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December 15, 2014

See the best photos of the event inside

Hundreds of people on Saturday (13 December) celebrated sexual and gender diversity in Ho Chi Minh City.

About 1,000 LGBTI individuals and their allies gathered at the Labor Culture Palace in Saigon district for the Embrace Diversity Festival.

The annual event is organized by the ICS Center with the support of the Canadian embassy and also honors individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the community in the last year.

November 29, 2014

The parents of Sergio David Urrego Reyes collected his award, the teen killed himself at 16 after being the victim of bullying from the heads of the school

The parents of a gay teenager who took his own life received the honorary high school diploma their son will never see.

Sergio David Urrego Reyes took his own life in August this year, because he could not stand anymore homophobic bullying at school. But, it was not his fellow students who drove him to this fate, but the directors of the school.

November 14, 2014

Gayway posted explicit images to solicit clients for its erotic massage parlour

Taiwanese police have seized a website that billed itself as ‘Asia’s largest gay lifestyle information network’ for 'distributing obscene material.'

Taipei City Police Department said it shut down Gayway on Tuesday (9 November) after receiving reports that the website contained pornographic images.

The Criminal Investigation Division traced the site’s IP address to a studio on Zhongxiao West Road in Taipei, owned by a 40-year-man surnamed Wang who also operated a gay erotic massage parlour there.

October 7, 2014

Hundreds have slammed the Courier Mail's sensationalist reporting of a transgender woman's murder

A newspaper's sensational reporting of a transgender woman's murder has sparked outrage in Australia.

Mayang Prasetyo from Indonesia was killed and cooked by her boyfriend at their apartment in Brisbane.

News Corp's Courier Mail ran the headline 'Monster Chef and the She-Male' on its front page and 'Ladyboy and the Butcher' inside.

September 8, 2014

'I desperately wanted to because I loved her - but I couldn't go because I can't walk'

Joan Rivers' funeral on Sunday (7 September) in New York City was a star-studded affair but one star who was surprisingly not in attendance was Liza Minnelli.

The two showbiz icons, both huge favorites of the gay community, had been longtime friends and only a broken back could keep Minnelli from the service.

September 4, 2014

Before a film about her military past and future hopes airs on CNN, ‘warrior princess’ Kristin Beck will be answering questions on the social media network Reditt

CNN films is premiering today (4 September) a film about Kristin Beck, a trans former Navy SEAL who served in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia and elsewhere.

The film titled Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story follows her personal journey from childhood through to her military career, marriage and coming out and will broadcast at 9 pm Eastern time.

May 8, 2014

QX magazine celebrates 1000 weeks of covers. Which is your favorite?

One of the UK’s biggest and most popular gay weekly magazines celebrated 1000 covers this month.

Available digitally from London to Brighton, Manchester to Birmingham, QX serves up a weekly dose of gay parties, homo trends, social issues, shows, gifts and of course, men.

Londoners, we’ve all been there: Drinking with friends, making side-eyes at passersby as we stir with our straws, and then someone points out how great (hopefully) you look photographed in QX.

May 7, 2014

'Once all the cards were on the table, I got more opportunities than ever'

Neil Patrick Harris, currently the toast of Broadway in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, has taken it all off for the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

Harris is wearing nothing but a bow tie but a strategically-place top hat covers his most private bits.

The photo reveals an already slim actor who has lost even more weight for his Tony nominated role as a transsexual German glam rocker.

March 28, 2014

Facebook post by Dave Elliott of WLOX in Biloxi goes viral - he thinks gays 'have been in the news too much lately'

An anchorman at a television station in Biloxi, Mississippi, took to Facebook this week to suggest that the LGBTI community go on 'gaycation.'

Dave Elliott of WLOX-TV wrote: 'I'm all for the LGBT community's ongoing fight for equality. I support their fight in every way. But it seems like they've been in the news too much lately. Maybe they should take a short break. Go on gaycation just for the weekend. Enjoy yourselves!'

March 27, 2014

Marcus Juhlin says he's gone public for others out there who feel like they don't fit in

College football star Michael Sam, poised to become the first openly gay player in the National Football League, is already inspiring others with his courage.

Marcus Juhlin, a well-known American Football player in Sweden, says it is Sam's openness that led to his decision to come out as gay.

The 22-year-old Juhlin has told his story QX, the biggest LGBT magazine in Sweden, in a cover story.

January 31, 2014

Gay athlete and Willie Robertson were seated less than 20 feet from each other but 'they were moving him from one Republican to another Republican'

One of the most famous openly gay athletes in the US sat less 20 feet away from the son of one of the most famous anti-gay reality TV personalities in the country during this week's State of the Union address.

But Jason Collins, an NBA veteran, and Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame did not get a chance to exchange any words.

'We passed each other in the hall and that was about it,' Collins tells TMZ. 'They were moving him from one Republican to another Republican [for photos].'

January 30, 2014

Itay Hod believes closeted politicians with anti-gay voting records should be outed: 'I made it very clear as to who I was talking about'

Itay Hod was already not a fan of Aaron Schock, a Republican congressman from Illinois who has toed the party line and consistently voted against pro-LGBT legislation.

But the openly gay freelance journalist, who worked for CBS News for several years, reached his boiling point earlier this month when he heard a story about Schock from a friend, a fellow reporter.

December 17, 2013

'I just feel that you just rise above it ... You can't believe anything you read'

With roles on stage television and in film, Cheyenne Jackson has long been one of the busier openly gay performers in show business.

But until this year, the actor best known for Xanadu on Broadway and 30 Rock on television had not had to deal with headlines about his personal life in tabloids and online sites.

The official announcement of his split from husband Monte Lapka after less than two years of marriage and a decade together was preceded by reports of a younger boyfriend. (He has since confirmed he is dating actor Jason Landau)

November 25, 2013

Because there is no law against mailing coal to legislators, police will not investigate to discover who sent the early Christmas gifts to Hawaii politicians who did not vote for the marriage equality bill

An anonymous mailer sent lumps of coal to the Hawaii lawmakers who did not vote for gay marriage.

Nineteen lawmakers received a black box with with green tissue paper. Inside was a red pouch, with the coal and the following typed note:

'You left a piece of your heart at the State Building when you voted on SB-1,' the note said, according to the Huffington Post.

August 23, 2013

Gay Star News chats to the British singer-songwriter about everything from loving lesbian love on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, growing up and learning life lessons from Finding Nemo

Kate Nash is honest, refreshingly so.

While the British singer-songwriter is responsible for many chart hits like ‘Foundations’, she is down-to-earth, funny and incredibly passionate.

Much like her music, the 26-year-old has what she describes as a 'nothing-to-lose attitude'.

In our interview, she does not hold back from talking about private schoolboy politicians, being dropped from her label, and learning life lessons from Finding Nemo.

August 22, 2013

Fake story goes viral claiming 'gay cure' therapy will be made mandatory in Arizona schools

Arizona will not be using gay-to-straight programs in all its public schools, contrary to an article that went viral last night (21 August).

The report claimed the therapy will be implemented by a group called People Can Chance, saying they could ‘bring the gay demons out of these individuals so they can become who God intended them to be.’

August 7, 2013

Florida woman was taken into custody after saying she was thinking of killing herself after her story was called into question

A mom who claimed her two-year-old son was called a faggot and assaulted for wearing a pink hairband at Walmart is in hospital for mental evaluation.

After the blog post, written under the byline Katie Vyktoriah, was published on the Huffington Post, it quickly went viral.

While many took the story to heart and were understandably outraged, others questioned the validity of the tale.

July 19, 2013

Gay Star News meets the Iowa musician breaking the mould by creating authentic tunes for gay romance

When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time fantasizing my pop music heroes were possibly singing about boys instead of the attractive women that dominated their music videos.

While it still seems not everyone in the music industry is able to be publicly open about their sexuality, it’s really encouraging to see a number of talented musicians releasing honest and authentic music that’s also, thankfully, really good.

My current gay music crush is singer Eli Lieb who I caught up with recently.

July 15, 2013

Gay singer would rather focus on original music on next album

Adam Lambert has dumped his record label because they wanted him to next do an album of  80s cover songs.

RCA Records has released Lambert's first two albums For Your Entertainment and Trespssing but they will not be releasing his third album which the singer wants to be comprised of original material.

May 23, 2013

Scott Thorson says Liberace told him: 'I can’t admit a thing'

Liberace, who died in 1987 from complications from AIDS, never publicly admitted to being gay during his lifetime.

His former lover Scott Thorson - whose memoir the film Behind the Candelabra is based - is sharing details of some of the lengths the late entertainer went through to remain closeted.

May 12, 2013

This week’s illustrated cover of the American magazine shows two lesbian moms celebrated by their children with flowers and a card

The New Yorker magazine’s latest cover features two lesbian moms in honor of Mother’s Day.

The magazine, which featured an illustration of lesbian brides for a June cover last year, this week shows a lesbian couple in the kitchen, enjoying a Mother’s Day card and flowers as their children watch from the background.

Creator of the cover Chris Ware explained the cover on The New Yorker blog.

He wrote: ‘Fortunately, we humans are incessant editors, never happy with the first draft of anything.

April 25, 2013

Ad states: 'Reagan’s Big Tent Isn’t What it Used to Be…'

The Log Cabin Republicans, gay members of a political party that has been decidedly anti-gay in its position on marriage equality, took out an attention-getting ad Thursday (25 April) urging the party to change its ways.

The full-page ad in Politico states: 'Reagan’s Big Tent Isn’t What it Used to Be…'

April 14, 2013

Dan Savage reviews the book Does Jesus Really Love Me in the New York Times' Sunday Book Review

Want your heart broken? Listen to LGBT teens reared in the Christian church. Most will relate stories of being told, from the pulpit and parents, they will be dammed because they happen to be attracted to people of the same gender. Writer and reporter Jeff Chu was born and raised in a religious household. He's accomplished and married (to a man), but his mother cries to sleep at night certain her son is destined to an eternity with Satan. Chu also has his own doubts.

April 7, 2013

Jeremy Irons uses his website to add some context to views on gay marriage and incest

Actor Jeremy Irons went to his website to expand his ideas on gay marriage and incest.

Last week the Oscar winner was interviewed on HuffPost Live. Initially he admitted to being indifferent about same sex marriage, but  threw out a provocative question.

'Could a father not marry his son?' Irons asked.