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December 20, 2012

Documentary tells the story of slain gay rights leader from San Francisco

While the story of slain gay rights activist Harvey Milk got its widest exposure through the 2008 feature film for which Sean Penn won an Oscar, it was an acclaimed 1984 documentary that first told his story on the screen.

On Wednesday (19 December), it was announced that the documentary, The Times of Harvey Milk, was among the 25 films chosen by the US Library Of Congress for preservation in its National Film Registry.

April 9, 2012

Peter TerVeer says boss cited passages from the Bible condemning homosexuality

Peter TerVeer was promoted three times after he began working as a management analyst at the Library of Congress’s Office of the Inspector General in 2008.

Then his boss found out he was gay.

TerVeer, who was fired from his job last week, has filed a discrimination complaint which states that he was harassed and humiliated by a supervisor who repeatedly cited passages from the Bible condemning homosexuality.