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November 10, 2014

Statue was labled 'homosexual propaganda' after Jobs' successor, Tim Cook, came out publicly as gay

Elton John performed in St. Petersburg over the weekend and had a few things to say about the anti-propaganda laws that discriminate against LGBTI people in Russia.

John blasted the government for their recent removal of a statue of Apple founder Steve Jobs because his successor, Tim Cook, came out publicly as gay last month.

February 14, 2014

Parents of seven and eight-year-olds reported the school to the authorities after their children made Valentine's cards for their same-gender friends

A Russian school is being accused of gay propaganda after kids gave Valentine’s Day cards to other students of the same gender today (14 February).

To celebrate the day of love, a teacher in the city of Smolensk, western Russia, encouraged students aged seven to eight to make cards to each other – and it didn’t matter if they were given to a boy or a girl.

But when the students went home and told their families what they did in school, their parents were ‘shocked’.

February 6, 2014

Politicians have called on government to approve raids of children's book shops, in order to make sure they are not learning about homosexuality

A Russian library has removed a children’s book over fears it breaks the ‘gay propaganda’ ban.

 ‘Families. Ours and Theirs’ by Vera Timenchik was donated to the Ulianovsk Regional Scientific Library under a charity project aiming to teach diversity and tolerance to children aged 10 – 13.

Timenchik’s book explores all the different types in families in various countries and cultures. It also includes information on same-sex marriage.

The book has already been removed from Ulianovsk Regional Scientific Library.

January 30, 2014

A journalist had interviewed a gay geography teacher who had been fired from his position for his sexuality

A Russian editor was fined yesterday (29 January) for printing an interview with a gay teacher who said ‘being gay is normal’.

Alexander Suturin, chief editor of a Khabarovsk newspaper, is the fourth person to be officially charged with violating the federal gay propaganda ban.

He published an article where he printed a direct quote from a geography teacher who was fired from his job in September.

January 11, 2014

Says Russia has 'provided vague guidance as to which actions will be interpreted by authorities as "LGBT propaganda"'

The US State Department made special note of Russia's anti-gay propaganda law in a travel alert it issued on Friday (10 January) for those traveling to Sochi for the Olympics.

The alert mentions Russia's ban on 'propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations,' the controversial anti-gay law that went into effect last year, and states it will be applied to visitors as well as Russians.

But the US government acknowledges that the law is quite vague.

January 9, 2014

A 25-year-old rising star of the National Front party has defended Russia's anti-gay laws saying any negative reports are 'complete nonsense'

A right-wing youth leader is calling for a gay propaganda ban in France.

Julien Rochedy, 25, of the National Front demanded a similar law to Russia be introduced.

‘What I know is that the law bans LGBT propaganda in schools. That is their priority, and yes I would like that,’ he said in a radio interview.

‘Why not have it? Why not have it in the streets as well?’

When told Russia has seen several arrests, suicides and murders since the law was introduced, Rochedy said that was ‘complete nonsense’.

December 30, 2013

Foreign affairs minister John Baird reveals he privately lobbied to stop the federal gay propaganda law from passing in Russia

Canada is making preparations for the worst to happen at the Sochi Olympics in Russia in February.

John Baird, the Canadian foreign minister, has warned he ‘remains concerned’ about the gay propaganda law passed this year.

Afraid any tourist or athlete could end up arrested, he has called for the Russians to work with him in case this occurs.

December 17, 2013

Parent's Committee, the Russian version of One Million Moms, claims the game forces children to act out 'homosexual seductions'

A Russian toy store is being accused of gay propaganda for selling a game promoting ‘homosexual seduction’.

Prosecutors have confirmed the toy store chain Katyusha is under investigation, and under the law could be shut down and fined one million roubles ($30,500, €22,000).

A complaint was lodged by the Parent’s Committee, which could be described as the Russian version of ultra conservative outrage US group One Million Moms.

November 12, 2013

A journalist had interviewed a gay geography teacher who had been fired from his position for his sexuality

A Russian journalist is being charged under propaganda laws after he published an interview with a gay teacher.

Alexander Suturin, chief editor of a Khabarovsk newspaper, is suspected of violating the ‘non-traditional sexual relations’ propaganda ban.

He published an article where he printed a direct quote from a geography teacher who was fired from his job in September.

The former educator had said: ‘My very existence is proof being gay is normal.’

November 8, 2013

Co-creator of gay propaganda laws, Vitaly Milonov, says gay guests shouldn’t fear Russia like they shouldn’t fear Loch Ness Monster

A Russian lawmaker says aliens are more likely to invade the earth than people be arrested under the gay propaganda laws.

Vitaly Milonov, who once compared being gay to having sex with a dog, also said gay guests attending a dog show in Moscow have nothing to fear.

And the co-creator of the gay propaganda laws denied there is any anti-gay violence in the country.

October 1, 2013

Bode Miller, one of the greatest American downhill skiers in history, has spoken out against those who say sports people should not speak out on political issues

A US Olympic ski champion has called Russia’s anti-gay laws ‘absolutely embarrassing’.

Bode Miller, the greatest downhill skier in American history, said he felt he had no choice in speaking out on the ‘gay propaganda’ laws controversy surrounding the Sochi Winter Olympics. The Games will be held in just over 100 days time.

‘I think it is absolutely embarrassing there are countries and people who are that intolerant or that ignorant,’ Miller told reporters yesterday (30 September) at the US Olympic media summit.

August 15, 2013

Emma Green-Tregaro, a high jumper, risks arrest by choosing a discreet way of protesting against Russia's 'gay propaganda' laws

A Swedish athlete participating in the Moscow Athletics World Championships has painted her nails rainbow to protest Russia’s anti-gay laws.

High jumper Emma Green-Tregaro chose her own way to protest the federal laws banning ‘gay propaganda’.

‘It felt right,’ Green-Tregaro told journalists, and as reported by Reuters, showing off her nails painted red, yellow, gold, blue and purple.

‘I wouldn’t say it was a protest, more of a statement of what I think.’

July 16, 2013

Officials in the Chinese city of Manzhouli have had to withdraw a propaganda campaign aimed at encouraging people to obey the law after it appeared to suggest going to prison would result in gay sex

Judicial officials in the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia have had to withdraw a propaganda campaign that seemed to imply going to prison would result in gay sex.

The poster showed an image of a Chysanthemum next to a tattered looking Sun Flower labelled ‘before prison’ and ‘after prison’ with the slogan ‘Manzhouli People's Court reminds city residents to abide by laws, or…’ above them.

March 15, 2013

Council of Europe says Russia must allow LGBT people to hold prides and axe anti-gay propaganda laws but Moscow security chief says there will be no change

Foreign ministers from around Europe have told Russia to allow gay pride parades and to remove laws banning ‘homosexual propaganda’.

January 27, 2013

Gay rights advocates in San Francisco, California, are the latest LGBT Americans and allies to protest Russia's gay gag law with a photo campaign

American allies are joining forces the Russian LGBT community in a new photo campaign to protest Russia's anti-gay propaganda bill.

Mike Petrelis, San Francisco-based blogger and gay rights advocate (pictured), has joined other Americans in the 'I am Not Propaganda' campaign started by Coming Out, an LGBT organization based in St. Petersburg, and

October 9, 2012

The Russian supreme court dismissed an appeal by the local LGBT organization Coming Out against St. Petersburg's ‘gay propaganda’ law

The supreme court of Russia dismissed the appeal by the Russian LGBT organization Coming Out, finding the 'gay propaganda' law consistent with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

St. Petersburg law bans ‘propaganda’ of ‘homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexualism, and transgenderism that can damage the health, moral and spiritual development of minors’. The offence carries a fine of up to 500,000 roubles ($16,100)

The law also includes a definition of ‘propaganda’ given in 2010 by a Russian constitutional court.

July 18, 2012

Russian activists claim London embassy's warning about risk of children staying with gay families is 'official homophobia in action'

Russia's embassy in London has issued a warning to parents about the risk of their children staying with 'gay families' during their placement at UK summer schools.

After receiving complaints from Russian citizens, the embassy in the British capital released a statement on its website claiming that some children who were studying in the country had experienced 'inappropriate housing conditions' and 'maltreatment', including being denied food, while staying with host families.

April 16, 2012

Men have trial for 'promotion and propaganda of homosexuality' in St Petersburg, Russia delayed for a week due to missing papers

The chairman of the Russian LGBT Network and an independent attorney faced a judge in a hearing under St Petersburg’s new anti-gay censorship law today (16 April).

However, papers related to the charge of the promotion and propaganda of homosexuality were found to be missing.

The judge has postponed the hearing until next Monday (23 April).

Attorney Sergey Kondrashov and Igor Kochetkov, chairman of the Russian LGBT Network, are charged with the promotion and propaganda of homosexuality as well as disobeying a police officer.

March 20, 2012

American-Russian journalist Masha Gessen calls for St Petersburg boycott over ‘gay propaganda’ law

A Moscow-based journalist has today urged pop idol Madonna to cancel a concert in St Petersburg on 9 August because of the ‘homosexual propaganda’ law in the city which went into effect on Saturday.