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July 24, 2012

US Secretary of State announces additional $150 million in funding International AIDS 2012 Conference

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke at this week's International AIDS Conference and said the US is committed to achieving an 'AIDS-free generation.'

To help accomplish this, Clinton announced that the US is providing $150 million in additional funding that will, in part, be earmarked for putting an end to mother-to-child transmission of AIDS by 2015.

April 30, 2012

Memorial quilt for the first victims of HIV/AIDS in New Zealand handed to museum in church ceremony

The national museum of New Zealand, Te Papa, accepted the country's AIDS memorial quilt in a church ceremony yesterday.

The quilt, a memorial to the first victims of the AIDS epidemic in New Zealand, was created with the motto: 'Remember their names, cherish their memory, celebrate their lives'.

The first panel was sewn in memory of Peter Cuthbert, the first person to die of HIV/AIDS in New Zealand in 1988.