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November 6, 2013

A new book claims Republican Senator Rob Portman asked to be taken off the list of potential vice-presidential running mates for Mitt Romney because he was concerned how running would affect his gay son

Senator Rob Portman did not want to be Mitt Romney’s running mate for Vice President of the United States because he was concerned that his gay son would be forced into the political spotlight, a new book says.

Portman’s son Will had come out to him a year before and had caused him to rethink his position on same-sex marriage but according to the authors of Double Down: Game Change 2012 the Senator was not yet ready to go public with his support in 2012.

March 5, 2013

Even as other Republicans evolve on the issue, Romney remains firm

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is making clear that his opposition to gay marriage is not a position he took simply to secure votes from the hard right wing of his party.

With his loss to President Barack Obama four months behind him, Romney has reiterated his anti-gay marriage stance.

February 24, 2013

A 2012 contender to become the Republican's presidential candidate, Jon Huntsman, has appealed to Republicans to embrace the issue of marriage equality and start fighting for it in their home states

Former Utah governor and contender to be the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential candidate Jon Huntsman has announced his support for marriage equality just months after another contender declared same-sex marriage to be inevitable

Huntsman made the announcement via a February 21 op-ed in the American Conservative magazine.

‘While serving as governor of Utah, I pushed for civil unions and expanded reciprocal benefits for gay citizens,’ Huntsman wrote.

December 18, 2012

Nate Silver correctly analyzed poll data far ahead of November election

Nate Silver, the most unlikely political superstar to emerge from last month's US presidential election, was announced as Out Magazine's inaugural Person of the Year on Tuesday (18 December).

Silver who predicted, with uncanny accuracy, how Barack Obama would defeat Mitt Romney.

He made his prediction - 90.9 percent certainty of an Obama win - months before an election that most experts were saying was too close to call even on the morning of the vote.

November 29, 2012

'They need a hug and a Xanax right now'

Wanda Sykes stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to weigh in on the US presidential elections earlier this month that saw Democrat Barack Obama beat Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

'This was an ugly election,' said the outspoken comic who often includes political material in her act. 'Either you're gloating or you're pounding.'

Sykes couldn't help but poke fun at Romney who post-election told his financial donors that Obama won the 2012 election because of 'gifts' he gave to black, Hispanic and young voters.

November 19, 2012

Nate Silver crunched polling data and predicted Obama victory months ago

The most unlikely political superstar to emerge from this month's US presidential election is Nate Silver who predicted, with uncanny accuracy, how Barack Obama would defeat Mitt Romney.

He made his prediction - 90.9 percent certainty of an Obama win - months before an election that most experts were saying was too close to call even on the morning of the vote.

Silver, who is openly gay, also correctly predicted the electoral college results in 50 out of 50 states.

November 16, 2012

Among straight voters, each candidate received 49 percent of the vote

Since President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney received roughly the same amount of votes - 49 percent - of straight people in last week's presidential election but Obama got more than three times the number of votes from gay voters.

Exit polls showed that 76 percent of voters who identified as gay supported Obama while 22 percent supported Romney, according to a Gallup survey conducted in conjunction with Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law.

November 10, 2012

Two prominent conservative pundits say that the Republican Party’s platform on LGBT rights lost it the Presidency

Two leading US conservative pundits have suggested that a different Republican stance on LGBT rights could have won them the US presidency.

Fox News contributor Ellen Ratner crunched the numbers and found that if Republican candidate Mitt Romney had managed to garner even 48 percent of the LGBT vote in Ohio he would have carried the key state.

November 6, 2012

Charlie Hides' homophobic housewife Loretta Lee Jackson urges Americans not to vote for 'filthy queer' loving Barack Obama

Whoever wins the US Presidential election, one thing is for sure, it's going to be a close race.

That's why Loretta Lee Jackson - Christian homemaker, Republican and card-carrying member of the NRA - is calling on God-fearing Americans to vote for a candidate who doesn't want the nation's children raised by 'filthy queers'.

Jackson is, of course, the creation of the one and only Charlie Hides, whose impersonations of celebrities from Cher to Adele have become viral hits on YouTube.

November 6, 2012

A trip to the US capital highlights how this city’s intellectual and creative buzz inspires and entertains the nation’s leaders – and its many visitors

It’s the most exciting day in US politics for years. And nowhere is more buzzing than Washington DC as the whole world waits to hear who will be its most famous resident for the next four years.

More than any other city I can think of – except the Vatican – Washington revolves around one man.

The livelihood of so many of its residents, the vibe on the streets and the view the rest of the world has of DC depends on the president.

November 6, 2012

Gay Star News takes a look at Obama vs Romney, the marriage equality battles in four states, and the gay and anti-gay candidates

The 2012 election in the United States will make gay history.

Today (6 November), millions will vote on marriage equality in four states, eight LGBT candidates are vying for a seat in the House of Representatives, one lesbian aiming for the Senate, as well as hundreds of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people competing in state and local races.

But it is the main event between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney which is perhaps the biggest, and most closely fought, race of all.

November 5, 2012

Over three quarters of Grindr users surveyed prefer Obama to Romney

Gay sex and dating app Grindr has discovered that the economy is the biggest priority for users choosing who to vote for in the US Presidential election.

Of all the respondents, 46% believe that creating jobs and boosting the country's financial situation overrides LGBT equality rights. Equality did rank second in the survey, followed by health care.

Grindr also asked the 8,200 respondents who they were likely to vote for in the 2012 election. A staggering 76% stated Barack Obama, with 20% likely to chose Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

November 4, 2012

Logo TV poll shows President Barack Obama has strong support with LGBT voters

A recent poll shows an overwhelming majority of LGBT voters support President Barack Obama as opposed to Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Logo TV, a gay oriented US television station, released the survey on 2 Nov. Conducted by Harris Interactive,  the numbers show 72 percent of LGBT voters backing Obama's reelection. This is an increase of seven points from a similar poll Logo reported in mid August.

November 2, 2012

Group says video 'serves as a harsh reminder'

The Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBT advocacy group in the US, released a video on Friday highlighting Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's comments over the years about LGBT Americans.

The video opens with footage of Romney saying during a primary season debate : 'If people are looking for someone that will discriminate against gays or will in any way try and suggest that people with different sexual orientation don't have full rights in this country, they won't find that in me.'

October 30, 2012

Republican presidential nominee: ‘It’s not right on paper. It’s not right in fact'

Days after The Boston Globe obtained state records detailing Mitt Romney's aggressive efforts to prevent the routine recording of births to gay parents in Massachusetts, video of the presidential candidate decrying gay adoption has surfaced.

October 29, 2012

YouTube video mocks US presidential candidate and his supporters for anti-gay policies

A young gay American has made a mock video thanking Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for his homophobic policies.

In the YouTube clip, Bobby Fortworth thanks Romney, potential vice president Paul Ryan and their supporters for letting him know that as a gay man he doesn't deserve the same rights as everyone else.

'Thank you making sure that I remain a second class citizen,' he told viewers.

'Thank you for limiting my rights to get married or adopt children because only heterosexual couples should be able to adopt children.'

October 27, 2012

A new report says the votes of LGBT Americans could push President Obama over the line into a second term in a narrow election

A new report from the prestigious Gallup polling organization has suggested that overwhelming support in the LGBT community could be enough to win US President Barack Obama a second term in office.

October 27, 2012

The first sitting US president to back marriage equality has said he hopes Defense of Marriage Act will be overturned

President Barack Obama has said he will not push for a federal law allowing gay couples to marry in his second term.

Answering questions sent in by youth voters on MTV yesterday (26 October), he said it is important for individual states to decide the law on marriage equality.

He said: ‘Historically, marriages have been defined at the state level. And there’s a conversation going on.

October 26, 2012

'Some gays are actually having children born to them. It's not right on paper. It's not right in fact'

When he was the governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney fought a plan to have birth certificate forms revised for babies born to same-sex couples.

The Boston Globe has obtained state records which reveal the Republican presidential nominee's aggressive efforts to prevent the routine recording of births to gay parents.

October 26, 2012

'I'm so tired of knowing I have friends on here who will vote for someone who will keep

Actor Max Von Essen, currently starring on Broadway in the musical Evita, is sharing a letter he wrote to a Facebook friend planning to vote for Mitt Romney for president of the US.

The 38-year-old actor, who is openly gay, details the reasons why he does not want Romney and running mate Paul Ryan to be elected on 6 November.

October 24, 2012

'As a gay person he doesn’t believe in me having the same rights'

Ellen DeGeneres, honored in Washington DC this week with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, had a few things to say about who will be occupying The White House come January.

She's hoping it's not Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

October 24, 2012

Out actor says choice for US president is 'fundamentally clear'

Zachary Quinto is having trouble understanding why the the race for US president between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney remains so close.

'The choice in this election is so fundamentally clear,' the openly gay actor said on the Chelsea Lately show on Tuesday night (23 October). 'I feel like Mitt Romney's reptilian self is barely able to suppress itself as we get closer to this election. That debate (Monday) night was so clear for me. How anybody could spin it that Obama did anything other than clean the floor with that guy last night, I have no idea.'

October 23, 2012

'We agree with Governor Romney's vision for America'

Saying they agree with his 'vision for America,' the Log Cabin Republicans on Tuesday (23 October) endorsed Mitt Romney for president even though that vision doesn't include gay marriage.

'The decision to endorse is the right one for our members, our community, and for the nation as a whole,' executive director R. Clarke Cooper said in a statement. Despite our disagreement with Governor Romney on the issue of marriage, on balance it is clear that in today's economic climate, concern for the future of our country must be the highest priority.'

October 22, 2012

Chad Griffin: 'I initially wondered if they were serious'

Since Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is very publicly against gay marriage, there was much surprise when his wife, Ann Romney, said one of their favorite shows was ABC's Modern Family which features the gay couple of Cam and Mitch.

Among those surprised, and amused, was Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin.