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March 21, 2014

Jake Jenkins, nurse practitioner for LGBT services at 56 Dean Street, tells us why testing early for HIV can seriously improve our health

1 Knowing your status can save your life

Untreated HIV can lead to serious illness (AIDS). Advanced HIV still kills – 390 people died of it in 2012 in the UK and an incredible 15,529 in the US in 2010.

2 Early diagnosis can add years to your life

An early HIV diagnosis means fewer complications and a longer healthier life.

3 You can be healthier

March 4, 2014

James Wharton’s demand gay saunas should be shut down sparked a social media storm today but he says his main argument – public health – has been overlooked

My argument that gay saunas should be shut down, first published by Winq magazine, has generated a massive argument today.

I find it unfathomable that people do not comprehend the danger associated with engaging in sexual activity with strangers, often under the influence of alcohol and drugs – saunas are major culprits for all three of these risk factors.

December 4, 2012

World AIDS Day showed Bisi Alimi that fear of HIV is still a great threat, just as it was when he first encountered the virus 12 years ago in Lagos, Nigeria

I was diagnosed as HIV positive eight years ago, and possibly infected two or three years earlier. Though I had no idea of my infection, my passion for HIV work was never based on the fact that I might have been infected.

When I started HIV care, support and prevention work in the 90s, I had not slightest idea I was ever going to get infected. However, I was in fear.

A few months before I started working for Nigeria’s foremost HIV charity that provides services for MSM, I had gone to see my friend in the hospital.

July 20, 2012

Archbishop and 80-year-old South African activist says homosexuality must be decriminalized everywhere

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is calling for homosexuality to be decriminalized everywhere in an effort to fight HIV.

The South African activist says we must show ‘love and acceptance’ of gay people as the death tolls rise.

Tutu said anti-gay laws would be seen as wrong as the apartheid laws are now, and said both were a crime against God.

Writing in The Lancet, the 80-year-old said: ‘For I know in my heart, I know as all faith traditions teach, that there are no inferior people in his eyes.

July 20, 2012

A group of Nigerian advocates for the rights of sexual minorities say a bill banning gay groups which could be signed into law at any time by the country’s president will have unintended consequences for the country’s fight against HIV

Nigerian gay activists are warning there will be unintended consequences from a new law banning same-sex marriage and any advocacy on behalf of LGBT people.

The law, which would imprison people for a decade for taking part in or witnessing a same-sex marriage, was passed by both the Nigerian Senate and House of Representatives last year and could be signed at any time by the Nigerian president, Goodluck Johnathan.