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June 21, 2012

Cooper Smith and Todd Koch will be walking alongside JC Penney employees

When Todd Koch and Cooper Smith were featured in the June JC Penney catalog with their children Claire and Mason, their gay-themed Father's Day photo may have gone by largely unnoticed if it had not been protested by an anti-gay group.

But thanks to OneMillionMoms, a subgroup of American Family Association which called for a boycott of JC Penney, the couple have been getting more attention than they could have imagined.

June 1, 2012

Anti-gay group says 'God will not tolerate this sinful nature'

First it was JC Penney, then Urban Outfitters, then JC Penney again, then The Gap and now it's JC Penney again.

March 8, 2012

Tom Wahlen and Russell Kemp wed after nearly 20 years and two children together

After nearly 20 years together, Tom Wahlen and Russell Kemp never thought the day would come when they would be able to stand before their loved ones and their two children and become legally married.

And they most certainly never thought their ceremony would be performed by Fran Drescher!

But that was the scene last night at The Out Hotel in New York City because the couple won the Love Is Love Gay Marriage Contest put on by Drescher and TV Land, the network that airs her sitcom Happily Divorced.