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January 4, 2013

A former gay porn actor who found Jesus has posted an online video in which he says gay sex releases ‘demonic entities’ into the world

A former American gay porn actor who claims to have become heterosexual by embracing Christianity has released a bizarre video in which he claims that gay sex releases ‘demonic entities' into the world.

The video, entitled ‘Satan loves anal sex’ by former porn star Joseph Sciambra was posted YouTube on New Years Day.

‘I’m going to talk about the devil and why he loves anal sex,’ Sciambra says in the video.

‘Anal sex releases into the world rare demonic entities ... that even in the body could be conceived as the devil and ... given birth to anally.

November 19, 2012

Ilona Staller, also known as Cicciolina, 'little penis', launches a new movement promising same sex marriage 'in churches as well'

A former Italian porn star has founded a new political party promising same-sex marriage ‘in churches as well.’

Ilona Staller, also known as ‘Cicciolina’, has launched her new party, called D.N.A., two days ago, in Rome.

D.N.A, Democrazia, Natura e Amore (democracy, nature and love), will be the only political party running for the next general elections in March and promising same-sex marriage.

Cicciolina, who was a Member of Parliament for the Radical party in the 1980s, was one of the most famous Italian porn stars.

November 9, 2012

Bareback gay porn puts millions of viewers at risk, as well as the performers who make it, argues Alex Hopkins. Now Los Angeles citizens have voted enforce condom use

As we examine the fall-out from the re-election of Barack Obama, one thing is certain – American politics is a much more gay friendly place.

In Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin has voted in its first ever openly gay senator. An additional three gay men have joined the house of representatives and, more encouraging still, the approval of ballot initiatives means that gay people can get married in a further three states. While there’s work still to be done, the foundation for further advances in LGBT equality looks more solid than ever.

November 7, 2012

AIDS Healthcare Foundation President Michael Weinstein said this was a massive victory for safer sex

Voters have decided gay porn stars must wear condoms in Los Angeles, it was announced today (7 November).

In perhaps one of the least publicized voters of the US elections, 55.9% of LA County people approved the law.

Speaking to the LA Times, AIDS Healthcare Foundation President Michael Weinstein said this was a major referendum on the subject of safer sex.