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February 4, 2013

A Reddit user posted a story of how his grandmother walked out of her church in the US after a pastor's anti-LGBT sermon.

A proud grandson has described how his grandmother walked out of her church after an anti-LGBT sermon.

The American Reddit user, registered as BMMiller10, posted on the site that his grandmother had changed her conservative attitudes to homosexuality after he came out to her the previous year.

And after her pastor singled out another gay teenager in front of an entire congregation, promising to 'address the problem of homosexuality', she apologized to the teen and walked out.

January 2, 2013

A gay couple in Maryland plan public wedding after same-sex marriage bill came into effect on New Year's Day

A gay couple in Maryland who invited hundreds of strangers on the internet to their wedding are planning their ceremony after a same-sex marriage bill came into effect in the US state on New Year's Day.

Chris and Shawn Riley originally tied the knot in the state of Washington where gay marriage was already legal.

April 9, 2012

An application form for an unnamed American university lists 'Chinese' as a sexual orientation

An American college application form that lists Chinese as a sexual orientation received hundreds of comments when pasted on a message board last week.

In the apparently authentic photograph of an unnamed American college application form, a question reads 'please identify your sexual orientation' followed by a list: ‘bisexual’, ‘gay man’, ‘gay woman/lesbian’, ‘Chinese’, ‘heterosexual/straight’ or ‘other‘.