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May 30, 2015

Principal outs student to parents, refuses to allow him to speak at ceremony as it wasn't the time for him to 'push his personal agenda'

A charter school in Longmont, Colorado has come under fire for blocking a class valedictorian from giving a graduation speech in which he planned to reveal he's gay.

May 29, 2015

The longest-serving Republican Speaker in US history has been indicted by federal authorities

Former Speaker of the US House of Representatives Dennis Hastert allegedly agreed to pay a former male student he'd sexually abused with $3.5 million in apparent hush money, according to federal prosecutors.

Hastert, 73, was indicted this week for lying to federal officials about cash withdrawals from various banks which triggered suspicion.

The payments are not related to Hastert's years in congress but instead to his years as a high school wrestling coach from 1965 to 1981.

May 29, 2015

Victim was knived seven times in the abdomen, groin and heart

A lesbian has admitted to fatally stabbing a married lawyer she met on Craigslist in a robbery gone wrong.

Jamyra Gallmon, 21, knived David Messerschmitt seven times in the abdomen, groin and heart at a hotel in Washington DC on 9 February.

On Thursday (28 May), she pleaded guilty to second-degree murder while armed.

Her roommate and alleged girlfriend, 19-year-old Dominique Johnson, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery.

May 29, 2015

In a crowdfunding campaign, he wants his fans to buy him a new tattoo

A retired gay porn star is asking money from his fans for his latest project - a tattoo.

Brandon Hawk, 42, says if he raises enough he will also make one last film.

The porn actor, known for his bareback scenes, got out of the industry three years ago to get into real estate.

'I feel a little awkward and selfish doing it but have had a few fans tell me it's ok and pretty cool to be part of the inspiration to come back to porn,' he told GSN.

May 29, 2015

'I <3 gays'

A brave teenager who stood up to anti-gay protesters has inspired her town of Tillamook to unite against homophobia.

When Makaila Ragan, 16, noticed two street preachers holding hateful anti-gay signs outside her mother's workplace last Tuesday (19 May) – she decided to respond with love.

May 27, 2015

Speaking at a Sydney festival, the entrepreneur and publisher warned that excessive health and safety regulations were harming the city’s party image and the country’s global reputation

The gay businessman behind revered design and travel magazines has blasted authorities in Australia for the harm that he believes they are doing to the country’s image abroad.

Tyler Brûlé made his name as the creator of Wallpaper magazine, which he launched in 1996. He subsequently sold the title to Time, Inc in 1997 for a reported £1million ($1.54million/€1.4million).

In 2007, he launched global affairs and lifestyle publication and website, Monocle.

May 27, 2015

'A person like that can have a sex change and be just as accepted as an entertainer or a TV star or something like that afterwards'

Before Bruce Jenner, there was Renee Richards.

The same year Jenner won gold at the 1976 Olympics, Richards was waging a legal fight to compete in the US Open tennis tournament as a woman.

Her transition from Richard Raskind took place exactly 40 years ago and it was at a time when the world was far less understanding about such things. There certainly was no reality show or interview with Diane Sawyer.

May 27, 2015

He was once caught having sex with a man in a church van

A pastor who was caught having sex with a man in a church van has stolen more than $60,000 from his congregation and spent the money on gay dating sites.

Pastor Boyd Watson Holder Jr, 44, was arrested Thursday (22 May) night after officials at Victory Apostolic Church in Kingsport discovered 'between $70,000 and $100,000' missing from the church bank account – which only Holder had access to.

When they confronted him, Holder responded by saying 'It’s none of your business!' and banishing them from the congregation.

May 26, 2015

'It was always acknowledging the preposterousness of stereotypes'

Frasier Crane and his brother Niles Crane may have been straight on the long-running NBC sitcom Frasier but more than once they were mistaken for gay.

And they were never very cool about it.

'It's probably more of a reflection of the time that we were in. ...It is a reflection of something that was more of a conversation at the time than it would be now,' says David Hyde Pierce who won four Emmys for his portrayal of Niles.

May 26, 2015

'It was agony for him to undress and shower'

A third transgender teen has committed suicide in San Diego in less than three months.

Kyler Prescott, 14, locked himself in the bathroom and took his life on 18 May.

He came out to his supportive family a few years ago but sank into depression when puberty hit.

'It was agony for him to undress and shower. He was trapped in the wrong body,' his mother Katharine Prescott told 10News.

May 25, 2015

'This was only a mistake he made while intoxicated'

A South Korean comedian turned director has confessed to molesting a sleeping man in a sauna but denies that he is gay.

Baek Jae Hyun, 45, performed oral sex on the man, only identified as A, in the sleeping room of a 24-hour sauna in Seoul.

The comedian, or 'gagman' as they are known in Korea, was booked without detention at around 3am on 17 May.

'Baek Jae Hyun said that he is not gay and this was only a mistake he made while intoxicated,' police told reporters last week.

May 23, 2015

Franklin Graham blasts Robert Gates for wanting to end organization's ban on gay adults

The son of Billy Graham, the famed evangelist who has been spiritual adviser to several US presidents, is blasting the president of the Boy Scouts of America for wanting to end the group's ban on gay adults.

Franklin Graham accuses BSA President Robert Gates, a former US Secretary of Defense of 'not having the moral courage to do what is right.'

'What are you thinking?' he asked Gates in Facebook post. 'This move is bending to LGBT activist groups and would put young, innocent boys at risk.'

May 22, 2015

'I acted inexcusably for which I am extremely sorry and deeply regret'

Josh Duggar, executive director of the lobbying arm of the anti-gay Family Research Council, resigned on Thursday (21 May).

He has admitted to sexually abusing five young girls, including some of his sisters, when he was a teenager.

Duggar is one of the members of the evangelical Christian family that stars in the TLC reality series 19 Kids and Counting. He is one of the 19 children of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and a married father of three himself.

May 22, 2015

Book is expected to be the blockbuster celebrity memoir of 2017

Barbra Streisand, an A-List superstar for more than 50 years, is working on a memoir to be published in 2017 by Viking.

'Barbra Streisand’s memoir is the entertainment story that has been on the top of every publisher’s wish list for years,' Viking president Brian Tart said in a statement.

'There are over fifty unauthorized biographies about Ms. Streisand that are full of myths and inaccuracies, and she is finally going to tell her own story.'

May 22, 2015

Duggar was head of lobbying arm of anti-gay Family Research Council

The TLC reality series 19 Kids and Counting has been pulled off the air after one of the 19 admitted to sexually abusing five young girls, including some of his sisters, when he was a teenager.

Josh Duggar, executive director of the lobbying arm of the anti-gay Family Research Council, is at the center of a growing scandal that also led to his resigning from his FRC job on Thursday (21 May).

May 20, 2015

British teen reveals what happened to him at court

A gay teen came out on the same day he was sexually assualted by a taxi driver, a jury has heard.

The 17-year-old was kicked out of his home when he opened up about his sexuality in October last year.

Speaking in Bristol Crown Court this week, he said the taxi driver who drove him to emergency accomodation forced him to carry a sex act out on him.

David Whitrow, 62 of Redfield, denies the charge.

May 19, 2015

A gay-run business that produces an innovative range of chutneys and pickles has recently won Ocado's prestigious ‘Britain’s Next Top Supplier’ award. Gay Star Business talks to Andre Dang, founder and CEO of Manfood

Thinking of launching your own business? The rise of Manfood’s provides a textbook example of how to go from zero to hero in two short years.

The brand is the brainchild of 40-year-old Andre Dang. Born to a Malaysian mother and Vietnamese father, British-born Dang studied horticulture at Reading University.

A placement with leading department store chain M&S – which brought him into contact with buyers and food students – convinced him that he actually wanted to work in the food sector.

May 19, 2015

London Chanel, 21, is eighth trans woman of color to be killed in US this year

A 21-year-old black transgender woman was stabbed to death early Monday (18 May) in Philadelphia.

London Chanel was stabbed twice in the back and once in the neck in an abandoned house at around 12.40am.

She is the eighth trans woman of color to be killed this year in the US.

May 18, 2015

Teen ‘tired of seeing the pain’ in moms’ eyes says it’s time for America to accept her parents’ relationship

A daughter who hopes to be maid of honor at her moms’ wedding took to the steps of the US Supreme Court last month to campaign in favour of same-sex marriage.

In an impassioned speech, 18-year-old Kinsey Morrison shared her views on behalf of the 6 million children of gay parents in the USA, in the hope that families like hers will become less invisible in the state of Kentucky.

May 18, 2015

Another is found burnt and mutilated near a bus stop

Four transgender women have been murdered within weeks of each other in Pakistan.

Three transgender women were shot dead in a drive-by on the night of  8 May.

The two motorcycle riders opened fire on a group transgender women who were standing on the corner of a busy street in Rawalpindi.

Billi and Shah Zaib died at the scene and Saima Shahzadi died the next morning in hospital. Four others, including two transgender women, were injured.

May 17, 2015

Her parents are 'devastated' over the loss of their daughter

A man has been charged with the killing of a trans woman that was believed to be a US model and escort working in London.

Joaquin Gomez-Hernandez, 23, will appear at Bromley Magistrates' Court today (17 May).

Vanessa Santillan, a 33-year-old originally from Miami, Florida, was found strangled and beaten on 28 March.

It was reported that she had come to London from Mexico. Her parents are said to have been left 'devastated' by the loss of their daughter.

May 17, 2015

Teacher told him he had 'AIDS like all of his friends'

A British trans man has reflected on when he was a teen and his mother backed him up in the best way possible when he was being bullied.

Leng Montgomery, now 31 from London, has gone back to when he identified as a lesbian when he was younger and how a teacher said horrific homophobic comments to him.

Even though Section 28, the law that banned the 'promotion of homosexuality', was in force at the time his mother stood up for him and supported him.

May 16, 2015

Boyfriends were left confused after receiving the bill from the London café

A British couple are upset after going to a café and being handed a bill with the word 'gays' written at the top.

Kevin Reeves, 27, and his boyfriend Tyrone Herlihy, 26, visited the café in Walthamstow, north east London last Thursday where they typically meet for lunch.

'We went in, ordered with the usual waitress. There were only three other men in the café and they were all sat alone,' Reeves told RUComingOut.

May 16, 2015

The 23-year-old has been convicted of exposing one sex partner to HIV and attempting to expose four others

A HIV-positive former college wrestler from Missouri will spend at least 30 years in jail after being found guilty of failing to inform his sexual partners of his HIV status.

Michael Johnson, 23, was found guilty after a 3-day trial on five of six counts against him – three of the six counts were exposing someone to HIV and three were attempting to expose someone to HIV. He was found not guilty on a sixth charge – exposing another man to HIV.