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March 26, 2014

As England and Wales prepares for its first lesbian and gay weddings, educators are advising teachers what books to use to explain it all to children

Are you sitting comfortably? Here’s how to teach kids about gay marriage, and it all starts in a distant land with a prince who doesn’t care much for princesses.

Prince Bertie’s mother troops princesses past him from as far away as Mumbai, Texas and Greenland. He just isn’t interested.

But it all changes when Princess Madeleine arrives, escorted by her brother prince Lee. Both Bertie and Lee exclaim: ‘What a wonderful prince!’

They fall in love, marry, are declared King and King and the Queen can finally relax.

May 23, 2013

Scott Thorson says Liberace told him: 'I can’t admit a thing'

Liberace, who died in 1987 from complications from AIDS, never publicly admitted to being gay during his lifetime.

His former lover Scott Thorson - whose memoir the film Behind the Candelabra is based - is sharing details of some of the lengths the late entertainer went through to remain closeted.

May 25, 2012

After six months at sea, boyfriend is there waiting for a kiss

It's a scene that would not have been possible more than nine months ago.

But in the post-Don't Ask, Don't Tell era, a sailor named Trent was able to step off of the USS Carl Vinson this week after six months at sea and be greeted with a kiss and a hug by his boyfriend Lee.

The reunion was captured in a fun video made Trent's best friend, Aaron (we don't know their last names!), who captured the moments of anticipation waiting for the ship to dock in San Diego and for the sailors to disembark.