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June 20, 2012

'I have to say something that's horrible, so I can get a laugh'

During an appearance on CBS's The Talk on Tuesday (19 June), comic Adam Carolla insisted that he has to say something 'horrible' about Chaz Bono because being nice wouldn't get him any laughs.

Carolla was confronted by co-host Sara Gilbert about seemingly anti-gay comments he has made in the past. Gilbert, who is a lesbian, acknowledged that he had also spoken out against homophobia.

'Just to set the record straight, how do you feel about us gay people?' she asked.

June 16, 2012

'I missed my window, I'm so pissed!'

Kathy Griffin welcomed two one-time boy band members to her Bravo talk show this week: AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys and Lance Bass of 'N Sync.

She then proceeded to dish the dirt.

Griffin and Bass began to reminisce about when they first met 12 years ago. She was hosting the 2000 Billboard Music Awards and Bass was one of the performers.

'This is when Lance was still straight,' Griffin told the audience of her show, simply called Kathy.

April 17, 2012

Tells Gay Star News: 'Honey, you are my demographic'

Kathy Griffin's new weekly talk show debuts Thursday (19 April) on the Bravo network and the outspoken comedienne tells Gay Star News she knows darn well who her audience is.

'Honey, you are my demographic,' she said during a conference call this morning.

'The struggle on this show is to get one f***ing heterosexual [viewer]. This show is basically straight bashing at this point. We are very, very LGBTQI-friendly. We talk about those issues. ... My tentacles have been reaching into the community for a long time.'

March 8, 2012

'For a homophobe, he sure is obsessed with bananas'

Kathy Griffin's new weekly talk show on the Bravo cable network does not premiere until April 19.

But if the gay-friendly comedienne were already on the air, she says she would be sounding off on Kirk Cameron who last Friday said on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight that homosexuality is ‘unnatural,’ ‘detrimental,’ and ‘ultimately destructive,’