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April 18, 2014

'We did not fight for this Zimbabwe so it can be a homosexual territory. We will never have that here'

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's live televised independence speech was filled with anti-gay rhetoric and threatened unspecified action on LGBTI rights groups and their allies.

'Some years ago, l was warned that there was some secret organization ... which was addressing young men in universities sand schools to join them as homosexuals,' he said. 'This nonsense from Europe, keep their homosexual nonsense there and not cross over with it.'

September 10, 2012

Zimbabwe to sue the nation’s main LGBT association, GALZ, while its members face harassment and persecution

Zimbabwe announced that charges that will be brought against the association for running an ‘unregistered’ organization, and ‘undermining the authority of the President’.

Members of the association are continually being harassed and persecuted in an increasingly hostile climate to LGBT people in Zimbabwe.

GALZ has been informed that it now faces an additional charge of ‘undermining the authority of the President’.

September 8, 2012

According to LGBT activists from Zimbabwe the state controlled media is inventing controversial stories about gay people to legitimise political repression and persecution

The Herald reported that Zimbabwe police in the city of Kadoma have arrested a ‘gay couple’ for homosexuality.

LGBT activists, however, say that the government owned daily paper made the report up in order to create media sensationalism designed to bolster proposed constitutional changes and further legitmise persecution of LGBT people in Zimbabwe.  

August 12, 2012

Forty-four members of Zimbabwe's LGBT organization - GALZ - were violently arrested yesterday by riot police squad and released without being charged this morning

Forty-four members of Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) were brutally arrested yesterday and released today (12 August) without charges.

Four Zimbabwe police officers attempted to gain entry to the GALZ office in the nation’s capital, Harrare on Saturday (11 August).

The police officers called for back up and around 15 riot squad officers descended on the office and effected arrest.

January 25, 2012

In the second part of our interview with gay activist Peter Tatchell we look at the personal cost of his campaigning work and what keeps him going

Anyone who has ever been to gay and human rights activist Peter Tatchell’s home in South London can testify that he’s a man who lives with his work. Piles of paperwork cover every surface in the small council flat and banners and posters clutter up all the remaining space.

However intimidated you may be by his reputation as one of the world’s most famous – and occasionally controversial – LGBT campaigners you can’t help notice that he’s surprisingly easy-going, has a good sense of humour and makes a decent cup of tea.

January 24, 2012

The start of a three-part interview with gay activist Peter Tatchell, who is 60 tomorrow; including the moment he tried to arrest President Mugabe

Gay activist and human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell turns 60 tomorrow (25 January). It’s a day that will also mark roughly 45 years of campaigning for a better world and the 10th anniversary of the Peter Tatchell Fund that was latterly set up to support his efforts.