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March 16, 2014

Following the viral success of the First Kiss video uploaded to YouTube this week, the Gay Women Channel has recorded its own version, with alleged homophobes hugging gay people

The First Kiss video uploaded onto YouTube on Monday (10 March) has spawned many imitators and parody attempts, the latest of which shows homophobes and gay people hugging it out on camera.

First Kiss was presented by WREN and currently has over 57 million views. The film shows 20 strangers, of different ages, races and sexual orientations, kissing on camera.

The Gay Women Channel yesterday (15 March) uploaded their own take on the idea, titled First Gay Hug (A Homophobic Experiment).

May 15, 2012

Award-winning chair allows extra time for embracing

Everyone loves a cuddle. But have your loved one sit in your lap for too long and your legs will be kicking for freedom, even if your heart is pounding for more.

But why put a time limit on a hug? Bulgarian designer Ilian Millinov has come up with a chair which allows couples to canoodle for as long as they wish without one of the pair losing circulation from the waist down.

The Hug Chair is both chic and practical, with a brilliant curving armrest which is perfect for your significant other to perch on while you hold each other tight.