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October 31, 2012

Retail chain ignored critics and kept Ellen DeGeneres as its spokesperson

JC Penney took some heat from anti-gay group OneMillionMoms, a subgroup of American Family Association, when it hired Ellen DeGeneres as its spokesperson earlier this year.

Then they were in the group's crosshairs again for first featuring lesbians in its catalog then later two gay dads. Despite being threatened with boycott, the chain held firm and did not change any of its advertising materials.

Now, instead of being boycotted by its foes, the company is being celebrated by its friends.

June 30, 2012

One Million Moms find gay pride Oreo distasteful

Kraft, the maker of the the iconic Oreo cookie, is in trouble with the organization One Million Moms. The anti-gay organization is incensed with a rainbow colored cookie to honor Gay Pride Month.

June 21, 2012

Cooper Smith and Todd Koch will be walking alongside JC Penney employees

When Todd Koch and Cooper Smith were featured in the June JC Penney catalog with their children Claire and Mason, their gay-themed Father's Day photo may have gone by largely unnoticed if it had not been protested by an anti-gay group.

But thanks to OneMillionMoms, a subgroup of American Family Association which called for a boycott of JC Penney, the couple have been getting more attention than they could have imagined.

June 17, 2012

This year's Father's Day is special for Cooper Smith Koch

Cooper Smith Koch will remember this year's Father's Day. Koch is one of the fathers featured in a JC Penney ad that has Koch, his husband, and their two children.

At Huffington Post, Koch has a short essay describing the reaction he and his family have received ever since the ad's publication.

June 1, 2012

Anti-gay group says 'God will not tolerate this sinful nature'

First it was JC Penney, then Urban Outfitters, then JC Penney again, then The Gap and now it's JC Penney again.

May 19, 2012

Anti-gay group objects to billboard in Los Angeles featuring male couple sharing a single T-shirt

First it was JC Penney, then Urban Outfitters then JC Penney again.

Now the anti-gay group OneMillionMoms, a subgroup of American Family Association, as another retailer in its sights: The Gap.

May 3, 2012

Anti-gay group that protested Ellen DeGeneres as spokeswoman now calling for boycott over lesbian-themed ad

The anti-gay group OneMillionMoms, which failed in its efforts to get JC Penney to ditch Ellen DeGeneres as its spokeswoman, is once again targeting the retailer because it features a lesbian couple in its latest catalogue.

April 16, 2012

Anti-gay group objects to catalog photo of two women kissing

First it was JC Penney and Ellen DeGeneres. Then it was Toys R Us and Archie Comics.

Now the anti-gay group is turning its attention to Urban Outfitters because a photo in the retailer's April catalog features two women kissing.

The group is urging customers to throw the catalog away, to unsubscribe to the company's mailing list and to tell the company why.

March 8, 2012

Anti-gay group moving on to other issues after unsuccessful boycott effort

The anti-gay group has abandoned its campaign to try and get Ellen DeGeneres fired from her job as JC Penney's new spokesperson because she is a lesbian.

In an interview with Christian news outlet, One Million Moms Director Monica Cole says that 'other issues require her group's attention, so OMM is moving on.'

February 27, 2012

Humorous spots debut during the Academy Awards telecast

Ellen DeGeneres went back in time for some of her new JC Penney commercials which premiered during the Academy Awards telecast on Sunday (26 February).

DeGeneres went back to the Old West in the first spot where she terrifies fellow customers in a store when she tries to pay for an item and with coupons.

In the second spot, she appeared to be part of a 1950s sitcom which showed a couple in separate beds then cut to DeGeneres in a third bed looking confused.

February 25, 2012

Five different spots will air during Sunday's awards telecast

Ellen DeGeneres has revealed that commercials she has made for JC Penney will premiere during the Academy Awards telecast on Sunday (26 February).

'I can't tell you how excited I am about them,' DeGeneres said to her talk show audience Friday. 'There are five different ones that run throughout the Oscars.  I had so much fun making them. I'm proud of them. ... They're beautifully done.'

February 10, 2012

Ron Johnson says company 'is about treating people fair and square'

J.C. Penney Chief Executive Officer Ron Johnson appeared on CBS This Morning on Thursday (9 February) to reiterate his company's support for Ellen DeGeneres, its new spokeswoman.

February 10, 2012

New Facebook page quickly surpasses 100,000 members and still growing

Ellen DeGeneres is finding out just how popular she is.

After the anti-gay group called for J.C. Penney to fire the television personality because she is a lesbian, public support for DeGeneres has soared.

DeGeneres pointed out on her daytime talk show this week that One Million Moms actually has a membership of about 40,000.

'They're rounding to the nearest million, and I get that,' she joked.

February 8, 2012

Department store JC Penney stands by Ellen Degeneres as its spokeswoman amidst homophobic uproar

Lesbian talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has praised US department store chain JC Penney for its support in the face of a conservative anti-gay campaign to fire her as their spokesperson.

At a taping for the Ellen show on Tuesday that will be broadcast today, DeGeneres told viewers ‘she is proud and happy to say that JC Penney stuck by their decision to make me their spokesperson.’

February 3, 2012

Retailer 'stands behind our partnership' amid strong public support

The online group appears to be unsuccessful in its efforts to get retail chain JC Penney to fire Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson because she is a lesbian.

In a statement to, JC Penney has confirmed that it "stands behind its partnership with Ellen DeGeneres" which was announced last week.

February 1, 2012

Says hiring 'an open homosexual spokesperson' offends traditional families

It's been 15 years since Ellen DeGeneres famously came out on her ABC sitcom and on the cover of Time Magazine and nine years since the debut of her popular daytime talk show.

But the Emmy winner remains a controversial figure to some, including a group called which is calling on JC Penney to replace DeGeneres as their new spokesperson.