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February 1, 2013

'I was trying to do everything to end it'

The man pretending to be a woman in a bizarre online hoax involving college football star Manti Te'o said he was desperate to end the ruse so he decided to kill his online alter-ego off with cancer.

'I was trying to do everything to end it,' Ronaiah Tuiasosopo told talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw in part one of an interview that aired Thursday (31 January). 'People say it was a cruel joke. Cruel true, joke never.'

October 19, 2012

A student newspaper in Arizona has apologized for publishing a cartoon which has been accused of promoting homophobic violence

A student newspaper in the US has been forced to apologize for publishing a cartoon which seemed to encourage violence against gay people.

The comic strip which appeared in the Arizona Daily Wildcat features a father telling his son: 'If you ever tell me you're gay...I will shoot you with my shotgun, roll you up in a carpet and throw you off of a bridge.'

To which the child joked: 'Well I guess that's what they call a Fruit Roll-Up!'

August 10, 2012

Frequent contributor to NPR's This American Life was 47 and had written about his cancer battle

It was just last year that David Rackoff won the prestigious Thurber Prize for American Humor for his essay collection Half Empty.  One of the essays, another shoe, had the author ruminating about his battle with cancer and how there was chance he would have to have his left arm and shoulder amputated.

'There are other extra-functional and non-cosmetic realities I have to consider,' he wrote. 'How does someone without a left arm know he’s having a heart attack, for example?'

On Thursday (9 August), Rakoff died from the cancer at the age of 47.

June 3, 2012

Actor Jason Alexander apologizes for gay joke made on the show The Late Late Show


Jason Alexander, known for his role on the television show Seinfeld, has apologized for a joke he recently made on the CBS show The Late Late Show.

Last week he and the show's host, Craig Ferguson, were debating the merits of cricket. Alexander called the sport 'gay' and 'queer.'