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January 8, 2014

A 28-year-old man was found days after his death in Rome, discovered stripped from the waist down and with two bullet holes in his neck and pelvis

A gay man is believed to have been thrown in a ditch after he was raped and murdered in Italy.

Daniele Fulli, 28, was found dead yesterday (7 January) on the banks of the Tiber - days after the alleged attack.

Authorities believe the young hairdresser died on 4 January after he had met someone for a date in Magliania, a south-west town near Rome.

Investigators say everything about the incident implies murder but they will still be considering other options.

When discovered, Fulli was badly bruised and he was stripped from below his waist.

October 9, 2013

A biologist from Bari was pictured alongside LGBT activists at Palermo's airport, after the national gay pride parade. Now he has sued la Repubblica newspaper and asked for compensation

A biologist is so upset about being pictured next to LGBT activists returning from Palermo Pride he is suing Italy's main newspaper over the photo.

The man from Bari, southern Italy, said he even had to explain to his girlfriend that he had not actually taken part in the gay and trans parade in the Sicilian capital.

By strange coincidence he was just coming back from a conference on animal sexuality when he was caught in the snap.

October 8, 2013

The couple complains on TripAdvisor and their protest goes viral in Italy, where last week famous entrepreneur Guido Barilla expressed his anti-gay family views

A museum in Tuscany, Italy, has been labelled ‘homophobic’ after a gay couple with a young child were refused a family ticket.

The American couple, from Chicago, complained on TripAdvisor, the travel website, and now their protest has gone viral in Italy.

Last August the two men, with their child, went to the local Etruscan Museum in Volterra, central Tuscany.

They asked for a family ticket but the woman at the till shouted ‘A family is made of a man and a woman’.

November 7, 2012

The southern Italian region is home to wonderful cities and villages, stunning sea and a unique cuisine

Driving in Salento, south of Apulia (Puglia), Italy, is like driving in the American far west. Yellow fields in summer – green in winter and spring – and olive trees, rocks and little white villages. This was the first time I opted for a self-drive tour. And it’s worth the stress of driving a car.

October 17, 2012

Italian Catholic priest Don Mario Bonfanti is making the headlines after having decided to 'reveal the truth' about being gay

A Catholic priest is now making the headlines in Italy after having decided to come out on Facebook on International Coming Out Day (11 October).

‘I am gay. Or, better, I am a happily gay priest,’ he stated.

Don Mario Bonfanti, 41, is a priest in Pagnano, near Lecco, in the Italian region of Lombardy. And his openness about his sexuality is something of a revolution.

Openly gay priests, in Italy, are a rarity. The Italian Catholic church is know for not being tolerant of LGBT people.

April 5, 2012

Urban flamingos and a gay scene make the historic seaside city of Cagliari, capital of the Italian island, pretty in pink

Flamingos, flamingos everywhere. When you land in Cagliari you find these exotic tropical birds crowded onto one of the biggest Europe’s lagoons, the Laguna di Santa Gilla, next to the airport.

Spring is the perfect time to be here; when thousands of chicks, called ‘pulle’, are just few weeks old. And now Cagliari, the small, cosmopolitan ‘capital’ of Sardinia, is pinker than ever. And not only because of the flamingos, it is also the most gay-friendly city of Sardinia, the ‘Caribbean’ island between Spain and Italy.