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November 3, 2013

Trans woman arriving from Taiwan was subjected to ridicule and an invasive body search for over nine hours

A South American transgender woman has has claimed Hong Kong customs officials behaved 'like animals' during a body search which lasted more than nine hours.


The woman, who has remained anonymous for legal reasons, arrived at Chek Lap Kok airport in Hong Kong to apply for asylum in the city.


December 5, 2012

New Zealand transgender community rejoice in being able to change their gender on their passports by a simple declaration

Transgender citizens of New Zealand will be able to change their gender on their passports by a simple declaration.

The new procedure came into effect on Friday (30 November) allows people to state their gender as male, female or ‘X’ (indeterminate/ unspecified), without the need to change their birth certificates or citizenship records.

Joey Macdonald, the chair of Auckland’s GenderBridge changed the gender on his passport from female to ‘X’.

July 5, 2012

Kiwis might be able to describe themselves as M, F or X on passports, if proposed changes go through in September

The New Zealand government is reviewing gender options on passports and looking into more flexibility for transgender citizens.

The Department of Internal Affairs suggests that New Zealanders can chose M, F or X to describe their gender, with only a statutory witness declaration needed as confirmation, not a medical certificate.

If a transgender person changes identity on the passport, it would be shown on that document only and not on birth certificates or citizenship records.

May 10, 2012

Canada is reportedly reviewing its policy on whether passport holders need to reveal their gender

Canadians may soon be able to apply for genderless passports, giving hope to transgender travelers who are discriminated against under current laws.

The news was revealed on Tuesday (8 May) by La Presse newspaper after obtaining a briefing note from Passport Canada.

'Passport Canada policy in relation to the gender indicated on passports is the subject of a review,' the statement read.