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June 13, 2012

Antonio Cassano: 'Homophobia is a sentiment that is not mine'

Italian footballer Antonio Cassano is expressing 'regret'  at the outrage following his statement at a press conference this week in which he said he hopes there are no 'queers' playing on his country's national team.

Cassano now says his comments were misinterpreted.

June 12, 2012

Antonio Cassano hopes there are no 'queers' on his national team

At the Italian national football team's press conference at Casa Azzurri in Krakow on Tuesday (12 June), forward Antonio Cassano was asked about reports that there are two metrosexual players on Italy's team as well as two homosexual players.

'What's a metrosexual?' he asked.

But he was clear on what a homosexual is and added: 'Queers in the national team? That's their business. But I hope not.'

May 6, 2012

Puritan republican who overthrew the British crown owned luxurious cosmetics

Oliver Cromwell, the Puritan republican who overthrew the British crown, has been revealed as a closet metrosexual by scientists.

Previously known for being an austere, reserved figure, scientists from Exeter University have found the Lord Protector liked to use luxurious, perfumed cosmetics.

As reported by newspaper The Telegraph, tests were performed on a collection of pots found to be owned by the man who ruled the isle from 1653-58 after the English Civil War.