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September 1, 2012

The Lebanese minister of justice has publicly demanded an end to the use of discredited anal probe exams to 'test' if men are gay

Lebanon’s justice minister, Shakib Qortbawi, demanded earlier this morning (1 September) an end to the use of anal probe exams used find out if men are gay.

During an interview with the Lebanese paper Assafir, the minister said the anal probe exams must stop, whilst acknowledging that the judiciary is totally independent but requested they should listen to his and the Lebanese Medical Association’s opinion.

‘In Lebanon there will be no more anal tests.

‘The judiciary is independent but they should listen to us,’ he said.

August 2, 2012

Three men remain in custody after 'testing positive' for gay sex using discredited anal probe exams. The incident has sparked a public debate in Lebanon about legalizing gay sex

The 36 men arrested at a gay porn cinema in Beirut have had to pay for an anal probe exam to be conducted on them, despite it being a form of torture.

According to Helem, the LGBT advocacy charity in Lebanon, 33 of the 36 men arrested on Saturday have now been released on bail but may still be charged and face a court case.