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January 18, 2014

Five of the biggest names in LGBTI advocacy have come to the Gay Star Beach Party to discuss how to improve gay rights around the globe

Globally renowned activists came to London to discuss LGBTI rights today (18 January).

Dozens witnessed the debate held at the Gay Star Beach Party and LGBTI Travel Show in Heaven club.

The hot topics were on the subject of international aid, the correlation between gay rights in the West and homophobia in other countries, and the evangelism of the past.

Speaking at the Gay Star Beach Party, the panelists were:

November 8, 2013

After a call for more gay Muslim visibility in the UK, LGBTI group Imaan responds with an introduction to their organization

Last month Omar Kuddus wrote an article for the Gay Star News titled ‘It’s time to come out as gay, Muslim and proud’. As the chair of Imaan, the largest LGBTQI Muslim organization in the UK, Europe and probably even the world, I was definitely interested in what Kuddus had to say.

October 28, 2013

From fighting the Vietnam war as a young activist to reporting on the executions of gay Iranians, Ireland was a veteran advocate and champion for LGBTI people

Leading gay American journalist and activist Doug Ireland has died aged 67 at his home in East Village, New York.

He died after a long period of illness on Saturday (26 October).

The leading LGBT US publication he worked for, Gay City News, reports he had suffered from the after-effects of childhood polio, diabetes and severe sciatica and had at least two major strokes.

Ireland wrote particularly on politics, power, media, and also LGBTI issues.

October 11, 2013

Gay rights activists and asylum experts say the conditions refugees live in are 'appalling' and could easily be 'illegal'

Gay refugees are being forced to hand over videos of themselves having sex in order to be granted asylum in the UK, MPs have said.

The Home Affairs Committee (HAC) has discovered in extreme cases of claimants who have handed over photographic and video evidence to prove their sexuality.

With some waiting up to 16 years for a decision, the housing with which they are provided was described as ‘appalling’.

April 30, 2013

 Governor Nathan Deal is being urged to change the title of the current 'Mistreatment Awareness Day'

 Georgia's governor has been accused of 'sanitizing' International Day Against Homophobia by changing its name in the US state to Mistreatment Awareness Day.

Now an online petition has been started to urge Governor Nathan Deal to declare 17 May as International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO), as it is around the world.

January 20, 2013

Omar Kuddus, a Muslim gay LGBT rights advocate says there is no place for Sharia law in Britain and being gay is not sinful in Islam

Omar Kuddus, a Muslim gay LGBT rights advocate spoke against the possibility of applying sharia law in the United Kingdom.

Kuddus, who is also a GSN contributor as well as director and founder of GayAsylumUK believes that the introduction of Sharia law into Britain would put LGBT people’s safety and civil rights at risk.

Appearing on the UK's Channel 4 - 4Thought program, he argues religion should have no part in civil law.

November 5, 2012

Five Muslim extremists attacked a gay club in Paris beating the bouncers and spraying some attendants, including the vice president of IDAHO, with tear gas

Several people were slightly injured when a homophobic attack occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning, at the entrance of club Cud, in the gay Marais area of Paris, France.

One of the victims, Alexandre Marcel, the vice president of IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia) charity was among the injured.

A complaint was filed with the French police by Marcel, no arrests have been made so far.

November 1, 2012

Deportation of LGBT refugees to countries where they face violence continues, despite UK government pledge of being a safe haven

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) asylum seekers fleeing from violence, persecution and death threats are being deported from United Kingdom despite repeated pledges by the government for a fair treatment.

LGBT and human rights campaigners have slammed the UK government for failing such pledges and called upon it to keep to its word and ensure a fairer procedure for asylum seekers fleeing homophobic violence.

October 24, 2012

Jupiter Tamsir Ndiaye and with Matar Diop Diagne have received severe sentences for having gay sex, four year and three year imprisonment without parole respectively

Ndiaye, a famous journalist and employee of UNESCO has been sentenced to a four year prison sentence without parole, for having gay sex and causing grievous bodily harm to Diagne.

Diagne, a 27 year-old male merchant, who was also convicted of committing ‘acts against nature’ (ie gay sex) has been sentenced for a three year prison sentence without parole.

Speaking on Senegalese Radio Ndiaye’s lawyer, Khassimou Touré, criticized the judgement: ‘I am surprised, disgusted, and utterly dismayed by this dramatic decision.

October 16, 2012

A lesbian asylum seekers is to be deported tonight back to Cameroon, where she risks violence, possible imprisonment and death

Alice Nji, a lesbian asylum seeker is to be deported tonight to Cameroon, a country from which she fled facing anti-gay violence.

Nji is to be put on a flight to Cameroon, tonight (16 October) at 22.45hrs on a Virgin Atlantic flight no. VS657, from Heathrow T3, London.

Nji is a 40-year-old lesbian from Cameroon where she has been beaten up, wounded and traumatized by an anti-gay mob.

Her wounds and mental trauma were so severe that she had to be hospitalized for over two weeks.

Four years ago Nji fled to the UK hoping to find a safe haven.

August 3, 2012

While the 18 defendants are relieved the case against them collapsed, they now have become social outcasts and may be in danger of homophobia and persecution

A court in Gambia has dropped charges against 18 men who had been arrested in April and alleged with homosexuality.

The public prosecutor informed the court on Wednesday (1 August) that there was insufficient evidence to continue with the case.

If the men had been convicted of homosexuality they would have violated the country’s strict article 144 of the Gambian criminal code, which stipulates a punishment of up to 14 years imprisonment.

July 27, 2012

Iranian LGBT activists celebrate the country's third national day of sexual minorities 

Iran’s LGBT community celebrated its third national day of sexual minorities today (27 July).

They used it to send a message of love and solidarity.

Activists in Iran took photos, wrote blogs and recorded themselves to show that they exist everywhere, and are proud of their sexuality.