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April 8, 2013

Gay rights activist and singer has written the songs to new Broadway musical Kinky Boots

Gay rights activist and singer-songwriter Cyndi Lauper has said she would describe herself as a ‘drag queen’.

The ‘True Colors’ singer said she considers it a performance art, and says it is very similar to what she has done in the past.

‘Sometimes a man doesn’t dress up like a woman because he wants to be a woman,’ Lauper told the LA Times.

‘He dresses like a woman to make him feel more like a man.’

February 15, 2013

Lesbian talk show host and comic will play everyone's favorite forgetful fish Dory in the Disney/Pixar sequel

Lesbian talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has reportedly taken the bait and signed on to reprise her role as forgetful fish Dory in the Finding Nemo sequel.

According to the LA Times, DeGeneres has agreed play everyone’s favorite blue tang fish with short-term memory loss again.

Rumors regarding the sequel to the Pixar/Disney film have been swimming around for years but were finally confirmed in June last year.

DeGeneres has expressed a great love for the film, and has said numerous times on her daytime talk show how she would love to play Dory again.

November 7, 2012

AIDS Healthcare Foundation President Michael Weinstein said this was a massive victory for safer sex

Voters have decided gay porn stars must wear condoms in Los Angeles, it was announced today (7 November).

In perhaps one of the least publicized voters of the US elections, 55.9% of LA County people approved the law.

Speaking to the LA Times, AIDS Healthcare Foundation President Michael Weinstein said this was a major referendum on the subject of safer sex.