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December 2, 2014

Sex videos and humiliating 'tests' infringe on human dignity

Europe's top court has ruled gay refugees should not have to undergo 'tests' or to sacrifice their dignity to prove it.

This ruling from the European Court of Justice will apply to all EU member states, saying they all must respect human dignity.

It comes after three men, including a Ugandan, was refused asylum in the Netherlands after a Dutch court said they had not proved their sexuality.

Some countries have been condemned for asking refugees inappropriate questions, or accepting indecent pictures or film as 'evidence' for their case.

July 2, 2014

Orashia Edwards' mother: ‘What they are doing is they are sending my son to die, and I will never forgive them for that'

A bisexual Jamaican man is being denied asylum in the UK over his ‘dishonest sexuality’.

Orashia Edwards, 32, lost his lengthy legal battle with the United Kingdom’s Home Office yesterday.

The court concluded Edwards was ‘dishonest’ about his sexuality, not believing he was actually bisexual. They have given no reason to claim he was lying about his sexuality.

He is scheduled for deportation from the UK to Jamaica on 2 July.

April 23, 2014

A gay Muslim man from India has successfully sought asylum in Australia after a tribunal reversed an Australian Department of Immigration decision that had found he was not a victim of persecution

A gay Muslim man fleeing an arranged marriage and homophobic relatives in India has been found to be a genuine refugee and granted asylum by Australia’s Refugee Review Tribunal.

The tribunal is an appeals body that can overturn decisions about a person’s eligibility to claim asylum by the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration.

The Department of Immigration accepted that the unnamed man was gay in July of 2012 but suggested he could avoid persecution by simply moving from his home city of Hyderabad and relocating to another city.

April 10, 2014

‘I’m gay, I’m gay! I don’t want to go back to Cameroon!’ he allegedly shouted, as he was being attacked

Friends of a blind bisexual asylum seeker from Cameroon are accusing UK deportation officers of beating him up.

Alain Kouayep Tchatchue fled after the people in his town discovered he was having sex with another man.

Fearing being beaten or killed, the French speaker came to the UK in order to live and love freely. In his time here, he has found another male partner – another asylum seeker.

The Home Office rejected his claim of asylum and issued a deportation order last week.

February 25, 2014

An Australian Senate estimates hearing has been told that LGBTI asylum seekers’ refugee applications are being processed under Papua New Guinea law – which punishes homosexuality with up to 14 years in jail

Asylum seekers who have been told they can never resettle in Australia and are being held in camps in neighboring Papua New Guinea are having their asylum claims processed under local law – which punishes homosexuality with up to 14 years in jail.

During the hearing Labor Senator Lisa Singh asked Immigration and Border Control Secretary Martin Bowles whether he was aware of LGBTI asylum seekers being held in Papua New Guinea by Australian authorities who feared for their safety due to local laws that criminalize gay sex.

February 9, 2014

A leaked report has revealed the ‘shocking’ questioning refugees face trying to gain asylum in the UK

UK Home Office officials have reportedly been humiliating LGBTI asylum seekers with degrading questions about their sex lives.

A leaked report to the Observer, from October 2013, reveals the extent of the harsh questioning that asylum seekers endured.

One bisexual man underwent five hours of questioning, with no lawyer present, including: ‘Did you put your penis into x's backside?’ and ‘When x was penetrating you, did you have an erection? Did x ejaculate inside you? Why did you use a condom?’

December 12, 2013

Gay asylum seekers being held on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island on behalf of Australia have been told they will be reported to police for having sex  - according to an Amnesty International investigation

Amnesty Australia has handed down a damning report on the conditions in refugee detention centers on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island where asylum seekers are being held on behalf of Australia.

The report details widespread mental distress among asylum seekers, poor sanitation and access to clean water, and gay refugees have been sent to Papua New Guinea despite telling authorities they are gay.

December 9, 2013

Gay Asylum UK says Ugandan Prossie N was sexually abused by her uncle from childhood and forced onto the streets when people discovered she is a lesbian

The UK has set a date to deport a lesbian asylum seeker back to Uganda – the country she fled after years of sexual abuse and persecution.

Prossie N previously resisted deportation guards so strongly the Ethiopian Airlines pilot of the flight she was put on from Britain to Uganda refused to take her.

But now the UK Border Agency is trying to deport her again on a Kenya Airways flight leaving the country on 12 December and taking her to Uganda via the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

November 7, 2013

Three gay Africans may have had their lives saved after a top European Union court ruled they were being persecuted in their home country

The European Union’s top court has ruled being gay is grounds for asylum.

LGBTI people from Sierra Leone, Uganda and Senegal fearing imprisonment in their home country will have grounds for asylum in any of the 28 EU member states.

The Luxembourg-based European Court of Justice ruled existence of laws imprisoning gay people ‘may constitute an act of persecution’.

A gay person cannot be expected to conceal their sexual orientation to avoid persecution, since it would amount to ‘renouncing a characteristic fundamental to a person’s identity’.

October 25, 2013

A record number of Russian LGBTs are seeking asylum in the United States with over 800 applications from Russian citizens during the last 12 months

Russia’s growing climate of intolerance for LGBT people appears to be responsible for a spike in applications for asylum in the United States by Russians.

837 Russians sought asylum in the US during the last 12 months compared to 722 the year before – the most since 2002.

LGBT group Immigration Equality say they have received 99 inquiries from Russian LGBT asylum seekers when they only received 63 inquiries from Russians during the previous 12 months – suggesting LGBT Russians make up a large proportion of the Russians to seek asylum in the US in 2013.

October 11, 2013

Gay rights activists and asylum experts say the conditions refugees live in are 'appalling' and could easily be 'illegal'

Gay refugees are being forced to hand over videos of themselves having sex in order to be granted asylum in the UK, MPs have said.

The Home Affairs Committee (HAC) has discovered in extreme cases of claimants who have handed over photographic and video evidence to prove their sexuality.

With some waiting up to 16 years for a decision, the housing with which they are provided was described as ‘appalling’.

July 5, 2013

We are still turning LGBT asylum seekers away from safe havens to face persecution and death, says Stuart Hanson

The UK is one of the toughest places to claim asylum in Europe, according to the most recent United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) figures.

Approximately 75% of all asylum seekers were initially not recognized by the UK Border Agency as having protection needs and were refused asylum. In countries like Finland and Switzerland over 70% of asylum seekers were granted protection.

This is a 45% difference and suggests Britain is not the soft touch that is constantly broadcast in the tabloids and media.

May 27, 2013

Rehana Kausar and Sobia Kamar, who were joined in a civil union in the UK, seek refuge because they say they will be persecuted for their sexuality in Pakistan

A Muslim lesbian couple from Pakistan have been joined in a civil union in the UK and seek political asylum saying they will be persecuted for their sexuality if they return to their home country.

Rehana Kausar, 34, and Sobia Kamar, 29 became civil partners in a ceremony earlier this month in Leeds.

'This country allows us rights and it’s a very personal decision that we have taken,' said Kausar to the Birmingham Mail.

February 5, 2013

Fernanda Milan is finally told she is safe from deportation back to Guatemalan where her trans rights activism puts her life in danger

For the first time, Denmark has granted asylum to a transgender person due to risk of persecution in her home country.

Fernanda Milan, a trans rights activist, has finally been granted asylum after she was granted a last-minute reprieve last September when the Refugee Board decided to put her deportation on hold and re-open her case.

January 31, 2013

The case sets a precedent for other gay asylum seekers, lawyer says

The refugee appeals board in Denmark has set a precedent by granting asylum to a gay man from Afghanistan because he is at risk of persecution if he returns home.

'People normally have to demonstrate they are being persecuted in their home country in order to be granted asylum,' said the man's lawyer, Kåre Traberg Smidt, The Copenhagen Post reports.

November 1, 2012

Deportation of LGBT refugees to countries where they face violence continues, despite UK government pledge of being a safe haven

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) asylum seekers fleeing from violence, persecution and death threats are being deported from United Kingdom despite repeated pledges by the government for a fair treatment.

LGBT and human rights campaigners have slammed the UK government for failing such pledges and called upon it to keep to its word and ensure a fairer procedure for asylum seekers fleeing homophobic violence.

October 4, 2012

AllOut launches urgent petition to stop UK sending gay Nigerian gay asylum seeker back to risk his death

LGBT campaign organization AllOut has launched a petition begging Britain not to send a Nigerian nurse, Olalekan M Ayelokun, back home where his life will be at risk.

As Gay Star News reported, The UK Border Agency (UKBA) attempted to deport Ayelokun, a gay asylum seeker, to Nigeria on Tuesday (2 October) where it's illegal to be gay.

October 3, 2012

Omar Kuddus argues the case of Olalekan M Ayelokun shows Britain is not genuine about protecting LGBT people fleeing persecution

The recent attempt by the UK Border Agency to deport Olalekan M Ayelokun yesterday (2 October) from Britain shows the government’s real stand on LGBT asylum seekers.

Fortunately Olalekan’s deportation was delayed at the last minute and now supporters are trying again to stop it.

Olalekan fled eight years ago from Nigeria to escape persecution because of his sexuality.

October 2, 2012

UK authorities are insisting on deporting a gay Nigerian asylum seeker, despite him facing a possible death sentence and a campaign to let him stay in Bradford

UK authorities are insisting on deporting a gay Nigerian asylum seeker, despite him facing a possible death sentence and a campaign to let him stay in Bradford.

Olalekan M Ayelokun fled from Nigeria eight years ago to escape persecution because of his sexuality.

UPDATE: 6.30pm GMT, 2 October GSN has just been informed that UK authorities plans to deport Ayelokun on Charter flight PVT090, flying from Heathrew tonight at 11.27pm GMT.

September 25, 2012

Ugandan lesbian asylum seeker Freda Nsumba pleads for help to halt her deportation from the UK

When Freda Nsumba was outed as a teenage lesbian in Uganda the treatment she says she received was barbaric. She claims she was beaten, forced to walk on her knees until they bled and fed goats’ blood to cast out her demons.

Now she’s claiming asylum in Britain, saying she faces persecution, arrest and abuse if she is forced to go back home.

But her case lies in the balance and she could be flown home as early as this Friday (28 September).

Here is her story in her own words, as far as possible.

September 18, 2012

Canada will help two Iranian gays, as well as make LGBT and women’s rights a corner stone of its international policy, say two Canadian ministers

Canadian foreign affairs minister John Baird pledged that Canada has will continue to help and has aided ‘a large number’ of gays and lesbians immigrate from Iran, which renounces them for their homosexuality.

Too many countries have regressive and punitive laws that criminalize homosexuality,’ he said.

September 7, 2012

Immigration expert Omar Kuddus highlights the story of lesbian Alice’s bid to avoid deportation back to Cameroon to face persecution

Detention centers stand as monuments to Britain’s attitude to human rights, incarcerating behind razor wire asylum seekers awaiting deportation.

They are the last stop for those who have failed to make a successful asylum claim, a key tool in the British governments attempt to ‘manage migration’.

Much of the debate around immigration to the UK focuses on the legitimacy of asylum claims.

Alice Nji, a lesbian asylum seeker from Cameroon who has had her deportation delayed after the pilot refused to fly her back in the private charter, is one such case.

July 20, 2012

The Spanish National Court claims the asylum petition is only meant to avoid deportation 

A Colombian transexual has been denied asylum in Spain.

According to El Diaro De Cádiz, the National Court ruled that the individual only wanted to avoid deportation from Spain.

The claimant, who has been in Spain since May 2000, submitted the petition 24 March 2011, five days after courts ruled the individual be kept in the Center for Foreigners in Algericas for subsequent deportation.

The news website did not clarify the gender identity of the individual, referring to the person as 'a transexual'

July 18, 2012

A Canadian Federal Court judge has told the country’s refugee board that it must not rely on stereotypes about lesbians and gays when assessing refugee claims

A Canadian Federal Court judge has stated that the country’s refugee board must not rely on stereotypes about lesbians and gays when assessing refugee claims in a ruling which gave a Nigerian man a second chance at asylum.

Francis Ojo Ogunrinde, 40, had been living in Canada since 2007 after fleeing what he said was homophobic persecution in his homeland.