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September 28, 2012

The gay art scene in the UK is suffering from a serious lack of funding but as GSN finds out, there are artists and projects keeping the community alive 

The arts industry in the UK is being squeezed, funding for most projects has been cut in the face of harsh economic conditions.

The gay arts scene has suffered hugely, most notably with the cancellation of two cultural festivals in recent years.

These include Queer Up North, the Manchester-based festival founded in 1992 and London's Gaywise Festival (GFest).

Both festivals provided a platform for gay artists to showcase their work, with Queer Up North (QUN) becoming the largest LBGT arts festival in Europe.

April 9, 2012

It's HomoLAB's  big 4-0 this week and the team sit down with artist Paul Harfleet.

Paul Harfleet talks about Pansy Project, where he plants flowers at the sites of homophobic abuse.

Baylen runs through the list of best places to get gay married around the world, Lucio tells us how Italy's attitude to homos is changing, and Amy considers running away to be mistress to a Chelsea housewife.