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October 16, 2013

A decision on whether to have another vote on same-sex marriage in the Tasmanian Upper House has been pushed back two weeks after opponents of the reform failed to provide their legal advice in advance of a briefing for Upper House members

A debate to decide whether to take another vote on same-sex marriage in the Australian state of Tasmania has been postponed for two weeks after opponents of the reform failed to provide their legal advice to members of the state Upper House in advance as they had been asked to do.

Former Liberal senator and spokesman for the Save Marriage Coalition instead merely attended a briefing for Upper House MPs where he told them that if they passed the law it would defeated in the High Court of Australia.

September 9, 2013

There will be more supporters of marriage equality in the next Australian Parliament despite a win by marriage equality opponent and Catholic conservative Tony Abbott

As the results of Australia’s preferential system of voting continue to be calculated it appears that there will be more votes in the new Australian Parliament for same-sex marriage than ever before.

Australian election rules allow people to mark candidates in their preferred order to win so that if a person’s most preferred candidate does not get enough votes to win office, their vote then flows to the next preferred candidate and so on.

December 2, 2012

Australian lawmakers voted on Friday to condemn a bill in Uganda which would see gays jailed for life and a Nigerian law which would see same-sex marriage made an actual crime

The Australian Senate has passed a motion condemning anti-gay laws before the parliaments of Uganda and Nigeria.

The motion was put forward by Greens party Senator Sarah Hanson-Young and passed ‘on the voices’ – meaning that support in the chamber was such that no vote count was needed.

October 14, 2012

New Zealand’s Greens Party have moved forward with their own bill to ensure a couple’s suitability, not sexuality, is the only criteria used in deciding who is an appropriate person to adopt

New Zealand’s Greens Party has announced it will seek to put its own bill to legalize same-sex couple adoption before the nation’s parliament after identifying deficiencies in a Labour Party bill before the parliament.

A bill on same-sex couple adoption by Labour MP Jacinda Ardern is set to be voted on as soon as next month.

However the bill itself would not legalize same-sex adoption, but merely instruct the country’s Law Commission to draft legislation, and then instruct the country’s Minister of Social Development to introduce the legislation.

August 24, 2012

The Australian Christian Lobby have accused parliamentary supporters of same-sex marriage of wasting their colleagues time, with four different bills to legalize same-sex marriage currently before parliament

A private members bill to legalize same-sex marriage which has been tabled by Australian Government senators has been labelled ‘farcical’ and a waste of time by the far-right anti-gay Australian Christian Lobby.

Labor Senators Louise Pratt, Gavin Marshall, Carol Brown and Trish Crossin introduced the private members bill yesterday.

A Greens party bill on the issue was already before the Senate so the move by Government senators may be an attempt to claim ownership of the issue if the issue has enough support to pass through the parliament.

August 23, 2012

Another Australian jurisdiction has announced it will legalize same-sex marriage if the  government refuses to act

Another Australian jurisdiction has announced it will legalize same-sex marriage, while at a federal level, Australian Government senators have introduced their own private members bill to legalize same sex marriage.

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT), which houses the Australian capital of Canberra, today announced it would legalize same-sex marriage at a territory level, joining the states of South Australia and Tasmania who have also pledged to do so.

August 23, 2012

Australian senators have held a debate on same-sex marriage but the chances of success for a bill remains unclear

A short debate on marriage equality in the Australian Senate has been held but has failed to shed light on the prospects if a vote is held on the issue, with only four senators speaking during the allotted time.

First to speak was the bill’s author, Greens party Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, who told the parliament that the bill had been amended to further address the concerns of religious opponents who feared that they would be made to solemnize marriages that weren’t in accordance with their faith.

August 22, 2012

A third Australian jurisdiction has opened the door for the legalization of same-sex marriage at a state and territory level in an embarrassing slap down for opponents

Australia’s Northern Territory may become the country’s third jurisdiction to legalize same-sex marriage after the ruling Labor Party announced it would allow its members a conscience vote on the issue if such legislation came before the territory’s parliament.

Embarrassingly for opponents, the announcement was made by NT Labor to the main lobby group opposed to same-sex marriage in Australia.

August 11, 2012

The state South Australia looks set to become the second Australian state to legalize same-sex marriage while the territory that houses the Australian capital will restore official ceremonies to its civil unions scheme

A second Australian state government has announced it will move to legalize same-sex marriage at a state level on a day that thousands of protestors marched in cities all over the country calling on federal parliamentarians to deliver on reform.

At a rally in the South Australian capital of Adelaide, state Labor Party leader and premier Jay Weatherill declared his government would support a Greens party bill legalizing same-sex marriages at a state level.

‘I support the principle of marriage equality,’ Weatherill told a cheering crowd of protesters.

April 13, 2012

Greens leader Bob Brown retires after 25 years in politics

Australia’s first openly gay MP and first gay party leader, Bob Brown announced today he was retiring from politics. He will handover the leadership of the Greens party to his deputy Christine Milne and will step down from his senate seat in June.