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February 10, 2015

'A gay magazine is filled with naked pictures of naked men doing sex with each of other'

US preacher Pat Robertson has said teenagers read gay magazines because they were probably given them by 'so-called gay people' who had molested them.

The televangelist made the comments yesterday (9 February) on his show The 700 Club in response to an email from a concerned father.

'I found a gay magazine in my son’s room. What should I do?' he said.

Robertson dispensed the following sagely advice:

'The chances are your son is not gay, but somebody gave him a book about it,' Robertson assured the man.

December 27, 2014

When the video surfaced in September, the culprits were charged with ‘inciting debauchery and violating public decency'

An appeals court in Egypt reduced the punishment for the men accused of appearing in a 'gay wedding' video.

In early November, eight men were sentenced to 3 years each for ‘inciting debauchery and violating public decency.'

According to The Independent, the punishments have been cut to one year.

December 16, 2014

Coincides with travel-themed issue from gay men's magazine

Attitude magazine has been confirmed as a special guest at the Gay Star Travel Expo in January 2015.

The trailblazing gay men's magazine will be bringing along special goodie bags for guests at the show, containing their new travel-themed issue as well as the second edition of its Love and Marriage special.

The magazine will also be providing fun and frolics for its readers with an Attitude-branded photobooth.

November 18, 2014

Beautiful both inside and out

No matter where you start from, you can be who you want to be.

These 11 guys are the epitome of this.

The men on this list jumped the hurdles, went through hard times and have come out as proud members of the trans community. No stealth.

You might not have heard of many of these guys on this list, but they're all notable in some way and have made strides in fighting for trans rights.

And they prove you don't have to conform to a certain body type to be sexy.

November 14, 2014

Gayway posted explicit images to solicit clients for its erotic massage parlour

Taiwanese police have seized a website that billed itself as ‘Asia’s largest gay lifestyle information network’ for 'distributing obscene material.'

Taipei City Police Department said it shut down Gayway on Tuesday (9 November) after receiving reports that the website contained pornographic images.

The Criminal Investigation Division traced the site’s IP address to a studio on Zhongxiao West Road in Taipei, owned by a 40-year-man surnamed Wang who also operated a gay erotic massage parlour there.

October 10, 2014

'I was cuddling with a gay guy, giving him a massage . . . you know, let’s be real—guys give other guys massages'

The most recent season of Big Brother on CBS ended last month but the high-profile bromance between gay contestant Frankie Grande and straight contestant Zach Rance continues.

Rance said this week that the two had a reunion at a Starbucks last weekend and that there are no hard feelings over Grande's role in getting him voted out of the house.

He knows many people find it hard to believe that after a summer of cuddling together, giving massages and proclaiming their love for each other that this can possible be just a gay-straight bromance.

September 12, 2014

Matt McCormick and Travis McIntosh got legally hitched in order to win a competition to attend the next Rugby World Cup

To the anger of many LGBT rights campaigners, two heterosexual men in New Zealand have gone ahead with their marriage to one another this morning.

They did so as a stunt, as part of a competition run by a local radio station, in order to win tickets to the Rugby World Cup in the UK in 2015.

August 11, 2014

Frankie Grande and Zach Rance spent part of summer cuddling but now they are at war

Hell hath no fury than a 'straight' Big Brother housemate betrayed by his gay cuddle buddy.

The summer showmance between Zach Rance and Frankie Grande seemed to come to a dramatic end on the most recent episode of CBS's Big Brother after Rance learns that Grande had been in on a plan to have him evicted.

Rance tells Grande he is 'dead to him' and a 'backstabbing liar.'

And he also states the obvious: 'I guess that’s all for the showmance.'

July 29, 2014

Frankie Grande gets acquainted with Cody Calafiore's bum

Is Frankie cheating on Zach?

Much has been made of the bromance - and possible romance - that has developed during this season of Big Brother between gay housemate Frankie Grande and straight housemate Zach Rance.

But there's some chemistry as well between Frankie and this year's hunkiest housemate Cody Calafiore.

When he's not spooning or cuddling with Zach, Frankie finds the time to massage Cody's buttocks.

Cody does not stop him because, he says, 'it feels half decent.'

June 13, 2014

Stereotype shattering photos celebrate the gay men you wouldn’t normally see in the glossy pages of a gay magazine

Muscles, flawless smiles and hair in all the right places: depictions of men in gay magazines are often always the same.

Speedo-sporting stars such as Tom Daley are often favourites we see on the pages of gay magazines all over the world and more often than not, heterosexual celebrities and models are offered as eye-candy for gay audiences to drool over.

If you feel as if you don't identify with these images then you'll be glad to hear London-based zine Meat is challenging this norm.

February 12, 2014

'And with the “bromance” type of close relationships that many players enjoy, would they be as physical and free with a homosexual teammate?'

Bigots in the US have been wailing ever since Michael Sam, a University of Missouri football defensive lineman, announced he's gay.

Michael Brown's cries are particularly hysterical. The anti-gay writer is certain close relationships on teams, 'bromances,' will be destroyed with a gay player.

January 24, 2014

Entertainers get together to attack Russian laws through song and dance, and even Putin gets his own solo

Broadways stars have come together to create ‘Russian Broadway Shut Down’, a video satire attacking Russia’s anti-gay laws.

Created by Jason Michael Snow and Jason Walton West who came up with the viral hit Downton Abbey: The Musical, many famous faces appear during the 11-minute video including Looking star Jonathon Groff, Glee alumni Jeremy Jordan and Ugly Betty’s Michael Urie.

In the video, Russian Broadway is completely shut down because it promotes homosexuality, completely at odds with the gay propaganda law.

July 9, 2013

Ernst & Young must not have looked at Google Image when they rebranded as EY, the same name of a Spanish gay interest magazine

When one of the biggest accounting firms in the world decided to rebrand their image, they must not have realized exactly what they had done.

UK-based multinational professional services company Ernst & Young decided to change their name to EY, what they call a ‘strengthened and modernized’ image.

Unfortunately, EY Megateen is also the name of a magazine aimed at gay men based in Spain that frequently has plenty of young guys posing in their underwear.

May 15, 2013

New US research asked 'Can a gay man play it straight?' and looked at perceptions of an actor's performance and masculinity

People think gay actors are less masculine – but they are still just as good at acting, scientists have proved.

The US research asked 'Can a gay man play it straight?' and looked at perceptions of an actor’s masculinity and performance.

College students were given biographical information on a male actor, including sexual orientation, and shown a video of the actor’s performance.

They were then asked to rate the actor’s performance and the likelihood of casting the actor in their own productions.

October 31, 2012

'There’s a lot going on with those two buddies'

As bartender Nick Miller on the Fox sitcom New Girl, Jake Johnson has been enjoying powerful chemistry with the character of Schmidt who is played by Max Greenfield.

While Nick has a flirtation Zooey Deschanel's Jess, the Nick and Schmidt relationship is turning out to be the heart of the popular show now in its second season.

October 17, 2012

MK1's Charlie Rundle proves she also has the sex factor with topless Mr Men pantie photo

X Factor finalist Charlie Rundle, of urban group MK1, proved she also has the sex factor by tweeting a photo of her wearing nothing but a pair of Mr Men panties.

The blonde bombshell, who is one of three lesbian acts on the UK TV talent show, is pictured sporting a sexy cropped hairstyle, a pair of headphones and novelty cartoon underpants.

'The promo shot for my old DJ sets...Minus the Mr. Men,' the 19-year-old said in her post on Twitter.

Along with bandmate Simeon Dixon, 24, Rundle has made it through to the third week of X Factor live shows.

October 4, 2012

We are delighted to announce GSN is in the final shortlist for the Publication of the Year award by Stonewall - Britain’s leading gay rights organization

1 October 2012

We are delighted to announce GSN is in the final shortlist for the Publication of the Year award by Stonewall - Britain’s leading gay rights organization.

Stonewall’s annual awards celebrate those who have made a positive impact on the lives of lesbian, gay and bisexual people in Britain. The glittering ceremony is a highlight of the gay calendar in the UK.

April 19, 2012

Editor says sister publication to The Advocate will continue under new arrangement

The entire editorial staff of Out Magazine is being laid off but some may be hired back under a new business arrangement for the monthly gay lifestyle publication, editor Aaron Hicklin said Wednesday (18 April).

The US-based magazine is the sister publication to The Advocate and is owned by Here Media which bought the titles in 2008. Here Media has struck a deal with Hicklin to continue running the magazine under a new company he has founded called Grand Editorial.

March 30, 2012

Magazine was launched in 1967 after raids of gay bars in Los Angeles

The US-based national gay and lesbian news magazine The Advocate celebrated its 45th anniversary Thursday (29 March) with a star-studded benefit  in Beverly Hills that included some attendees who have graced the magazine's cover over the years.

March 5, 2012

Chet Haze 'humbled' by gay attention but makes clear that he is straight

When Tom Hanks won an Academy Award in 1994 for playing a gay man with AIDS in the film Philadelphia, he gave a moving speech in which he paid tribute to two men -  high school drama teacher and a classmate - who he described as 'two of the finest gay Americans.'

'I wish my babies could have the same kind of teachers, the same kind of friends,' the actor said, his voice choked with emotion.

February 29, 2012

'I’ll be long dead and there will still be people who say I was gay'

George Clooney showed up at Sunday's Academy Awards on Sunday with current girlfriend Stacy Keibler who was one of the evening's red carpet stunners in a gold Marchesa gown.

Despite a series of glamorous girlfriends over the years, there are always whispers that the perennial bachelor is actually gay - rumors Clooney says make him laugh.

February 1, 2012

Kylie Minogue, theme park and fair scheduled for 3 week LGBTQI festival

The 2012 Sydney Mardi Gras kicks off in just 10 days time and the festival looks set to be one of the best yet!

The event will begin on 12 February with a special Fair Day to celebrate the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex members of the Australian community.

Held in Victoria Park, Camperdown the free event will have live entertainment, a boys versus girls tug-of-war and even a Doggywood pet pageant.

December 14, 2011

Critics say new iPhone app will provide hook-ups for closeted gay encounters

Straight boys are being invited to seek ‘bromance’ with a new iPhone app to allow them to find friends to hang-out with.

The Bromance app is aimed at heterosexual males aged 21 to 40 who want to hook up for a fishing trip, to shoot some hoops, an ultimate frisbee session or even a pub crawl.

But some media critics are already suggesting it could actually end up as a challenger to gay dating apps like Grindr. And that perception is also spreading to its potential users.