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Content about La Cage aux Folles

July 24, 2013

Rob Watson's My Life As A Gay Dad continues as the whole family go and see Rob's partner perform in heels and wearing a lot more glitter

The mix of cultural experiences, generational viewpoints, and age perspectives within a family can be fascinating, intriguing, and sometimes, yes, a little disconcerting.

A friend of mine told me she was a little concerned when her young daughter bounced around the house lip-syncing to Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.”  ‘She isa virgin!' my friend cried.

July 18, 2012

The camp musical hit that won six Tony awards has taken its time getting to Singapore but the cast are sure that local audiences will embrace its message of acceptance and tolerance

The musical version of La Cage aux Folles will be performed for the first time in Singapore this month, nearly 30 years after it premiered on Broadway.

The Tony award-winning musical will be performed by Singapore’s W!ld Rice theater company between July 20 and August 4 at the Esplanade Theater.