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April 3, 2014

In what is being called the last chance to legalize the lives of over 40 million people, Supreme Court will hear activists' plea after they recriminalized homosexuality last year

India’s Supreme Court has agreed to reconsider the law criminalizing homosexuality today (3 April).

The Naz Foundation, a HIV and LGBTI rights charity, filed a curative petition calling on the Supreme Court to ‘correct’ its verdict from last year.

In December 2013, the Supreme Court recriminalized homosexuality – overturning the landmark 2009 Delhi High Court ruling that said the colonial era law banning homosexuality was discriminatory and should not be a crime.

April 2, 2014

European Parliament President Martin Schulz has given African countries the strongest warning yet – calling laws that criminalize homosexuality a ‘disgrace’ and warning they will lead to cuts to development aid

The President of the European Parliament has given African leaders the strongest warning to date over their criminalization of homosexuality – suggesting Europe is not prepared to back down when it comes to the rights of LGBTI people in Africa.

European Parliament President Martin Shulz told a told a joint summit with MPs from the Pan-African Parliament on Monday that such laws were a ‘disgrace’ in response to Ethiopia making homosexuality an unpardonable offense.

Shulz called such laws ‘an unacceptable violation of the basic rights of individuals.’

March 31, 2014

As Amnesty appeals to people to make it part of their wedding celebrations, we share some of the inspiring work they are doing for LGBTI rights around the world

This year Uganda signed off on a draconian and degrading anti-gay bill which was later echoed in Nigeria, two men accused of homosexuality were put on trial in Zambia and in Russia homophobia flared and festered against a backdrop of the Winter Olympics.

At Amnesty we believe love is a human right. We are campaigning and fundraising hard to help improve the rights of LGBTI people all across the world from Uganda to Ukraine.

March 17, 2014

Inspirational advocates from across Asia share their stories at landmark awards ceremony in Singapore

Asia’s LGBTI heroes have been honored at the first Asian Pink Awards in Singapore.

Campaigners and company representatives flew in from all over the region and as far away as Europe for the event last night (16 March), organized by Asian gay men’s magazine Element.

Among those honored was A-Mei, the hit Taiwanese singer who held a free concert in 2013 to support same-sex marriage.

Another singer, Laure Shang, a past winner of the Chinese Supergirls contest and an LGBTI advocate was also given an award.

February 25, 2014

Man confesses to killing a 29-year-old trans woman, burying her in a vineyard where he worked, and stealing her valuables and fleeing to Serbia

A man has admitted to shooting his trans girlfriend in the chest in Turkey.

Police discovered the 29-year-old body of Sevdar Başar yesterday (24 February), buried in a vineyard in the southeastern city of Antep.

She was only discovered when her boyfriend Ethem Orhan, who had fled to Serbia with her valuables, confessed to the crime.

He admitted to promising her with marriage and a future, before beating her and shooting her with a hunting rifle and burying her in the vineyard he worked at last week.

February 16, 2014

The Principle 6 campaign fights against Russia's anti-gay propaganda laws

The struggle for LGBTI equality in Russia has a new ally.

Pop singer Rihanna posted on her Twitter and Instagram accounts a black and white photo of her wearing a P6 hat.

February 12, 2014

From Frank Ocean to Freddie Mercury, RuPaul to Josephine Baker, we celebrate our favorite gay, lesbian, bisexual and pansexual chart-toppers

It's the end of Britain's LGBT History Month which has been celebrating musicians and music this year.

So we've compiled this list of some of our favorites. Who would make your list of best LGBTI musicians? Tweet us @GayStarNews. Enjoy the dance breaks!

Frank Ocean

US singer and rapper Frank Ocean published an open letter online in 2012, revealing a teenage love affair with another boy. He gained even more fans, both straight and gay, for coming out in the notoriously homophobic world of hip hop.

February 12, 2014

Ugandan gay activist Edwin Sesange wants the Pope, archbishops and UK and US governments to say sorry for their part in promoting homophobia in his country

It is time for the world to get serious about homophobia in Uganda – and that means starting with the facts.

So here are three facts that are denied by many, but for which the evidence is incontrovertible.

Firstly, homosexuality is not un-African, but homophobia is. The persecution and criminalization of gay people in Africa can be traced directly to imported religions and colonization.

Secondly, homosexuality is not un-natural, a ‘lifestyle choice’ or ‘curable’.

February 10, 2014

Bigotry is the 'newest Olympic sport', a new short film proclaims produced by the Fair Games Project

In a powerful new public service announcement, it proclaims Russia has introduced discrimination as the 'newest Olympic sport'.

The two-minute film project is aiming to show brutal violence against a gay couple highlights LGBT discrimination worldwide.

The new Public Service Announcement (PSA), titled ‘Russia Declares Discrimination Newest Olympic Sport’, portrays a depiction of bigotry and violence against LGBT Russians.

January 16, 2014

Members of European Parliament have called on heads of state and high courts to repeal discriminatory laws

Europe has condemned anti-gay laws in Uganda, Nigeria, India and Russia today (16 January).

Members of European Parliament (MEPs) passed a motion calling for change in the homopphobic countries.

In a discussion held in Strasbourg, MEPs directly condemned the actions of certain leaders for their discriminatory policies and demanded the European Parliament act on these matters.

January 15, 2014

Greens in the European Parliament have moved to condemn homophobic laws in India, Uganda, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo and have sought a vote by MEPs to relay that to them

Greens Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have put forward a motion condemning the reinstatement of India’s ban on gay sex, recently passed laws oppressing LGBTIs in Uganda and Nigeria, and efforts to criminalize gay sex in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Greens MEPs also welcomed the Indian Government's attempts to overturn the Supreme Court ruling that reinstated the colonial era Section 377 law banning gay sex.

January 13, 2014

ELEMENT Magazine lists its nominees for its first Asia Pink Awards, celebrating the businesses and individuals at the forefront of an LGBTI revolution

The Asian LGBTI world is growing at record pace. But this development hasn’t happened by accident. It’s the result of tireless work by an army of dedicated heroes, many of them volunteers.

Now ELEMENT Magazine – dedicated to gay men in Asia – has decided to celebrate its first anniversary by recognizing some of those champions.

Its inaugural Asia Pink Awards celebrates some of the individuals and champions who are helping make the continent a better place for all LGBTI people.

January 3, 2014

If 2013 was marked by setbacks for LGBTI rights, what can we expect from 2014?

LGBTI activists in many parts of the world will look back on 2013 as one of the worst years in memory for the cause of equal rights. In countries as far apart as Uganda and India, Russia and Australia, organizations and human rights defenders have been trying to assess the damage and work out new strategies to make 2014 a year of progress rather than retreat.

Many of the worst blows came in the closing weeks of 2013. In a long-awaited decision, the Indian Supreme Court effectively re-criminalized homosexuality, overturning an earlier ruling in Delhi.

January 1, 2014

Gay rights activists have said without the figurehead of equality, politicians could easily take away the ‘Rainbow Nation’

South Africa LGBTI people are concerned they could lose their gay rights now Nelson Mandela has passed away.

While the country is known as the ‘Rainbow Nation’, the pearl of gay rights in Africa, it could only be a matter of time before this is revoked.

President Jacob Zuma, as well as several other representatives in South Africa, have made homophobic comments in the past.

December 30, 2013

Far-right Muslim group calls for anyone who supports LGBTI people, 'homosexual terror mongers', to be jailed for life

As millions of LGBTI’s sex lives in India have become illegal, one group is calling for all of these people to be killed.

The Indian National Party, a far-right Muslim group, has printed posters and leaflets and distributed them across the country.

It calls for capital punishment for gay sex, as well as the arrests of any person who fights for LGBTI equality.

‘In the name of all mighty God,’ a translator told us the poster, which was spotted in Madurai – the third largest city in the southeastern state of Tamil Nadu, reads.

December 23, 2013

Saying she would have rather stayed in prison, Maria Alyokhina remains strongly anti-Putin after his new amnesty law released her from jail three months early

A member of Russian anti-Putin group Pussy Riot has been released early from prison.

Maria Alyokhina, who was jailed in March 2012 along with fellow Pussy Riot band members Ekaterina Samutsevich and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova for performing and filming an anti-Putin music video, went straight to human rights group Committee Against Torture after being released from prison today (23 December).

December 20, 2013

Edith Windsor, the Pope and Barack Obama head up our list of heroes for the LGBTI community in 2013

As 2013 comes to an end we look back at the heroes who have made the world a better place for LGBTI rights.

These are the people who have have fought for equality on a global scale and have had an influence over the past year.

From the woman who defeated DOMA to one of the most progressive religious leaders in history, from one hilarious politician fighting for rights to a diver just being himself.

Take a look at our heroes of 2013 below:

December 11, 2013

The Supreme Court of India has set aside a 2009 Delhi High Court ruling that legalized homosexuality, passing the issue back to lawmakers to deal with in a major setback for LGBTI rights in India

India’s Supreme Court has found the country’s colonial era Section 377 anti-sodomy law legal – potentially seeing a return to the criminalization of India’s LGBTI community.

The Supreme Court justices said that Indian society was not yet ready for the law to be repealed and handed the issue back to lawmakers to deal with.

'It is for the legislature to look into desirability of deleting section 377,' Supreme Court justices G S Singhvi and S J Mukhopadhaya ruled.

November 19, 2013

Experts will focus on what banks can do to improve global LGBTI rights, including in Eastern Europe, at Out on the Street summit

Rival banking bosses are getting together to discover how to boost LGBTI rights worldwide, even in countries where homosexuality is illegal.

The second Out on the Street: Europe summit will also see senior banking executives discuss what LGBTI allies should be doing, the links between gay and women’s workplace groups and encouraging new leadership.

October 7, 2013

The Assistant Secretary of the US Bureau of African Affairs has urged African nations to respect the rights of LGBT people and has offered to assist Ghana in strengthening its commitment to non-discrimination

Assistant Secretary of the US Bureau of African Affairs Linda Thomas-Greenfield has used a video news conference to urge greater respect for the rights of LGBT people in Africa in an interview with Ghana’s Daily Graphic newspaper.

‘The United States believes that all people are created equal,’ Thomas-Greenfield said.

September 18, 2013

After being told their lives would be ruined unless they quit work, a gay and bisexual teacher were kicked out of their jobs but will not give in to the homophobia

Russia's law banning 'homosexual propaganda' is making life impossible for the country's LGBT educators.

Two Russian teachers, one gay and the other bisexual, have shared their stories about the vicious attacks suffered at their schools and in the streets after their sexual orientation was exposed.

24-year-old Olga Bakhaeva who worked in Magnitogorsk and 38-year-old Alexander Yermoshkin who worked in Khabarovsk shared their tormenting stories on Russia's 'only public media'

August 24, 2013

In letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, US Senator Barbara Boxer notes the country's new 'homosexual propaganda' laws is contrary to the  International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

US Senator Barbara Boxer sent a public letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin requesting a repeal of the country's 'homosexual propaganda' laws.

While acknowledging the 'bilateral relationship' between the two superpowers, the senator from California is concerned about the impact of the new rulings.

'I have been shocked by images of Russian LGBT individuals—including young men and women—being harassed, threatened and severely beaten,' Boxer wrote. '

August 19, 2013

The United Nations' human rights office has rejected Kremlin's controversial anti-gay laws, urging President Putin to consider welfare of LGBT community

The human rights office of the United Nations has rejected Russia’s controversial ban on the promotion of ‘gay propaganda’, instead urging the Kremlin to repeal the law.

Speaking in Kiev in Ukraine, human rights advisor Claude Cahn from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), has called the anti-gay laws ‘inherently discriminatory in both intent and effect’.

August 15, 2013

Australian Greens Party leader Senator Christine Milne has signed a pledge to use diplomacy to make progress on LGBT and intersex rights around the world

Australian Greens leader Senator Christine Milne has signed a Kaleidoscope Trust pledge to uphold LGBT and intersex rights using diplomacy in Australia’s foreign relations.

The pledge Milne signed read, ‘We make this solemn pledge of our support to the furtherance of LGBTI rights as a strong component of wider human rights through these concrete actions.’