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November 25, 2012

An extremist Salafist militia in Libya captured twelve men promising to mutilate and kill them for allegedly being gay

Twelve men face mutilation and execution for allegedly being gay after being captured by an extremist Libyan Islamist militia.

The twelve men were, apparently, having a private party in Ain Zara, a suburb of Tripoli, the country's capital, when the militia captured them, late on Thursday night (22 November).

May 14, 2012

‘Our message is just to end homophobia - this is not a political issue’ says IDAHO Burma organiser

Rangoon and Mandalay, the two largest cities in Burma, will host public LGBT rights events for the first time on Thursday.

‘This year there have been some changes in Burma,’ one of the organisers of the events, Aung Myo Min from Human Rights Education Institute Burma (HREIB), told Gay Star News. ‘Whether the change is cosmetic or true, it's better to test the water.’

February 15, 2012

Libyan activist responds to UN envoy's claims that gays are a threat to humanity

A leading gay activist in Libya has responded to his country's delegate who told a planning meeting of the UN Human Rights Council that gays threatened the continuation of the human race.

As Gay Star News reported yesterday, the Libyan representative on the UN council was protesting against its first panel discussion on discrimination and violence based on sexual orientation, scheduled for 7 March.

February 7, 2012

First of a two-part interview with Libyan LGBT activist Khaleed about his life before and after the revolution in Libya

Libya dominated the headlines last year but the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender population of the country received very little attention internationally.

I interviewed Khaleed, a 31-year-old LGBT activist about his life in the North African country. In this first part he talks about his life before the overthrow of Muammar el-Gadaffi. Later this week he’ll be speaking to GSN about what has changed and what hasn’t since the revolution.