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May 19, 2015

The a capella comedy sequel is being attacked for being racist, homophobic and sexist. But is it?

Halfway during Pitch Perfect 2, the all-girl a capella group are cramped into a tiny tent at night in order to bond and 'find their sound'.

As the camera pans across the girls lying next to each other, we get a single line from each of them. Anna Kendrick's 'too cool for this' Beca goes 'This is the worst!' Rebel Wilson's Fat Amy makes a fat joke. The sex obsessed character says something about sex. The quiet Asian girl says something surreal. A new Guatemalan character says this is a luxury compared to when she was in Guatemala.

May 13, 2015

A 13-year-old girl thought she was going to be reunited with her mother

People are outraged after a Cambodian TV show has played a homophobic joke on a 13-year-old girl.

Autumn Allen, a teen singer-songwriter, appeared on Cambodian TV show Penh Chet Ort (Like It Or Not) for a special Mother's Day episode on Sunday.

During her segment, the hosts tricked Allen by saying she'll be reuinted with her estranged mother.

Considering she hasn't seen her since she was six, when she left the US with her father to live in Cambodia, this would have been an incredible moment.

May 5, 2015

Says daytime talk host:  'I know it’s really hard to reveal what you’ve been hiding'

You tell 'em Ellen!

Ellen DeGeneres has come to the defense of Bruce Jenner critics who are poking fun of the Olympic gold medalist because he is in the process of transitioning to female.

On her daytime talk show last week, DeGeneres took a few minutes to pay tribute to the reality show star and to put the naysayers in their place.

'It took a lot of courage to do that,' she said of Jenner's revelation. 'I know it's really hard to reveal what you've been hiding.'

March 25, 2015

Critics have panned the prison comedy, claiming the 'gay panic' jokes are offensive

Will Ferrell has defended the homophobic jokes in his new comedy Get Hard.

The film features hedge fund manager, played by Ferrell, using his law-abiding acquaintance, played by Kevin Hart, to prepare him for maximum security prison.

Critics have panned the film, with Variety saying it uses 'some of the ugliest gay-panic humor to befoul a studio release in recent memory'.

March 9, 2015

Original couple Joke and Art proposed to Bell while he was in hospital

Meet the three men who became the world's first gay married 'throuple' last month.

Joke, 29, Bell, 21 and Art, 26, exchanged vows in a traditional water-pouring ceremony on Valentine's Day at their home in Uthai Thani province, Thailand, and became internet sensations in the southeast Asian country after photos from their wedding shoot went viral.

March 9, 2015

Original couple Joke and Art proposed to Bell while he was in hospital

Meet the three men who became the world's first gay married 'throuple' last month.

Joke, 29, Bell, 21 and Art, 26, exchanged vows in a traditional water-pouring ceremony on Valentine's Day at their home in Uthai Thani province, Thailand, and became internet sensations in the southeast Asian country after photos from their wedding shoot went viral.

March 5, 2015

'I don’t know that my family nor my soul could take it'

He looked great in his tighty whities and did a great opening number hosting this year's Academy Awards but several jokes fell flat and the ratings were down.

So does Neil Patrick Harris, four-time Tony Award host and twice host of the Emmys, hope for a chance to do better by hosting the Oscars again?

'I don’t know that my family nor my soul could take it,' he tells Huffington Post.

February 5, 2015

'I will perhaps continue this joke by closing their gay club'

Russia's leading homophobe has lashed out at the lesbian club owner whose photos of her kissing another woman in front of him went viral.

The woman, only identified as Kseniya, and her partner were sat in front of St Petersburg lawmaker Vitaly Milonov on an Aeroflot flight from Moscow.

January 27, 2015

'But they're just being babies. They're selfish'

Everyone know babies cry on planes.

Are they wet? Hungry? Colicky?

Apparently none of the above, according to comic Louis CK.

He says these crying babies are simply 'inconsolably upset' over the fact that gay people can get married - at least in 36 states and counting.'

But CK does not support the views of these baby bigots: 'I don't agree with them. I think if people are in love, they should accept that. But they're just being babies. They're selfish.'

December 9, 2014

Goreski and TV producer-writer Gary Janetti have been a couple for 13 years

These are exciting times for celebrity fashion stylist Brad Goreski who, along with Kathy Griffin, has been added to the panel of the E! show Fashion Police.

Goreski and longtime partner Gary Janetti,  who have been together for 13 years. are engaged to be married, the designer and reality show star confirmed on the red carpet of the Trevor Live! event in Hollywood over the weekend.

November 8, 2014

According to right wing pundit Glenn Beck, men watching romantic movies is so emasculating they should get ‘their winkie cut off with a butter knife’

Three US radio hosts joke and laugh in a radio segment filled with sexist and transphobic ‘jokes.’

Right wing pundit Glenn Beck was on his segment of The Blaze Radio with two companions Stu Burguiere and Pat Gray when the discussion turned to movies.

Beck, who regularly voices his offensive opinions on the LGBTI community, couldn’t resist the opportunity to make some sexist and transphobic jokes.

November 3, 2014

British comic is single once again says: 'I'm tedious with my heterosexuality'

Russell Brand, who recently split from Jemima Khan and was once married to Katy Perry, jokes that he wishes he was attracted to men too.

'I wish I was bisexual,' he told Absolute Radio's Geoff Lloyd as the host told him he wondered what it was like to kiss him.

'That's one of the things about me where I've got a very traditional moral code. I'm tedious with my heterosexuality.'

Last year, Brand revealed that he once had gay sex in a pub toilet on heroin for a TV stunt.

He said he ‘wanked off a man in a toilet’ back in 2002.

August 18, 2014

Angry Italians are calling for the gossip magazine Visto to be removed from shops over the free supplement 'The Best Gay Jokes Ever'

A magazine has become the butt of the joke after giving out a free pamphlet full of the worst jokes ever about gay people.

The giveaway, ‘The Best Gay Jokes’, was attached to the latest edition of the weekly Italian gossip magazine Visto.

The front cover of the joke book depicts a cartoon of two men. One says: ‘Do you want to play hide and seek?’

The other replies: ‘OK, if you find me you can rape me. If you don’t find me…I’ll be in the closet.’

Maybe the 'joke' didn’t translate.

July 11, 2014

'I don't want to know what's connected and I hope for his sake it is'

Joan Rivers has proved once again that no topic is off-limits when it comes to promoting her latest book.

The comic, 81, appeared on HuffPost Life this week and after making jokes about Rosa Parks and Anne Frank, she made jokes about Chaz Bono, the transgender son of Cher and the late Sonny Bono.

September 4, 2013

Seth Rogan, Sarah Silverman, Andy Samberg and others poke fun at actor

The honoree just laughed and laughed Sunday night as a series of comics and fellow actors took the stage during Comedy Central's Roast of James Franco and made jokes that he is gay.

'Who is the real James Franco?' wondered his Pineapple Express co-star Seth Rogen. 'Is he an artist? Is he an actor? Is he a scholar? He's tough to pin down; although I've heard many guys have been able to do it.'

Rogen added: 'Every man wants to be him and he wants to be in every man.'

February 1, 2013

'I was trying to do everything to end it'

The man pretending to be a woman in a bizarre online hoax involving college football star Manti Te'o said he was desperate to end the ruse so he decided to kill his online alter-ego off with cancer.

'I was trying to do everything to end it,' Ronaiah Tuiasosopo told talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw in part one of an interview that aired Thursday (31 January). 'People say it was a cruel joke. Cruel true, joke never.'

January 15, 2013

Controversial Scottish comedian's gag about HIV goes viral on Twitter

British comedian Frankie Boyle is known for courting controversy with his edgy humor but his latest gag about AIDS may not be a laughing matter for some.

Commenting on the news Britain's entertainment retail giant HMV was going into administration, the Scottish stand-up comic tweeted: 'The day I found out I had both dyslexia and AIDS

December 4, 2012

Airline's Christmas cracker joke about Olympic shot putter Nadzeya Ostapchuk sparks Twitter backlash

Air New Zealand's joke about a female Olympic shot putter's testicle has failed to take off, with Twitter followers claiming it is transphobic.

Christmas crackers are known for their bad jokes, but the airline's free gag for travellers entering its daily competition on was deemed in poor taste.

'What large heavy ball was responsible for Valerie Adams' gold medal?' the joke read. 'The Belarusian's left testicle.'

October 19, 2012

A student newspaper in Arizona has apologized for publishing a cartoon which has been accused of promoting homophobic violence

A student newspaper in the US has been forced to apologize for publishing a cartoon which seemed to encourage violence against gay people.

The comic strip which appeared in the Arizona Daily Wildcat features a father telling his son: 'If you ever tell me you're gay...I will shoot you with my shotgun, roll you up in a carpet and throw you off of a bridge.'

To which the child joked: 'Well I guess that's what they call a Fruit Roll-Up!'

October 11, 2012

Compares homosexuals to spiders: 'I’m homophobic just like I’m arachnopobic'

Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes took to Twitter this week to post what is his idea of a joke.

'I’m homophobic just like I’m arachnopobic,' he tweeted. 'I have nothing against homosexuals of spiders but I'd still scream if I found one in my bathtub.'

The backlash was immediate.

'Gotta hand it to for crafting a tweet that makes him sound simultaneously like a tough guy homophobe AND a complete weenie,' tweeted one man.

June 3, 2012

Actor Jason Alexander apologizes for gay joke made on the show The Late Late Show


Jason Alexander, known for his role on the television show Seinfeld, has apologized for a joke he recently made on the CBS show The Late Late Show.

Last week he and the show's host, Craig Ferguson, were debating the merits of cricket. Alexander called the sport 'gay' and 'queer.'

May 15, 2012

'There’s nothing I can do. I just have to laugh it off'

Michael Fassbender, one of the busiest actors in the movie business these days, should have known he'd be asked about his penis when he was profiled for the new issue of of GQ magazine.

It was on full display in the film in which Fassbender plays a heterosexual sex addict who at one point even has sex with a man he meets at a gay bathhouse.