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April 16, 2015

More than 100 prominent Roman Catholic donors and church members say he sets 'pastoral tone that is closer to persecution than evangelization'

In an open letter published Thursday (16 April), more than 100 prominent Roman Catholic donors and church members are calling on San Francisco's anti-gay Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone to be replaced.

The letter to Pope Francis accuses Cordileone of having 'a single issue agenda against gay marriage' and for setting a 'pastoral tone that is closer to persecution than evangelization.'

November 20, 2014

Donations to the main group campaigning against same-sex marriage in America appear to be drying up as courts continue to rule in favor of the rights of same-sex couples across the United States

The most prominent group in America campaigning against the legalization of same-sex marriage appears to be in financial trouble, with its 2013 tax filing documents showing the organization is more than $2.5 million in debt.

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) only managed to raise $5.1 million in 2013 with over half of that coming from just two big donors.

That figure was more than half what the organization received in 2012.

October 6, 2014

NOM President Brian Brown: 'We are not defeated or dispirited'

Monday was not a good day for the National Organization for Marriage, one of the most vocal opponents of gay marriage in the US.

The US Supreme Court's decision to pass on reviewing any of the seven same-sex marriage cases submitted to them has resulted in same-sex marriage immediately becoming legal in Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia, Wisconsin and Indiana on the same day.

In addition, Colorado also announced it would begin issuing marriage licenses state-wide to same-sex couples with five more states likely to soon follow suit.

August 8, 2014

National Organization for Marriage president: Target 'insinuates' that people against gay marriage are 'akin to segregationists and racial bigots'

The National Organization for Marriage, the largest anti-gay organization in the US, is targeting one of the country's largest retailers with a boycott because of its support of gay marriage.

NOM President Brian Brown announced Thursday (7 August) a boycott against Target, a Minnesota-based chain with 2,000 stores nationwide.

The retailer this week signed on to an amicus brief supporting same-sex marriage in pending cases in Wisconsin and Indiana.

July 26, 2014

'I think they want to abolish age of consent laws, which means we will do away with statutory rape laws so that adults will be able to freely prey on little children sexually'

“abolish age of consent laws, which means we will do away with statutory rape laws so that adults will be able to freely prey on little children sexually - See more at:

Representative Michele Bachmann claims the LGBTI community wants laws that allow adults to have sex with children.

This past week, 23 July, the Minnesota Republican was a guest on the conservative radio show Faith & Liberty.

June 20, 2014

Former US senator from Pennsylvania remains outspoken foe of marriage equality

There is certainly irony in the fact that the federal judge who struck down the state of Pennsylvania's ban on same-sex marriage last month had his nomination to the bench supported by Rick Santorum.

Santorum was a US senator from Pennsylvania when US District Court Judge John E. Jones III was nominated and now regrets his support back in 2002.

June 13, 2014

Says federal amendment banning same-sex marriage needed and plans to attend opposition march

San Francisco's Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone is ratcheting up his opposition to gay marriage as a string of legal victories for marriage equality continues to grow.

Cordileone, chair of the US bishops' Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage, said at a meeting of bishops in New Orleans this week that the country is at a 'critical point.'

His solution?

June 5, 2014

Request by National Organization for Marriage is rejected in terse one-sentence order

United States Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy had just one sentence for anti-marriage equality organization National Organization for Marriage (NOM) on Wednesday.

NOM had asked the high court to put a halt to same-sex marriage ceremonies in Oregon which began last month after a judge struck down the state's ban on gay marriage.

Kennedy, who had voted last year to gut key provisions of the Defense if Marriage Act, simply stated: 'The application for stay presented to Justice Kennedy and by him referred to the Court is denied.'

May 20, 2014

An investigation by Maine state authorities suggests that the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage has broken campaign finance laws in three US states and may have lied to government officials

An investigation by the US state of Maine’s Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices has suggested that the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has not just breached that state’s political campaign finance laws but potentially two other states’ laws as well.

A report by the commission found NOM had violated state laws during its campaigns against same-sex marriage in Maine, Iowa and New Hampshire and recommended that civil penalties of up to $50,000 be laid against the group and also that its donors be publicly named.

April 24, 2014

'Marriage is a fundamental freedom, and freedom means freedom for everyone'

Today, 23 April, a federal court judge heard arguments challenging Oregon's same-sex marriage ban.

The American Civil Liberties Union, and two law firms, brought the case on behalf of two same-sex couples and a local gay rights group called Basic Rights Oregon.

April 11, 2014

'...America’s abolitionists recalled the timeless insight that “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” The wisdom of these words applies as much today as then'

The National Organization for Marriage is comparing the fight against marriage equality to the battle against slavery.

The group, that was co-founded by Maggie Gallagher, has a new fundraising campaign called 'Keep the Republic & Marriage.'

April 11, 2014

Only Alaska, Georgia, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota have state bans on same-sex marriage that are not being challenged in the courts as Americans wait to see if the Supreme Court will finally decide the issue for the nation

Only Alaska, Georgia, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota still have state bans on same-sex marriage that are yet to be challenged in court and that number will soon dwindle to four after a South Dakota couple announced they will take legal action against their state.

Across the rest of America and Puerto Rico there are currently 65 lawsuits in progress against bans on same-sex couples marrying – including 44 in federal courts, meaning the issue could soon come before the US Supreme Court again.

March 24, 2014

National Organization for Marriage co-founder Maggie Gallagher has conceded that same-sex marriage will come to all 50 US states

The co-founder of the leading group opposing same-sex marriage in the United States has conceded that her side has lost the fight and that gay couples will soon be able to marry all over the country.

Maggie Gallagher told the Huffington Post that she believed that a majority of Supreme Court judges would find any state ban on same-sex marriage that was brought before it to be unconstitutional.

Gallagher said she knew the end was near after a majority of the Supreme Court ruled against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

March 11, 2014

'And the thing that I think is getting a little tiresome is the gay community have so bullied the American people...'

Representative Michele Bachmann charges gays bully 'the American people' and elected officials.

The Republican, who is not seeking reelection, was interviewed by Lars Larson this past weekend during the Conservative Political Action Conference.

The CPAC is a once a year gathering of conservative activists and politicians.

February 25, 2014

California School Success and Opportunity Act allows trans teens access to facilities of their choice and opportunity to play on sports teams

A group trying to repeal a new California law that seeks to protect and provide equal opportunity to transgender students has officially failed to qualify their referendum for the ballot.

California’s Secretary of State reported Monday that the repeal effort - led by the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage (NOM) group - did not have the 504,760 valid signatures that were needed to qualify for the November 2014 ballot.

February 17, 2014

'I think marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. And I think the ideal setting for raising a child is in the setting where there's a father and a mother'

Mitt Romney, the Republican who ran against US President Barack Obama in 2012, remains opposed to marriage equality.

The man who ran the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games was a guest on the the NBC Sunday news program Meet the Press.

From 2003 to 2007, Romney was governor of Massachusetts.

January 14, 2014

Texan Republican Representative Randy Weber has introduced legislation which would effectively divorce same-sex married couples in the eyes of the US Government if they moved to a state that bans gay marriage

Texan Republican congressman Randy Weber has drafted what he calls a ‘State Marriage Defense Act’ that would ensure the US Government stops recognizing the marriages of legally married same-sex couples as soon as they move to a state that bans gay marriage.

Weber claims denying Federal Government benefits to same-sex married couples who move states is a states rights issue.

January 9, 2014

Ballot measure fails to qualify based on random count of signatures but full count now underway

A group trying to repeal a new California law that seeks to protect and provide equal opportunity to transgender students has failed to qualify their referendum for the ballot based on a spot count of signatures.

The referendum fell 22,178 signatures short of the 504,760 needed to qualify in the first random count, but the result must still be confirmed with a full count of signatures.

There is still a chance the measure could make the ballot if the full count differs significantly from the random spot count.

December 13, 2013

Utah Senator Mike Lee has introduced the ‘Marriage and Religious Freedom Act’ which would allow individuals and organizations to legally discriminate against married same-sex couples without fear of losing tax exempt status

Utah Tea Party Republican Senator Mike Lee aims to ensure that individuals and organizations are able to continue to legally discriminate against married gay couples and people who have had premarital sex with his ‘Marriage and Religious Freedom Act.’

The bill aims to ban the US Government from denying any person or group tax-exempt status for exercising their ‘religious conscience rights’ such as refusing to hire gay people, or firing people over their sexual orientation or relationship status, or by denying them goods or services.

December 1, 2013

Only 76.76% of signatures on initiative against trans student rights are valid 

Opponents of a California law which grants trans students certain rights may not have the required support to put the issue before voters.


A coalition of anti-trans conservative groups, calling themselves Privacy for all Students, claimed to have submitted 613,120 signatures to get their initiative placed on the November 2014 ballot.


November 30, 2013

Pro and anti equal marriage protests in Taipei highlight controversy around legislation that would make Taiwan the first Asian country to recognize gay marriage

Opposing groups for and against gay marriage rallied in Taipei today, as the legislature examines a draft amendment that could legalize gay marriage.

The Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights (TAPCPR) - who proposed to new legislation to give rights to same-sex couples, among other changes to marriage law - met at 1.40pm in front on the Legislative Yuan (the parliament) in central Taipei, with supporters were encouraged to wear white shirts.

October 30, 2013

Herman Rowland Sr. has given $5,000 to campaign to repeal new California law

Leaders of several LGBTI groups want to meet and have a word with the chairman of The Jelly Belly Candy Company.

Herman Rowland Sr. has thrown his support behind those who want to repeal a new California law designed to give equal access to transgender students.

The National Center for Transgender Equality, the Transgender Law Center, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, and Equality California hope to change Rowland's heart and mind after it was learned he donated $5,000 to the Privacy for All Students initiative campaign.

October 29, 2013

Family Research Institute founder Paul Cameron has claimed to Russian lawmakers that large numbers of LGBT people approve of adults having sex with kids and that openly gay teaches should be banned from schools

Discredited American anti-gay psychologist and sociologist Paul Cameron has traveled to Russia to claim to lawmakers that approval of pedophilia is commonplace in the LGBT community.

Cameron is the founder of the Family Research Institute which is dedicated to producing un-peer reviewed ‘research’ painting LGBT people as being sick and perverse which then circulates through the networks of the extreme Christian right and his group has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

October 26, 2013

Herman Rowland Sr. has donated $5,000 to ballot initiative effort so far; law due to take effect in January

The chairman of The Jelly Belly Candy Company is among those trying to block a new California law from going into effect designed to protect transgender students.

Under the law, students will also have access to school facilities such as locker rooms and bathrooms that match their gender identity.