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January 16, 2015

Ian McKellen is also named as a patron of the Peter Tatchell Foundation

Celebrities such as gay host Paul O'Grady and Absolutely Fabulous' Joanna Lumley have been named as patrons of a gay and human rights founsation.

The two British names have been joined by nine others from politics, TV, film and music to become patrons of the Peter Tatchell Foundation.

Helena Kennedy QC, Green Party's Caroline Lucas, Lords Waheed All and Michael Cashman as well as Baroness Barker have become patrons.

December 17, 2014

Meet Charlie Kiss, Green Party, who wants to see Westminster change

Charlie Kiss is believed to be the first trans man to ever run for a seat in UK parliament.

The Green party politician says he wants to help change Westminster forever, starting with helping Britain to be better represented in the House of Commons.

He says his past experience of going through his transition, being homeless, working a variety of different jobs and his activism sets him apart from the millionaire MPs.

October 10, 2014

Green Party co-leader said Craig Colin thought 'a gay man's place is in the closet'

The leader of the New Zealand Conservative Party, Colin Craig, has dropped a defamation suit over comments a Green Party co-leader made about his stance on gay men and women.

Russel Norman told 15,000 LGBT people in Ferbruary at the Big Gay Out fair in Auckland that Craig thought 'a woman's place is in the kitchen and'a gay man's place is the closet.'

Craig is a vocal opponent of gay adoption and same-sex marriage which he called 'a failure of democracy.'

Craig filed a suit against Norman in March seeking a retraction.

September 24, 2014

The Marriage Equality Bill has been stalled since October

Six Taiwanese gay couples have had their marriage registrations rejected on Saturday in the southern city of Kaohsiung.

The four gay and two lesbian couples and several LGBTI rights groups brought the required documents to register a marriage to the Household Registration Office, the Liberty Times reported.

However, staff said because of a problem with the adminstrative system only marriages between men and women could be registered.

March 18, 2014

The Juridicial Commission of Romania’s Chamber of Deputies has unanimously rejected a bill which would have created civil unions for both opposite and same-sex couples – with one MP declaring the proposal to be ‘cultural Marxism’

Non-married heterosexual couples and same-sex couples in Romania will not be allowed to enter into civil unions after the Juridicial Commission of the country’s Chamber of Deputies rejected a bill unanimously on 5 March.

The bill had previously failed in the Senate where only two senators out of 176 were prepared to vote for the bill – 105 voted against the bill while the remaining senators abstained.

April 23, 2013

Straight Green party senator John Sudarksy has emerged as a champion of LGBT equality and talks about why he thinks it unlikely Colombia’s Senate will say ‘I do’ to gay marriage

As the Colombian Senate prepares its second attempt to vote on marriage equality bill shortly today, we speak to Green Party senator John Sudarsky, an ardent supporter of LGBT rights in Colombia.

Last week Colombia’s Senate decided to postpone the debate on same sex marriage until today (23 April).

However most commentators are pessimistic, after an agreement was allegedly reached between Colombia’s two largest parties, the Conservative and the ‘U’, to not allow the bill to become law.

April 17, 2013

First country in the Asia-Pacific passes marriage equality law by 77 votes to 44.

New Zealand has become the first country in the Asia-Pacific region, and the 13th country in the world, to legalize gay marriage.

The third reading of a marriage equality bill was held in the New Zealand parliament today (Wednesday 17 April) and was passed by 77 MPs' votes to 44.

'Excluding one group from marriage is oppressive and unacceptable,' said the Bill's sponsor Labour MP Louisa Wall, who was wearing a rainbow top for the occasion, when introducing the Bill.

'Nothing could make me more proud to be a New Zealander than passing this bill.'

February 10, 2013

A far right Australian political party that claims to espouse Christian values has labelled an engaged heterosexual MP a ‘self-proclaimed homosexual’ because of his support for same-sex marriage

Australia’s far-right Rise Up Australia (RUA) Party has dubbed an Australian Greens MP a ‘self-proclaimed homosexual’ over his support for same-sex marriage despite the fact that he is heterosexual and engaged to be married.

Rise Up Australia made the claim through social media, writing, ‘Looking back 12 months, MP Adam Bandt, a self-proclaimed homosexual, indicated the “Gay Marriage Act” would be acquired by stealth.’

February 5, 2013

LGBT people and their supporters have held a rally as the British parliament prepares to vote on same-sex marriage in England and Wales

Gay rights campaigners have rallied outside the UK parliament ahead of a vote on same-sex marriage this evening (5 February).

The rally saw about 60 campaigners brave light rain and bitterly cold winter winds to encourage Members of Parliament (MPs) to back their cause.

Meanwhile Gay Star News could only find two people picketing parliament against gay marriage.

The majority of MPs are expected to back the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill when it comes to a vote this evening, despite vociferous opposition from some of their colleagues.

November 20, 2012

Christina Summers, who wished to vote against government plans for same-sex marriage, was kicked out of Brighton's liberal Green Party

An anti-gay marriage Christian councilor has had her expulsion upheld from the far-left Green Party in Brighton.

Christina Summers was kicked out by party officials in the seaside city after voting against the UK government plans to allow gay couples to marry.

The Green Party has now upheld the expulsion after the councilor, now an Independent, appealed against the decision.

November 8, 2012

New Zealanders plan gathering to show Prime Minister that ‘gay’ is not an insult

A group of parents have declared this Friday (9 November) ‘Gay Red Shirt Day’ after New Zealand Prime Minister John Key used ‘gay’ as an insult when he criticized a radio host’s ‘gay red top’.

The day was inspired by Green Party members who posed wearing red tops in response to Key’s comment. Green Party MP Kevin Hague (right in photo) was one of the most outspoken critics of the prime minister’s gaffe.

November 1, 2012

Lesbian Green Party MP Jan Logie accuses the New Zealand government of delaying legislation that would make a ‘huge difference’ to trans lives

Green Party rainbow spokesperson Jan Logie has accused the New Zealand government of extending the suffering of transgender people by delaying a law that will allow them to correct their gender on official documents.

The Citizen Amendment Bill was first introduced in October 2010 but in July the government said they would add articles to allow the paperwork of transgender New Zealanders to reflect their gender.

October 26, 2012

Brighton and Hove Council, in south-east England, say no proposals have been made to scrap Mr and Mrs titles on forms

Brighton and Hove Council have denied they plan to ban the use of Mr and Mrs on official forms after it found itself at the centre of a national media frenzy.

Reports in The Mirror and Daily Mail accused the coastal city in south-east England of 'political correctness gone mad' for its 'barmy' proposals.

But in the Green Party led council's official response, they insist that no proposals have yet been put together.

October 2, 2012

Stormont rejects equal marriage motion after pressure from Protestant church

Gay marriage proposals have been rejected by members of Northern Ireland's Stormont assembly.

The motion tabled by the Green Party and Sinn Fein stated that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry and have equal rights to straight couples.

However, the bill was dropped after it failed to get the cross-community majority required by a Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) petition.

September 20, 2012

Christian councillor Christina Summers, who plans to vote against plans for same-sex marriage, was kicked out of Brighton's Green Party

The Green Party, typically found on the far-left of the political spectrum, has expelled a Christian woman for voting against same-sex marriage.

Christina Summers, a councillor of the Brighton’s Green group, announced she was appealing against her expulsion yesterday (19 September).

Now she defines herself as an Independent, Summers believes the decision was wrong and unfair.

September 11, 2012

Inquiry says Brighton politician Christina Summers should be expelled from Green Party after voting against group's policy to support gay marriage in the UK

A Brighton councillor may be expelled from the Green Party for voting against the political group's support of government plans to legalize gay marriage.

An inquiry panel decided yesterday (10 September) that Christina Summers should be barred from the party for defying its policy of supporting same-sex marriage.

Party members will now vote on whether to uphold the inquiry's recommendations.

Summers, who is a Christian, says the decision to expel her is 'discriminatory'.

April 17, 2012

Peter Tatchell calls on gays to vote for Green Party London Mayor candidate Jenny Jones despite struggling to address issue of drugs in LGBT community

London Mayor candidate Jenny Jones calls for decriminalization of drugs, despite gay people more likely to have a problem.

During an interview on weekly podcast HomoLab, the Green Party member said our current approach to tackling drugs is 'absolutely ludicrous' and a 'terrible waste of police time.'

'When we’re so worried about police cuts and their budget, this is an area they shouldn’t be involved in,’ Jones said.

April 13, 2012

Greens leader Bob Brown retires after 25 years in politics

Australia’s first openly gay MP and first gay party leader, Bob Brown announced today he was retiring from politics. He will handover the leadership of the Greens party to his deputy Christine Milne and will step down from his senate seat in June.

February 24, 2012

All three main British party leaders sent messages of support as LGBT students gather in Brighton

Prime Minister David Cameron has sent a message of support as over 1,000 students start to gather in Brighton today (24 February) for a weekend of celebrations to mark Student Pride.

Organisers have received a letter of support from Prime Minister David Cameron, deputy PM and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg and leader of the opposition Ed Miliband. And the local Brighton and Hove MP and leader of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas, has recorded a video message.

February 1, 2012

Politicians predict full marriage equality for gays and lesbians within 12 to 18 months at Scottish Parliament reception

Marriage equality for same-sex couples could become a reality in Scotland in 12 to 18 months says MSP Jackie Baillie of the Scottish Labour Party.

Speaking to Gay Star News at a parliamentary reception in Edinburgh for equal marriage on Tuesday evening (1 February) she did admit that it could be dangerous for a politician to make predictions.

‘But I would say [marriage equality] it would be 18 months at the outside – but definitely next year,’ she said.

December 6, 2011

Tasmania's Green leader, Nick McKim, believes island state should introduce gay marriage as federal law will fail.

Leader of the Green Party in Tasmania Nick McKim says a push for Australia-wide same-sex marriage laws is 'doomed to fail', so the island state should stand on its own on the issue.

The Australian Labor Party has voted to change its platform to allow gay marriage.

But many people, including McKim, believe the vote next year on the subject in the Australian Federal Parliament will fail because Labor MPs will be allowed a conscience vote.