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January 14, 2015

All three armed forces, plus MI5, made it into the 2015 list - but who is number one?

All three of the armed forces are in the top 100 employers for gay, bisexual and lesbian people in 2015, a new report says released today (14 January).

Stonewall, the UK's LGB charity, has published its list showcasing Britain's best pro-gay places to work.

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust is this year's top gay friendly employer, followed in second place by Tower Hamlets Homes and Lloyds Banking Group in third.

September 10, 2014

Emma Boswell, one of the first lesbians to come out in the Royal Navy, is now one of the first women to serve on a British military submarine

Finding a lesbian role model can be difficult, particularly if she spends her life up to 300 meters (1,000ft) below the waves.

Meet Emma Boswell – the fourth woman ever to be allowed to serve on Britain’s nuclear powered submarine fleet.

Her 14-year long career with the Royal Navy started within weeks of it finally decriminalizing homosexuality.

In that time, she’s traveled to every corner of the earth and now she is plunging to the depths of the ocean for the first time.

August 28, 2014

24-year-old sailor Mauricio Ruiz has come out as gay on national television in front of a television conference and says he has the full support of his superiors

24-year-old Mauricio Ruiz has become the first member of Chile’s armed forces to come out publicly as gay, revealing his identity Wednesday at a press conference organized by Chilean LGBTI rights group Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation (MOVILH).

Ruiz, a member of the Chilean Navy told the press conference that, as a gay man in the armed forces, he had ‘no reason to hide.’

June 11, 2014

Able seaman Rod McKenzie, 27, shares his story of life in the UK’s Royal Navy and his proudest moment at sea

HMS Illustrious was in the Mediterranean north of the Suez Canal in early November last year when a message came through from the British government.

Typhoon Haiyan had just whipped through the Philippines, the deadliest on record, killing over 6,000 people.

They turned the ship around and steamed towards the South China Sea.

On board was an openly gay former make-up artist – once the least likely person to find on a Royal Navy ship – now a highly-trained sailor.

December 26, 2013

The same-sex husbands and wives of US Navy personnel stationed in Japan will receive military benefits like those provided to heterosexual husbands and wives who follow their spouses on overseas military postings

Japan has become only the second overseas place that isn’t a US possession or territory where same-sex married Navy couples will be given equal treatment when posted overseas – the only other being Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

The change came about as a result of a deal between US and Japanese officials where both agreed to an interpretation of their status-of-force agreement to host US military bases in Japan so that the term ‘spouse’ applies to individuals who are legally married regardless of their partner’s sex.

August 13, 2013

'I didn't really care everbody was around. It felt just like the two of us'

It's tradition to share a 'first kiss' or a 'first hug' when a sailor returns from sea but Jerrel Revels had a lot more in mind.

Upon returning from six months aboard the USS New Mexico this week, Revels surprised his partner of nearly a year with a marriage proposal.

The sailor walked onto the pier at the Naval Submarine Base in Groton, Connecticut, on Monday (12 August), got on his knee, and popped the question to Dylan Kirchner.

July 7, 2013

For three years, active military members have led San Diego's gay pride parade

A few days after the US Supreme Court ruled against the Defense of Marriage Act, the Navy granted permission for active duty members to wear uniforms in the San Diego Gay Pride parade.

The parade in the California city, home of the largest Navy base on the US west coast, will be held on 13 July.

April 21, 2013

Eric Fanning finally confirmed as Undersecretary of the US Air Force

Eric Fanning is about to be the new Undersecretary of the US Air Force. The out gay man will hold the second highest civilian position in that armed forces branch.

February 8, 2013

'They won’t let their members be gay ... but they’re letting them wear neckerchiefs and green short shorts'

Ellen DeGeneres has weighed in on the debate going on within the Boy Scouts of America organization which is considering lifting its ban in openly gay members and leaders.

But being Ellen, she did so by mixing humor with politics to make her point.

During the monologue on her daytime talk show Thursday (7 February), DeGeneres brought up the debate which has now been extended at least through May after the BSA national board delayed taking action this week.

January 17, 2013

Twelve Republicans abstain from voting for former Top Gun fighter pilot because he is gay

Tracy Thorne-Begland has become the first openly gay judge in Virginia history despite 12 social Republicans in the State Senate refusing to vote for hos confirmation.

Thorne-Begland, a state prosecutor, is a decorated former Top Gun pilot but last year had his nomination defeated because a number of Republicans said his being gay made him biased and unqualified for the state bench.

He was appointed to the bench on a temporary basis.

October 21, 2012

The 70s group, who have entertained gay audiences for years, have said there are no 'double entendres' in their music

Young man (and woman), there’s no need to feel down.

Well, actually, there might be a reason. Camp disco icons Village People have said they are ‘shocked’ people think their music is gay.

Songs like YMCA and In The Navy are played in gay bars and clubs around the world, with lyrics such as ‘they have everything for young men to enjoy, you can hang out with all the boys’.

September 12, 2012

Midshipman Andrew Koch performed under name of Patrick Hunter

Andrew Koch says he was having some financial problems after being placed on a leave of absence Naval Reserves Officers Training Corps for medical reasons.

So to make some money, he took on the name of Patrick Hunter and began making gay porn movies.

Now the Florida man is being recommended for discharge because of his side job. He was three years into a four-year scholarship services contract with the US Navy.

August 5, 2012

President Obama nominates Eric Fanning to be  Under Secretary of the Air Force

Last week, President Barack Obama nominated Eric Fanning as the  Under Secretary of the US Air Force.

According to the Victory Fund, Fanning is one of the 250 openly LGBT professionals working in the Obama administration. The Fund maintains this 'is more than all known LGBT appointments of other presidential administrations combined.'

May 10, 2012

Out politicians in San Francisco withdraw support for US Navy ship named after Harvey Milk over civil rights icon's 'anti-military philosophy'

Two out politicians have refused to back plans to name a US battleship after Harvey Milk because the civil rights icon was 'anti-war' and 'anti-military'.

Gay and bisexual members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, David Campos and Christina Olague, initially supported the resolution drawn up by gay colleague Scott Wiener which urged the US Navy to name a vessel after Milk.

However, the pair withdrew their names as co-sponsors after concerns were raised about the famous activist’s views on the military.

April 25, 2012

California activists request a navy ship be named after civil rights icon Harvey Milk

California congressman Bob Filner has urged the US Navy to name 'the next appropriate ship' after late gay politician Harvey Milk.

Gay rights group, the GLBT Historic Task Force of San Diego County, sent an official letter last week to Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus requesting a Navy vessel be named after Milk, reports LGBT Weekly.

April 18, 2012

'You hear all those horrible stories about high-profile people who had been living these closeted lives. There's no excuse for it anymore'

Wearing a tight-fitting Buzz Lightyear costume on a Los Angeles movie set, Ian Roberts is a long ways away from his days as a professional rugby player in Australia.

He calmly does take after take of a scene taking place at a Halloween party for the romantic comedy Saltwater where, ironically, it is his love interest (played by the film's writer, Ronnie Kerr) who is dressed as a rugby player.

December 23, 2011

Video of historic welcome home smooch gets more than 1million views on YouTube

The Navy’s time-honored 'First Kiss' on the dock after sailors return from sea will never be the same after this week.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Marissa Gaeta won the traditional raffle on the dock landing ship Oak Hill and got to be the first to kiss a loved one on its return to Virginia Beach. That loved one was her girlfriend of two years Petty Officer 3rd Class Citlalic Snell.