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Content about Name change

October 10, 2013

British cell phone giant EE promises to change rules so trans customers no longer have to provide gender recognition certificates to change their details

A trans customer has said ‘jobsworths’ at mobile phone company ‘can go to hell’ after they asked for unnecessary paperwork to recognize her change of name.

On learning that their approach was potentially unlawful, Mobile Telecomms giant, EE, formed from the merger of Orange SA and Deutsch Telekom, swiftly backpedalled, with a public admission the guidance provided on their site is misleading and inaccurate.

September 17, 2012

Citing the Bible, Judge Bill Graves says transgender men and women are changing their names for 'fraudulent purposes'

An Oklahoma judge has sparked fury after not allowing transgender people to change their names legally.

Local newspaper The Oklahoman reports Oklahoma County district judge Bill Graves, a former state legislator, cited the Bible in disallowing the name changes, claiming trans people are ‘making the changes for fraudulent purposes’.