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November 27, 2013

A holiday discount at the chic Hotel Rival (owned by Benny Andersson of ABBA fame) is one of the many ways to enjoy the city’s best Christmas markets, designer shops and foodie stops

The style capital of Stockholm is one of the world’s most LGBTI friendly cities.

With Christmas markets galore, December is the perfect time to visit for holiday shopping and a spot of indulgence.

Stockholm is a beautiful city of 14 islands connected by bridges, and winter transforms the region into a true wonderland - the city takes on a romantic feel as the the water ices over around the city, announcing the season's arrival.

November 26, 2013

The LGBT event will attract 200,000 visitors to the Swedish capital

Stockholm was announced as the host of LGBT sporting event EuroGames in 2015 today (26 November).

More than 200,000 visitors are expected to flock to the Swedish capital for one of the biggest LGBT events in the world.

Held between 5-9 August 2015, the event will offer exhibitions, activities, attractions and lectures alongside its sporting events, many of which will be free.

‘Stockholm is known worldwide as an open, welcoming destination,’ Regina Kevius, Stockholm’s Sport Commissioner, said.

August 3, 2013

‘I wanted to come here so I could be who I am,' a 22-year-old gay Russian says, ‘I hope Russia will have a day like this one day’

It takes about an hour to fly from Stockholm in Sweden to St Petersburg in Russia.

In one city, Pride is the biggest festival of the year with half a million lining the streets to celebrate diversity, equality and love.

And in another, it is illegal to hold a Gay Pride event in fear it would be ‘propaganda’ to children.

This year’s Stockholm Pride is special because it is the first to explicitly invite LGBT Russians to Sweden, giving them a safe haven from the anti-gay ‘propaganda’ laws signed by President Vladimir Putin in June.

April 4, 2013

The Swedish capital is world center for design and style spread across 14 stunning islands, as well as ‘the world’s most gay-friendly city’

Love them or loathe them, ABBA remain one of Sweden’s most successful exports with a special place in the heart of many a dancing queen. And ABBA fans are again beating a path to the new ABBA museum opening in May in Stockholm.

But there is a lot more you can do in what they call ‘the world’s most gay-friendly city’.

January 15, 2013

GSN meets the Stockholm Dolphins, the city's LGBT swimming club

Continuing our series profiling the world’s LGBT sports clubs, we meet Mats Grindal, one of the founders of the Stockholm Dolphins Swim Club.

When was the Stockholm Dolphins swim club established?

We founded the club in December 1999.

December 6, 2012

Sweden, the home of football's only openly gay pro player Anton Hysén, is shocked after footballers shouted homophobic insults

A Swedish football club has fired all of their players after complaints they had hurled homophobic remarks at members of a rival team.

During a recent Division Seven match with the Stockholm Snipers, players from Sörskogens IF were heard shouting insults such as ‘you suck cock for 50 kronor’, ‘all of you have HIV’, and ‘we’re probably going to get infected’.

Club chair Ketil Torp said: ‘We had no choice but to suspend the entire team. That kind of language isn't appropriate for football or anywhere else.’

June 25, 2012

DJ and alternative gay scene svengali Amy Lamé checks out the coolest LGBT hangouts in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm

Let’s face it: Sweden is a nation of beauty. And that’s just the people.

The country that has given us ABBA, IKEA, and Loreen is also a world leader in LGBT equality. And they aren’t afraid of shouting about it, either.