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December 2, 2013

Australia’s highest court of appeal will hear a legal challenge to the Australian Capital Territory's same-sex marriage law tomorrow and Wednesday, as same-sex couples prepare to marry under the territory’s law on Saturday

The High Court of Australia is due to hear the Australian Government's case against the Australian Capital Territory's (ACT) Marriage Equality Act on Tuesday and Wednesday, with same-sex marriages due to commence in the territory Saturday.

The Australian Government claims the law is unconstitutional and is seeking to have it repealed but the Australian Capital Territory believes it is on solid legal ground having drafted its bill on the advice of several prominent constitutional experts with a view to survive any legal challenge.

November 2, 2013

State Senate has given approval but House vote a tougher sell

President Barack Obama's support of gay marriage has been public since last year when he confirmed it in a television interview.

Now, through a White House spokesperson, Obama is speaking out in favor of marriage equality in his home state of Hawaii.

President Barack Obama is advocating for marriage equality in Hawaii.

October 4, 2013

'It became apparent that Pennsylvania cannot continue to be stuck in the past'

An openly gay state representative from Philadelphia joined with a straight colleague on Thursday (3 October) to introduce a bill that seeks to bring marriage equality to Pennsylvania.

Brian Sims and Steve McCarter introduced the Pennsylvania Marriage Equality Act (H.B. 1686 at a press conference held at Love Park in Philadelphia.

Sims, who is gay, said a majority of the state's residents now support marriage equality and pointed out that such neighboring states as New York, Maryland and Delaware already have gay marriage.

July 25, 2013

New York is the first state to announce that qualifying LGBT couples will receive estate tax refunds

Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, announced gay couples, who meet all requirements, will receive estate tax refunds.

In 2011 June, the legislature of the US Middle Atlantic State approved a same sex marriage law. State officials decided local estate tax regulations would apply to gay married couples on, or after, 24 June 2011.

July 5, 2013

The Youth Parliament of the Australian state of New South Wales has voted overwhelmingly to support the rights of same-sex couples

Advocates for marriage equality in Australia have welcomed the overwhelming approval of same-sex marriage by the New South Wales (NSW) state Youth Parliament – an initiative organized by the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) of NSW.

The Youth Parliament passed its non-legally binding Marriage Equality Bill unanimously in its lower house in a vote of 79 to zero, and the upper house voted 40 to 4 to approve the measure which also supported the recognition of overseas same-sex marriages in Australia.

July 4, 2013

Gay Star News and Stonewall are asking supporters to film Instagram videos of why they are in favor of same-sex marriage in England and Wales

Gay marriage is not legal in England and Wales, so a campaign aiming to give a much-needed final push to legalize the bill has launched today (4 July).

A call is being made to supporters of same-sex marriage to film short videos explaining why they are saying ‘I Do’ to equality in England and Wales.

Launched by UK-based gay rights charity Stonewall and your favorite LGBT global news and lifestyle website Gay Star News, we are asking supporters to use Instagram to film short videos giving their reasons why they support equal marriage.

May 31, 2013

The Illinois House of Representatives will need to secure 60 votes today to legalize same-sex marriage in the state

Today Illinois could become the 13th state in the US to legalize same-sex marriage.

The Illinois General Assembly adjourned last night (Thursday) without calling for a vote on SB10, the the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, and today is the last day for House representatives to vote before the session adjourns for the summer.

Marriage equality supports are told to call House Speaker Madigan to call the vote at (773) 581-8000. Today’s legislative session is due to begin at 9:30 am (Central Time).

May 30, 2013

US president returns to Chicago where he was a senator to fight for a marriage equality bill at a fundraising dinner

President Barack Obama has reiterated his support for the Illinois marriage equality bill.

The former Illinois senator was speaking at a fundraising dinner in Chicago last night (29 May) as the state government’s legislative session ends this week.

May 21, 2013

Legislation has been passed by Senate but is stalled in House of Representatives

Former President Bill Clinton is using his still considerable political clout to try and get Illinois to become the 13th state in the US to make gay marriage legal.

Proposed marriage equality legislation, already passed by the State Senate, has been stalled for some time in the Illinois House of Representatives.

In a statement released Tuesday (21 May) Clinton urged members of the House to pass the bill before the legislature adjourns its spring session on 31 May.

May 13, 2013

Becomes the 12th state in the US to pass marriage equality

After more than four hours of debate, the Minnesota State Senate passed a bill that will make their state the 12th in the US to make gay marriage legal.

The bill passed by a margin of 37-30.

Minnesota is the first state legislature in the Midwest to pass marriage equality as gay marriages became legal in Iowa through the courts. Governor Mark Dayton will sign the bill into law on the steps of the capitol on Tuesday (14 May).

April 23, 2013

Straight Green party senator John Sudarksy has emerged as a champion of LGBT equality and talks about why he thinks it unlikely Colombia’s Senate will say ‘I do’ to gay marriage

As the Colombian Senate prepares its second attempt to vote on marriage equality bill shortly today, we speak to Green Party senator John Sudarsky, an ardent supporter of LGBT rights in Colombia.

Last week Colombia’s Senate decided to postpone the debate on same sex marriage until today (23 April).

However most commentators are pessimistic, after an agreement was allegedly reached between Colombia’s two largest parties, the Conservative and the ‘U’, to not allow the bill to become law.

March 28, 2013

Ruben Diaz Jr: says decision 'comes after years of thought and reflection on the issue'

His father has been one of the most outspoken critics of gay marriage in New York politics but Ruben Diaz Jr. on Wednesday (27 March) showed that he is his own man in the issue.

The younger Diaz, who is president of the Bronx borough in New York City, said in a blog post that he came to the decision after 'considerable deliberation and introspection.'

January 22, 2013

The smallest US state's House Judiciary Committee is expected to pass the marriage equality legislation later today (22 January)

Rhode Island’s House Judiciary Committee will vote on legislation to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry today (22 January).

The full House of Representatives could take up the bill later in the week if the committee votes to send it to the floor.

The state’s lawmakers, a majority of Democrats, are expected to pass the measure. However gay rights activists say they are less confident about the Senate.

If the bill passes, the proposal would legalize marriage equality as well as recognize the already legal same-sex civil unions as marriages.

November 8, 2012

Focus placed on commitment of loving couples rather than legal and judicial equality

After more than 30 consecutive defeats at the polls, marriage equality activists in the US knew all about running an unsuccessful campaign.

Finally, after breakthrough victories in four states this week - Maine, Maryland, Washington and Minnesota - they now know a lot about winning.

They abandoned a previous strategy that placed an emphasis legal and judicial equality and in instead featured loving couples and highlighted the importance of commitment.

September 15, 2012

Will Republicans lose Republican support if  they vote for gay marraige?

If you're a Republican who wants to vote for gay marriage legislation, it might be a good idea to reconsider.

This week,  Republican state senators from New York who gave their vote for gay marriage faced difficult primary races. The Daily Beast wonders if this is a sign GOP politicians, even of they want, should steer away from supporting gay marriage.