in Dublin.

We caught up with Paul O’Brien - lead organizer for the event and key player with the Dublin Devils Football Club - to find out how preparations are going.

Why are the IGLFA European Championships being held in Dublin in 2013?

January 26, 2012

A dance teacher has been sentenced to six months in prison for falsely accusing X Factor judge of groping him.

A man who falsely accused X Factor judge Louis Walsh of sexually assaulting him has been jailed.

Leonard Watter, a dance teacher from Navan, Co Meath, in Ireland, was sentenced to six months in prison over allegations that the pop music mogul groped him in Dublin nightclub Krystle last April.