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March 8, 2014

Spokesperson for Michigan maintains Allen's religious perspective has 'no impact on his research and the results it reaches'

One of the experts the US state Michigan is using to defend its ban on gay marriage and same-sex adoption, testified gays are bound for hell.

On 6 March Douglas Allen was asked by plaintiff's counsel if he thought gays were dammed for eternity.

'Not repentant? Yes,' Allen replied, according to The Detroit News.

Allen, an economist at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia,  is a witness in a case initiated by April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse.

March 6, 2014

Men and women are deeply divided on the issue of gay adoption, with women 70% in favor and with men 47% against

Half of British men think two gay dads cannot raise children as well as male-female couples, new research shows.

In a new survey, it shows men and women are deeply divided on whether gay men should become parents.

While 47% of men are opposed to a child being raised by two fathers, 70% of women are support gay couples adopting.

When it comes to lesbian partners raising children, views are softer, but a gender gap remains.

42% of men doubt same-sex female couples’ ability to raise children, in comparison to 27% of women.

February 21, 2014

Despite the Constitutional Court ruling last year that gay couples could adopt together on a technicality, they have thrown out a referral asking them to rule on joint same-sex adoptions

Germany’s top court has ruled gay couples are banned from joint adoption today (21 February), despite being allowed to on a technicality.

The Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe threw out a request from a Berlin district court to rule on whether same-sex couples living in a registered civil partnership could adopt children together.

But gay rights activists have said the ruling is effectively meaningless, as same-sex couples are allowed to use a system called ‘successive adoption’.

February 13, 2014

Idaho’s state Supreme Court ruled that gays and lesbians have the right to adopt their spouses’ children in a unanimous verdict on Monday – saying that the state had been misapplying its own law

Darcy Drake Simpson will become the first lesbian to legally adopt her partner’s children in the US state of Idaho after a state Supreme Court bench ruled unanimously in favor of her right to adopt.

Drake Simpson has been co-parenting a 15-year-old son born to partner Rene Simpson during their 19 year relationship and a 13-year-old boy Rene Simpson adopted in 2001.

However before now Drake Simpson had no parental rights over the children or legal responsibility for them.

February 1, 2014

Catholic adoption agency found to discriminate against same-sex couples wins appeal to retain charity status after Scottish appeals panel overturns decision

A Glasgow-based adoption agency which was found to discriminate against same-sex couples looking to adopt has won an appeal to retain its charity status.

St Margaret’s Children and Family Care Society had been told it would lose its charity status, but that decision has now been rejected by the Scottish Charity Appeals Panel.

St Margaret’s is run by the Catholic Church, and was one of several adoption agencies that resisted new adoption equality laws.

January 14, 2014

But same-sex marriages cannot take place as judge issues stay on his ruling pending appeal

A federal judge in Oklahoma on Tuesday (14 January) ruled that the state's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional.

But unlike in a Utah case where a similar ruling in December quickly led to more than 1,000 same-sex marriages in that state, the judge has stayed his ruling pending an appeal.

Terence Kern, a judge on the United States District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma, ruled on a case filed by two lesbian couples back in 2004.

December 11, 2013

Following the Health Minister Edwin Poots' attempts to keep the ban, the Supreme Court has said gay couples are now free to apply to adopt children

Gay and unmarried couples are now free to adoption children in Northern Ireland, following a ban being finally lifted today (11 December).

They can now apply in the same way as straight couples.

A Department of Health spokesperson said: 'Following the Court of Appeal judgement in June 2013, unmarried couples, including same-sex couples, and those in a civil partnership may apply to adopt.

'The final decision regarding the granting of an adoption order will lie with the court.'

November 13, 2013

Northern Ireland Health Minister claims it is 'natural order' for a man and a woman to raise a child as gay people can 'resist urges'

Northern Ireland’s Health Minister Edwin Poots has defended his opposition to same-sex couples adopting and gay men donating blood.

Slammed for his homophobic views in the past, the minister defended allegations his views are ‘backward’.

Speaking during assembly question time, he was asked if he thought homosexuality could cured or an ‘abomination’.

‘No, I don’t think [homosexuality] is an illness,’ he said. ‘I do think that many people have various elements to their lives when it comes to sexuality.

October 30, 2013

Campaigning group is calling for Vladimir Putin to cancel a series of concerts in December over fears the British singer will speak out on gay propaganda laws

Russia may have banned gay propaganda, gay adoption, but now they’re going after the gay King of Pop.

A campaign has now been launched to ban Elton John from Russia, as a group believes his music, style and views could ‘influence’ children.

The Ural Parent Committee wish for the government to cancel a series of concerts that the ‘I’m Still Standing’ singer has planned throughout Russia at the end of the year.

October 24, 2013

While same-sex couples have now been given equal state child benefits, many are hoping recent coalition talks will pave way for same-sex marriage and adoption

Despite still being banned from adoption, same-sex couples in Germany were given equal state child benefits yesterday (23 October).

A lesbian couple in a civil union, with two children each, were victorious in a legal case at the Federal Fiscal Court in Munich.

The AFP reports the plaintiff, not identified by the court, argued she and her civil partner were entitled to the higher rate of €215 ($296) per month given to families of four children.

October 16, 2013

A decision on whether to have another vote on same-sex marriage in the Tasmanian Upper House has been pushed back two weeks after opponents of the reform failed to provide their legal advice in advance of a briefing for Upper House members

A debate to decide whether to take another vote on same-sex marriage in the Australian state of Tasmania has been postponed for two weeks after opponents of the reform failed to provide their legal advice to members of the state Upper House in advance as they had been asked to do.

Former Liberal senator and spokesman for the Save Marriage Coalition instead merely attended a briefing for Upper House MPs where he told them that if they passed the law it would defeated in the High Court of Australia.

October 7, 2013

As gay couples flock to England to adopt, Health Minister Edwin Poots claims he wants the ban as children deserve 'stability'

Gay couples in Northern Ireland could soon be joining the rest of the UK in having the right to adopt children.

But Edwin Poots, the Health Minister, is now doing everything he can to stop that from happening.

The Court of Appeal recently ruled the ban preventing gay, lesbian and unmarried couples from adopting children was unlawful.

The only way a LGB person could adopt was if they were single.

Poots has now applied to the Supreme Court for leave to appeal against the Court of Appeal’s decision that the ban is discriminatory.

August 6, 2013

Cecile advertised her offer on E-Loue, a very popular website. Its co-founder assures 'she's not doing anything illegal'

A French woman is renting her breasts to same-sex couples wanting to breastfeed their babies.

The woman, who calls herself Cecilia232, is advertising her offer on E-Loue, a very popular French website where things and services are rented, the site's name literally means Rent Online.

And her milk looks expensive as well: the 20-year-old nurse is demanding €20 ($27) an hour, €100 ($133) for a full day or €500 ($664) for a full week.

August 6, 2013

Openly gay New South Wales state MP for Sydney Alex Greenwich has called on Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister to speak out against the treatment of LGBTs in Russia

New South Wales (NSW) state Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich has called on Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr to condemn anti-LGBT laws passed by Russia banning adoption by same-sex couples and so-called ‘homosexual propaganda.’

Greenwich, who is openly gay, wrote to Carr on 5 August, asking for him to ‘publicly oppose draconian homophobic laws introduced in Russia and call on Russia to abandon these laws.’

July 22, 2013

GSN is feeling all broody, so we had to speak to three sets of parents in different stages of the adoption process

Congratulations to Prince William and Kate on the birth of their baby boy, but they are not the only ones who are becoming parents this summer.

We’ve spoken to three sets of parents, a gay couple, a lesbian couple and a single gay man, who are readying themselves to look after the next generation.

We teamed up with New Family Social, a UK support network for gay and lesbian parents, to look for prospective adopters.

June 27, 2013

Anyone who offends a religious believer could be sent to jail as the Senate also makes it illegal for foreign gay couples to adopt children

Russia’s upper house of parliament passed the nationwide ‘gay propaganda’ bill yesterday (26 June), leaving it to President Vladimir Putin who supports it to sign into law.

The Senate approved the measure by 137 votes to 0, with one abstention.

A bill banning adoption of Russian orphans by gay couples abroad or unmarried individuals in countries where same-sex unions are legal was also passed.

June 18, 2013

Lawmaker says kids adopted by gays are 'seriously traumatized'

The lower house of Russia's parliament on Tuesday (18 June) gave initial approval to a measure that would ban gay people from foreign countries from adopting Russian orphans.

May 18, 2013

A lesbian woman has 30 days to evacuate her home after a judge ruled only relatives by ‘blood or marriage’ can be around her partner’s kids past 9 pm

A Republican Texas judge is forcing a lesbian couple and their children apart with a ‘morality clause'.

Carolyn Compton, who was granted divorce from her ex-husband in 2011, is facing a forced separation from her current partner Page Price with whom she’s been in a relationship with for three years.

Locked in a custody dispute over the two children she had with her ex-husband, Compton has now been slapped with a ‘morality clause’ that says anyone who isn’t related by ‘blood or marriage’ cant be around the children past 9 pm.

May 17, 2013

Portuguese parliament votes for partial adoption law for same-sex couples but stops short of full equality

Portugal’s Parliament has voted in favour of limited gay and lesbian adoption.

The new law will allow those in same-sex couples to adopt their partner’s biological or adopted child.

Ruling Social Democratic Party (SDP) supported the bill along with the Socialist Party (SP). It won with 99 votes in favour to 94 against with nine absentees.

Although same-sex marriage has been legal in Portugal since 2010 the new law will not allow same-sex married couples to adopt a child together.

May 4, 2013

2012 Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan has announced he is comfortable with the idea of gay people adopting children despite voting against it in the past and his opposition to same-sex marriage

2012 Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan has said that he would vote in favor of the rights of same-sex couples to adopt despite voting against that right in the past.

Ryan made the comments while speaking to a town hall style audience in Wisconsin on Monday where he was challenged by a member of the public about his anti-gay voting record in the US House of Representatives.

Ryan had voted against adoption by same-sex couples in the District of Columbia in 1999 but said his thinking had evolved since then.

April 27, 2013

Russian president Vladimir Putin has repeated plans to block Russian children from being adopted by same-sex couples in other countries

Vladimir Putin has reiterated plans to ban foreign gay couples from adopting Russian children.

On Friday (26 April), the Russian president again signalled that he would change adoption agreements with countries where gay marriage was legal.

Putin said: ‘We treat our partners with respect, but we ask that they treat with respect the cultural traditions, the ethic, legal and moral norms of Russia.'

His statement came as a response to a Russian politician who suggested changes to adoption agreements with France, since the country legalized gay marriage.

April 9, 2013

Tasmania’s Lower House has approved a bill giving same-sex couples and unmarried straight couples the right to adopt on the same basis as married heterosexual couples

LGBT rights advocates in the Australian state of Tasmania have welcomed overwhelming support in its Lower House of Parliament for the passage of legislation removing a ban on adoption by same-sex couples, saying it is in the best interests of children.

This afternoon the Tasmanian Lower House voted 18 to 4 to allow same-sex couples to be assessed as potential adoptive parents on the same basis as other couples.

March 31, 2013

A new Brazil wide survey reveals increased acceptance to LGBT people and support of gay rights, including marriage and adoption

A research survey carried out by Connecta/Ibope revealed that nearly half of Brazilian support gay marriage while two third of Brazilians are in favor of adoption by gay and lesbians, with the figure rising to 97% when respondents identified as LGBT.

March 28, 2013

After the Russian president banned all US citizens from adopting orphans, he now wants the government to prepare to prohibit all foreign gay couples

Vladimir Putin is calling for a ban on foreign gay couples adopting Russian children.

The Russian president has instructed the government and Supreme Court to prepare amendments to the current procedure by 1 July.